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I knew people got testy during the last-minute shopping, but l never imagined they'd need to buy these.

ronin73 7 Dec 19

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Uhhh....are we watching a Nightmare Before Christmas? Oogie Boogie's gonna eat you! That one was for free! πŸ˜€


That’s pretty steep!


Wow!! Pricey!!


Damn!!! And I've been over here giving away all my christmas threats for free!!

So if we ask for one we can get one? rofl

@RavenCT LOL No, ma'am. Can't just "ask" for a christmas threat. Gotta do something to earn one.


@KKGator Like not getting my Christmas stuff done?
Or finding out my Cream of Tartar is probably 20 years out of date so the Snickerdoodles are on hold? (Only temporary).
And I still need to do gift wrapping and glue feathers on Dream catchers?

I'm working up to my annual meltdown at this point.... And dammit I have a few cards to get out because the neighbors pout if they don't get one.

@RavenCT None of that stuff warrants being threatened.
Just sounds like you're spread a little thin, and putting a lot of pressure on yourself.
I'd be saying "fuck it" to the bulk of it. But that's how I roll.
People have learned to live with the disappointment of my complete lack of participation.

Good luck getting all your stuff done. Don't beat yourself up if you don't.
Everyone is going to live. Promise.

@KKGator They will indeed. Also the cats are REALLY going to enjoy "Featherpocalypse".

I can pretty much see it now. That alone will be worth it.

This is way less stress than most years. Trust me. πŸ˜‰


What is this supposed to be?? I can't figure out what the error is. Also, numbers look like they've been photoshopped together??

Treats? But then the price....

@Carin right.... It does not make any kind of sense.

@Lillyfield41 Threats - not treats.

Buying a bag of threats - like "Hey you! I'm gonna steal your cookies if you aren't good!". πŸ˜‰

@RavenCT but treats for 250.00$ ???? i understand the literal meaning of the sign as it stands.... but i'm trying to figure out what it could have been intended to be?


Waste of money lol


I want one of those!

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