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I'm ready for summer! ??

Sheannutt 9 Dec 26

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I tell everyone that I'm ready for summer, so I can start bitching about the heat instead of the cold! 😀


Anything with Bugs gets an auto-love! 🙂


Wouldn't it be nice if we could hibernate?

@Sheannutt Okay, your cave or mine? lol


Not me. I hate Texas summers. Winters in this part of the state aren't that bad.


Nope. Spring!


Oh yes! No coats, flip flops, flowers and more daylight!


I live in Wisconsin for the winters. Now that I no longer have to work outside for 6 hours a day, I love it even more. & the acquisition of a snow blower means I no longer have to shovel the 500 foot drive by hand makes it even more pleasurable. Summer? West slope of Colorado. Dry. Very dry.


Not me. Here in Florida, I'll take winter first. When you have our heat and humidity in the summer, you grow to hate it.

Amen brother. F--k Summer in FL.

I want your winters


No! not yet, Florida needs a few months of below 90 degree temps.


Today we have rain, to be followed by freezing temperatures. Yeah, I'm ready for summer.

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