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I wish someone would write me a love letter.

MissKathleen 9 Jan 2

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Be careful what you ask for. Not everyone is good at writing love letters. For example:

"My darling, your eyes remind me of you. Your lips remind me of you. Your chins remind me of you. In fact, everything reminds me of you except you. Let's go to the living room, and start living!"

--Groucho Marx


My beloved, since last i shared your sweet presence, you have been ever on my mind. The scent of you has eclipsed the headiest of blooms. My heart has skipped, and boomed and indeed missed several beats simultaneously in anguish at the loss of you. I have wept oceans, crossed dry deserts, appealed to gods i no longer believe in to return me to your loving bosum. I would gladly welcome my demise to sink once more between your thighs and drown in my own wantoness, that i would ever love you less. May your eternal light shine on those unworthy of your love.

@MissKathleen over the top was what i was going for ?


Yes, that is a lost art. I see handwritten love notes as personal marriage vows every day, in my work, and receive handwritten thank you notes often, but a hand written love letter to me (or from me) has been lost to the ages. Electronic letters, sorry to say, are the norm in this era.

When I was a young teenager, I remember getting "love letters" in the mail every few weeks from my "boyfriend" in California, while I lived in Washington. What a thrill it was to see someone, writing in his own hand, professing his love for me. Talking by phone would have been too expensive at the time, and of course there was no email or word processors to help with the format. So, the U.S. mail was the only way to keep in contact. Those days are long gone, for sure.

I haven't had a handwritten letter from a lover, nor written one, in decades. Emails and texts with only partial thoughts, usually fueled by anger, jealousy or trying to make up for a misstep is the closest to that, not complete or full positive thoughts.

I hope someday to have a love where I will want to profess my love by hand - or even by electronic means - but I don't want to receive love letters from anyone for whom I do not have affection for in return. Have received many electronic messages from men that make me want to cringe. Be careful what you wish for!


Will this do or is it too sappy?


I would try, but knowing me it would become overly sexual and deviant and i would just end up blocked ????

@MissKathleen both? ??

@MissKathleen i usually take the path that feels right.

@MissKathleen i do alright ?
Its less "how its working for me" and more "its who i am".

@MissKathleen and i didnt say easy.. i said what feels right. Its a. "The Path of a Taoist " Group concept


How about a haiku?

MissKathleen you are
The answer to someone's dream
A real lean machine.

Lean machine may not work too well but I like it cause it rhymes.


Summer of 1980... I was in Navy Boot Camp. Every Letter to my GF started with a Poem and Drawing on Page One, Letters started on Page Two. I was a Former Commercial Artist so I will charge $5 to $10 for Drawings in the shipmate love letters. Later on in the Fleet I didn't charged for Poems and Songs... I was Married to My GF so I knew How Important Those Letters were during a 6 Month Deployment. I hope somebody write you a Love Letter!




Give me someone that can use a plumb line.

I can ... (giggle)

@PalacinkyPDX Nothing to do with sewers actually.

@PalacinkyPDX I really don't wan't to live where I will ever need a sewer snake.

Rustic is fine but that was bad.

@MissKathleen A plumb line has nothing to do with plumbing!


Is there anyone here who knows what a plumb line is?

@MissKathleen OKAY - Finally a Plumb Line!


I hear that.


My dearest MissKathleen,
I love you.
I love you as my sister in my human family, I love you as the unique individual that you are, I love you as a friend.
I will Love you always,

Just make sure you love yourself, too. It makes being in love with someone else easier.

Wouldn't that be wonderful.


I'll get back to you ?

@PalacinkyPDX feck off!! I want to take time out to compose a love letter worthy of the occasion lol ???

@PalacinkyPDX see above lol ?

@MissKathleen again, see above ?

@MissKathleen you have already replied to it above (i.e. further up the thread)?


Rose are red
Violets are blue
I do wonder about you...🙂


You are loved!


well, give me something to love about you.


There is an authors editors writers group on here..
I'll bet they could knock your socks off with some letters !


Roses are red
Violets are not
Sorry to say
Here's my best shot

Dear Kathleen,

You are a wonderful, sensitive and caring person.

Love, Kathleen


They seem a thing of the past.

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