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Four in 10 young women have reported being sent unsolicited explicit images. But what makes some men send photographs of their genitals to unsuspecting women – and is it time for a change in the law?

A very interesting article in today's Guardian newspaper on something many of us here on this site have experienced... []

Jnei 8 Jan 8

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Obsessed with that thing. Too much testosterone & not enough self esteem. Looking at a dick does nothing to make me want to meet up. It makes me feel violated & repulsed. I would make sure the world saw the "thing".


I know it's old, but I like this lady's response.


I'm sure I'm in the minority but I have definitely received more nudes from women than the other way around.


I tend to agree with those who suggest it is on a par with flashing, which tends to be treated as a misdemeanor rather than a crime and alerts authorities that someone might need help. (Though in the current dire state of mental health services they are not too likely to get it.) Maybe we need to think more about why young men feel the need to indulge in this kind of behaviour which seems to me to be on a par with groping and frotting on public transport and is the kind of 'low-level' everyday harrassment women get all the time.

@maturin1919 I was using the term loosely. The legal system is rather different in the UK.


Tell me peeps - if prurient religious types didn't want to control you would there be this problem? In cultures that do not wear clothing there are no hangups about penises or vaginas being on view. I'm sure that if you gave such people cameras they would not be sending or squeeling about genital photos.

@tartanathiest Methinks that you are putting the cart before the horse but I will cogitate on your thoughts.

@tartanathiest have you the link please?

@tartanathiest of greater disgust to me is the ridiculously high number of elderly women now claimed to be sexually molested at home or in care. And of course there was the disgusting case of the many years comatose woman recently giving birth.


As the Jesuits are reputed to say "Give us a child to the age of seven and that child is ours for life".

Isn't it time that basic primary/infant education included interpersonal relationships, sexuality, logic, health and parenting?

And no religious indoctrination!


i havnt got a clue why men send dick picks without being asked


I think there is a logical parallel to the real life indecent exposure laws. But I rarely think that a criminalization of human behavior is the answer to a social problem.

But I am not sure if I have any standing on this issue. So I will shut up now.


Trench coat flashers get arrested, so cyber flashers should be treated the same


At least put a cape on it.. i never done this and don't understand why someone would think it's attractive

It’s not; it ranges from annoying to harassing, depending. What mystifies me is, on dating sites, I say ‘hello, how ya doing’ and get back a dick pic, or once, a full body nude. I haven’t yet put them on the net as I’ve heard some do, but it sure is tempting!

@CarolinaGirl60 I couldn't have said it better.. it's the lack of respect that allows idiots to surpass the ignorance of the past.. like im sure it wasn't their first time and im almost positive each time tuns out the exact same.. annd if she did like it im sure she liked em all ???


I don't get it. Dicks aren't the most attractive body feature. What are these dudes thinking?

Imo on a par with feet... But there again some people have feet fetishes!

Who knows?? Or why the messages can be so crude—just last week on another site, one guy apparently got tired of my normal conversation and sent this:: ‘I’m going off this site so if you want to f*ck, send me your number now’. Haha. BLOCK AND REPORT!


I'm actually surprised by how many men actually do this, very disturbing


I can't imagine doing such a thing. I wouldn't appreciate it if a woman sent me such a picture. I don't get it.

Being straight I'm not interested in seeing pics of other blokes genitals either!


To me a picture of genitals is not exciting. It is just an anonymous lump of flesh. For a class I had to give a presentation on a disease, I chose Herpes, and I had a slide with a picture of a penis with a Herpes lesion on it. That is what comes to mind when I see dick pics. Unsolicited dick pics are annoying, I don't want that on my phone where a snoopy grandchild could find it.


Do they really Jnei? That's horrible. I was hoping we did better here.

I'd just start public shaming frankly.

So the article says. I like to think that here on this site, where most people are a little more mature and civilised than elsewhere on the internet, we do indeed do better; I can imagine that on other social media sites the problem is far more prevalent.

@Jnei I know there is a break down in civility on some sites - most definitely - but I like to think we do better.

I mean people do exchange nude pics - but I like to think they agree to it first? lol I mean "ask first"? It's such a good rule of thumb for so many things!


I have not experienced this on this site, I am very happy to say!

I am sure there have been studies on why men do this, right?

There was an article about a woman who turned the tables & sent photos of fake vaginas to men.
If I recall correctly all of the men were thrilled, despite it not being her lady parts.

@Qualia one i heard about was a lady who kept the dick picks.. and the next guy who sent one, she replied with someone elses dick pick.. and kept sending more and more till the guy shut up! Lmao

@hippydog There's a similar tale about one of the great physicists, though I can't remember which one. Whenever he received a letter from a half-baked fruitloop, he would note down the fruitloop's address and wait for the next one to contact him, then reply "I'm afraid I do not have the necessary expertise to discuss your ideas - but I know somebody who does" and send them the previous fruitloop's address. 🙂

I have not experienced photos here, but I have received more than one uninvited explicit PM. In both cases, I told them that it could get them kicked out and if they did it again, I’d report them. Neither repeated. I will say that one is no longer a member here, so I suspect they were reported by someone else.

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