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I want to back to Antarctica so bad. It consumes me. I may never know happiness again.

ErebusVincent 6 Jan 24

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How did you get there? Can you share what you miss about it? With info at our finger tips, perhaps you WILL find a way back... It seems worthwhile to try if you miss it so.

Zster Level 8 Jan 24, 2019

Buy a walk in freezer and move in and only come out in the winter for a cpl of weeks. Must bring like minded friends.! ?


I see the whiskey stash is back; that’d be worth the trip for me! $157/bottle for the re-creation is too rich for my blood.


Did you do field work there or was it vacay?


I've personally had enough cold weather throughout my existence on this planet to last me 10 lifetimes. Don't think I'll be joining you on that trek. At least not for an extended stay. I wouldn't mind visiting for a couple of days to check out the scenery.


Spending some time there before I die is high on my bucket list


It is lovely here at this time of year...


ok, we got it, you went to antarctica. next time you need attention just say that. it saves the stories and mental gymnastics.

How is this: Shameless pandering to get you to answer any different?

@Lucifer I was honest in mine.

@kauva How do you know she isn't being honest in hers? She said she wanted to go back to Antarctica, not move there. That is a thing people can do. Most don't, true enough, but some do. What disqualifies her from being one of those that do?


Read about Ernest Shackleton.... You won't want to go back.

Shackleton did go back in 1921 with the Shackleton–Rowett Expedition


The isolation would be ideal for me. Having my testicles crawl up into ribs, I will pass.


I'm sure Antarctica is gorgeous. But just coming back from NJ where it was 5 degrees, I'm staying in Florida for a while 🙂
And definitely share some pics of your visit!!


We would love to see some pictures of our travels there.


You can have the whole island. I'm gonna stay my ass in sunny Florida.?. Seriously though, when did you go there?


When did you go there?


I have a niece who just returned from her fourth trip there - studying Wedel Seals for her PHD project.

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