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Anyone do intermittent fasting? I'm trying to work out how to fit it into my schedule & would love to hear how it's gone for others!

Decieven 7 Jan 26

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I tried it a little over a year ago. I dropped 20lbs, worked residential remodeling. It was the labor involved that kicked it into overdrive. Plus it also helped me to save some .

As far as timeline goes, I started with 14 hours fasting, but practically ate on a set time schedule, too. Small meals at 3 hour marks. High in protein, high vegetable, low carbs, and restricted .

I need to get back on it....


Fasting gave me a painful headache and shakiness. Doesn't work for me.

With a fast metabolism, I feel better eating 4-5 small, healthy meals per day. With each meal, I aim for 20 grams of lean protein, fruit or vegetables and a whole grain. Also drink lots of water all day


I was heavier than I was comfortable with a few years ago so I put myself on 5:2 IF. It worked, I lost 10kg (22 lbs) but it took 18 months. Now I do it every summer just to stop the weight creeping up.
I like the fact that, however hungry you are, you know that tomorrow you can eat what you want. It's not like "I'm on a diet so I have to avoid things I like, forever". Two tricks that help me stick to it are (1) to plan really tasty meals on my fasting days, like spicy stir-fries or grilled chicken, and (2) keep a supply of low-calorie snacks to hand, especially strawberries and cherry tomatoes.


I've not done it for a few years, but randomly-ish cutting out almost all food for one to two days on a bi-weekly basis. Try to think of it as being a failed hunt. Put in exercise to reinforce the body's idea of the same.


I have done intermittent fasting for several months. I lost some weight really quickly which did not have the desired effect of losing fat, so I cut back on it. I didn't find it hard to do, I rarely noticed that I was hungry, and when I felt hungry I'd drink a large glass of water. I'd usually start the fast after a big dinner, and fast until the next dinner time. My advice is before you start fasting get sugars out of your diet. Sugar increases your appetite. Go sugar free for about a week, and then stay sugar free. Going sugar free has helped me lose over 50 pounds and keep it off so far for over 5 years.


It has now been proven that we all metabolise food differently, two people of the same gender, weight, height, age etc can eat the same diet and one may get a rush from rice and nothing from full fat ice cream and the second person gets the complete opposite effect, so for me i don't believe in fasting, i think it is more important discover what foods work best for your unique body, blood /glucose monitors are very cheap and can tell you more than you ever thought possible.

ukuwi Level 3 Jan 27, 2019

Intermittent fasting is a great way to help regulate both blood sugar and body weight. It's not the easiest to start but once you get use to it then it's a breeze. You can even start on shorter 8 hour fasts and work your way up to a full 24 hour fast


I lost a good deal of weight by skipping lunch, but I feel like I have a great metabolism.


I fast fairly often. I’ve noticed a difference in my mental acuity when I’m in ketosis. My understanding is that the brain operates better on ketones as opposed to glucos. That’s what I’ve experienced unless it’s placebo.

I started by just skipping meals, but now it’s not uncommon for me to skip eating for an entire day. The longest stretch was three days when I was testing my limits. A lot of people may think that may be crazy but I’ve heard of folks going much, much longer than that.

@Decieven Yes, if you eat regularly then you will have glucose and that is what your brain will use. Stop eating and eventually you will run out of glucose and start burning fat to produce ketones. This is my amateur understanding.

@Decieven the brain also used keytones. and functions well on it. The brain will only function with 2 things. sugar or keytones.


Nah, as soon as my stomach start an even little growl I run to the fridge like there are no tomorrows.

you need to cut the sugar and carbs first

@AmmaRE007 I am working on it, at least the sugar. Instead of having the whole packet of sweets, I only have half of it in one go. I am so proud of myself.


Can't make it more than about 4 hours.

BD66 Level 8 Jan 26, 2019

I fast one day a week to keep a grip on my blood sugar level.


i'm diabetic. fasting would kill me.

there are various reasons why people fast. some are vald and some are stupid. you have not said why you're thinking of fasting. if it's for weight loss, DON'T.


@Dave75 that sounds like a dreadful idea, given how the human body works. it is better in general, given no medical reason to do otherwise, to spread your meals out, even eat more than three, but very small ones, definitely NOT within the same third of the day, and thus keep your blood sugar steady (and i am not talking about just diabetics). intermittent fasting sounds like a good way to mess up your metabolism.


@Decieven what is changing your mind? it really does sound dreadful.


@Decieven but you SHOULD snack. nuts, grapes, okra.... it's up to you but it sounds destructive to me.


@Decieven oh they would literally kill me lol but... it's not only about the nutrients. it really does matter too when you take them in. good luck, whatever you decide to do.


@genessa it actuallys helps the metabolism

@AmmaRE007 my understanding of the metabolism is that such a thing would NOT help the metabolism. in what way does it purportedly help?


@genessa the body burns more calories because it is burning fat. That is why you lose weight more quickly. Fat is a more calorie dense tissue.

Fasting can help decrease insulin levels and boost blood levels of human growth hormone and norepinephrine. These changes can help you burn fat more easily and help you lose weight.

@AmmaRE007 you can lose weight from lots of things, not all of which help your metabolism. you've answered how it helps lose weight, not how it's good for the metabolism. keeping blood sugar steady is good for the metabolism. this sounds like a good way to have the metabolism fluctuating in unhealthy way.


@genessa actually IF and cutting sugar helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level

@AmmaRE007 cutting sugar without intermittent fasting does that too. but distributing carb intake (we can't just cut ALL carbs) evenly throughout the day is the MOST helpful in keeping a steady blood sugar level, and intermittent fasting is certainly not that. eating wisely and spacing meals evenly is better for the metabolism than IF. that would be for most healthy people. for people like me, with diabetes, IF would be a disaster. but i am not talking about for me. i am talking about in general.


@genessa i have diabetes..and I have done IF with extremely low carb and low sugar.. it has worked great. with great energy..and I don't get hungry. Dr Berg's you tube videos explain it. Do further research and try it.

@genessa hort-Term Fasts Boost Metabolism by up to 14%
Many people believe that skipping meals will cause your body to adapt by lowering its metabolic rate to save energy.

It's well established that very long periods without food can cause a drop in metabolism (28, 29).

However, studies have shown that fasting for short periods can actually increase your metabolism, not slow it down (30, 31).

One study in 11 healthy men found that a 3-day fast actually increased their metabolism by an impressive 14% (26).

This increase is thought to be due to the rise in the hormone norepinephrine, which promotes fat burning.

@AmmaRE007 "many people believe" is not evidence. intermittent fasting is not a three-day fast. fat-burning is good for losing weight but that doesn't mean it is a healthy thing to do. it just means it helps you lose weight. cancer does that too. sorry, but the more i hear, and i've been researching it since it was brought up, the more ridiculous it sounds.


@AmmaRE007 no, i will NOT try it. my doctor has explained to me how important it is to spread the carbs out throughout the day. i most certainly will not do IF.


@genessa that is certainly up to you

@genessa re read what i wrote.. I didnt write that many people believe that .. evidence for IF. it read that many people believe ( like your self) that skipping meals with lower metabolism and it's not true.. re- read please with an open mind.

@genessa IT seems to me that you are not looking at this with an open mind. I have been doing IF and it has been controlling my blood sugar levels.

@AmmaRE007 i disagree with you and therefore i do not have an open mind? how about you disagree with me and therefore you don't have an open mind? do you see how silly it seems? i disagree with you. it does not mean i don't get it, or don't have an open mind, or didn't read what you wrote. what it means is i disagree with you.



Isn't the idea that it's NOT on your schedule? Food. It's gone.

SORRY couldn't resist! But yeah sometimes I just don't eat and that's it!

I haven't eaten anything today yet. I did a workout on a rower this morning.

@Decieven Full disclosure---I've eaten really weird for a long time so I'm used to it! I never eat on any particular schedule. If I'm not hungry I don't eat. If I'm hungry I'll eat whatever. I will do a protein and greens drink or a meal replacement (I like Huel better than Soylent). I keep up on regular testing and I monitor biomarkers. I consider myself fortunate to be extremely healthy with my only real health issue being arthritic knees. I am currently learning about monitoring Heart Rate Variability and I use an Oura ring to track sleep. Very cool!

@Decieven I have a bag of vanilla but want to get it used up so I can try the new chocolate Huel. I've been putting sugar-free chocolate syrup into my Huel because the vanilla is just too bland.

I spent a couple of years taking care of my Mom when she got cancer and during that time I neglected my own health. I regained 60 pounds from a loss I'd maintained for over a decade. I got my insurance all back together and spent last August and September getting EVERY TEST THERE IS plus I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (I'm a few weeks shy of 59) which requires a LOT of testing. I like knowing every number there is to know!

I have used sensewear since the first BodyMedia device came out in the early 2000s. Currently I am using the Oura ring which primarily tracks sleep. It includes tracking for heart rate variability which made me want to learn more about that. Turns out HRV is a really important biomarker for overall health and performance! I already had a Polar H10 heart strap which I use for HIIT. You need the right kind. Check out this site---They also have a course in HRV that I am currently taking. I wrote a book about weight management and I am currently working on a second book. I will include using HRV in this new book. Elite HRV has an app that has a free version but I am using the paid version to compile trends. This is REALLY interesting stuff!

@Decieven Here's what the Oura ring tracked last night


I eat two meals a day and keep cal down to 1000 . I haven't lost wt but remain at the same wt. for 20yrs. I still wish I were lower but each year I become l and less less physical due to age restrictions. The mind remains young but the body just keeps getting older.

@Decieven yup


Every night from like 10pm to 7am


I used to fast — three-day fasts and, later, three-to-four-week fasts. I drank juice (didn't make my own because I wasn't equipped for it), teas/tisanes, and water. It was tough to maintain the longer fasts, but I felt energetic from it. The shorter fasts worked best over a weekend, usually Friday through Sunday, so it didn't disrupt my regular schedule much. I think occasional fasting is good, as digestion takes a lot of energy and interrupts other metabolic processes.

@Decieven I found the three-day fasts pretty easy because there was an end just around the corner. Lemon juice helps curb hunger, as do other bitter or sour juices and teas and tisanes. Mint tea can be good, as it's classified as a bitter. I've found that having a routine in preparing tea, for instance, is good for avoiding snacking. Keeping busy helps. Or if you can take a weekend to sleep a bunch, as I think getting lots of rest is also good when fasting.

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