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Hi, everyone!
I returned to the US three months ago, and am currently staying with my sister in Albuquerque. NM.
I nearly died getting out of Thailand, and ended up in the hospital in the US, where I nearly died again. I am now recovering slowly.

birdingnut 8 Jan 26

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Get well soon!

BD66 Level 7 Jan 27, 2019

Wow. Get well soon, I am glad you are with loved ones and getting better. What an experience, third world jails are the worst. Welcome back. ?


Heck, I was wondering where you were. Hope you are recovering well?


Thank you for sharing your story. You are very courageous. I'm sure your courage and your good sense to use cannabis will get you well. Heartfelt wishes for your recovery into good health.


Wow! Glad you are recovering!

Carin Level 8 Jan 27, 2019

Wow! You've had an eventful few months. Glad you came out of it okay. Take things easy for awhile and get some rest.


Well you are truly starting over with your new life in the states, after such a harrowing experience. Hope you are able to stay comfortable and cared for until you are stronger. It's nice not to have animosity for those with other beliefs, but also a relief to have a haven where like-minded thinkers can share and encourage each other. Welcome back!


Glad you’re safe and recovering. Welcome back.


Someone suggested Thailand to me as a good place with warm weather for expatriates . . . . I don't think I would even consider it, as I already would have much better deal with South America, something like Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador or Peru, given that I already know quite a bit of Spanish. I just do not have the same enthusiasm for Eastern Cultures that I do for European Cultures.

THHA Level 7 Jan 26, 2019

I certainly would agree with you NOW..


Wow, how harrowing! I am glad you're safe and recovering now. I wish you an uneventful recovery, you've had enough excitement for a while.


Was wondering where you were. Glad to hear you're recovering and back in the states.


Welcome back!


After what I've just been though, I'm WAY over Thailand. Despite my being fourth stage cancer and too weak to travel back to the US, they arrested me and threw me into immigration prison for a month-140 women packed into a tiny room with just enough room to lie down on the concrete floor-no access to the cannabis oil I'd been taking as I recovered from cancer. It was for overstaying my visa, despite my contacting them beforehand, and paying the overstay fee. I had to make an escape with the help of a guard and my sister sending money for a plane ticket, and I was so sick by the time I made it to the US three months ago, I'm still recovering. I'm currently living with my sister in Albuquerque, NM. My daughter came to help me for two months, and made me more cannabis oil, and I've been improving, although I am coming back from near death. That experience also made me lose my hostility toward Christians..I don't care what they believe anymore.

Thank goodness you are here and keep your spirit up! What an ordeal! You are strong and needed back!

WTF?? Ok, Thailand is now on my list of places never to go. My brother went there for a business trip, incidentally, and he wasn’t very complimentary about it.

I’m so glad you made it out, and through. Hugs and wishes for a rapid recovery.

I do not get on here daily so I guess I missed any previous posts about being sick but thought of you the other day when someone had mentioned retiring to Thailand and wondered why you hadnt been posting.

Wow. Get better


Omg!!! Sorry to hear that! Welcome back and i hope you are well into your recovery! You know the old saying, ‘what don’t kill you, makes you stronger,’ there is some logic to that! ?


I am glad you made it back and hope you are enjoying your recovery. What happened to you?


Best wishes on your recovery!!


I was wondering where you were, then I remembered that you had been sick. I wish you a good recovery.


What happened?

Orbit Level 7 Jan 26, 2019
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