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What do Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump have in common?

commie1776 6 Jan 31

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The point of this meme is just as obscure as it is irrelevant. I know that some trump supporters used a similar montage to argue trump did not collude with Russia. Yeah, I know that's stupid. Not sure you cure stupid with the obscure.


Presidents meet with foreign leaders. Big shocker...


Shaking hands with Putin is not collusion. Wait until Mueller unloads his evidence against the Fake President. Then you will see why he is far different from the rest.

I am waiting!


putin HATED obama. you have a picture of them shaking hands and that's supposed to PROVE something? gimme a break.

the four men do have something in common though: each has a penis. wait. not so sure about trump. must ask stormy.



Putin has outlasted all of them. And don't they hate him for it.

I imagine that EVERYONE is hated by someone.


They got the Presidency of the most powerful country with the shaking hands of the asshole.✌☺


You are not a bright man, are you? That is okay. You fit right in with that third of the country who loves them some Trump. I am not accusing you of supporting Trump, just comparing your ability to reason with those of his supporters. When something is obvious, it has to be pointed out. 🙂


No, maintaining diplomatic relations with a similarly powerful and opposing power is prudent & necessary. Kissing their ass & offering $$$$$ penthouses as bribes is not......
Any chance you can understand the difference?

And having secret meetings with no other US representatives

@Truthandeffort geezer, I dunno.....the Korean War, for starters...the Cold War, "we will bury you", the concerted effort to get Cheeto elected, rather than someone who Putin pick, I got more, too


They were all hated by lots of people.


Are you Putin me on? I think that they are Russian into things.


One moment in time from a photo might persuade conspiracy theorist types but no one else.

@commie1776 Just Fox "News".

@commie1776 No, I do not have broadcast or cable TV, and mostly avoid the political channels on YouTube.

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