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Just saw my mom pour milk in before adding her cereal. Please tell me this isn't as common as I suspect.

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McWalsoft 6 Feb 1

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I hate milk. I just sprinkle a bit over the cereal. Then drain any extra out!


Ha-I eat my cereal dry!

Carin Level 8 Feb 1, 2019

Only when I was a todler


This looks like the thin end of society breaking down wedge. A time when all we took for granted can no longer been assumed, a time for a new beginning, a time for a brave new world to sweep the old ways asunder.

Or seriously?

I asked a friend of mine this cereal question. Then they told me about people showering with socks on. I was flabbergasted maybe it is all coming to an end.


I don't eat cereal. I don't use/drink milk.

Lactose intolerant? Or just not a fan?

@McWalsoft Lactose intolerant, vegan, and not a baby cow.


That sounds like something only a sociopath would do. I'm sure your mom is a lovely person, despite the fact that she pours milk first.

She is pretty nice but this new information is really starting to make me wonder what she has been up to my whole life.


So you're one of those mushy cereal lovers are you? The horror....

I bet your Mom and I both know how to hang toilet paper too! (Forward btw - the original patent proves it).

At least her bowl doesn't look like pudding by minute two...

Duh, always flap out.

I’m just thankful there’s toilet paper replaced; who cares which way it faces? But only barbarians squeeze the toothpaste in the middle?.

@CarolinaGirl60 They actually make little elastic rollers you can put on the ends to squeeze the tube as you use it up! Way less barbaric. Those middle squeezers - have to look out for them.

Milk first makes the cereal float and if we are going by images in patents wouldn't videos from advertising agencies always showing milk second be validation enough?


She birthed you and raised you for better or for worse. Now let her have her own idiosyncrasies, she has had to put with a lot in her life so far.

Lol I know. I wonder how long she has done it. She said forever but I don't remember her ever doing it before. Maybe she been possessed by something.


Sugar before coffee. Mixes better. Same principle to her?

Less mushy. She's just smart. ?

I'll give you the coffee but I can't see how milk first mixes better with cereal.

Her personal preference as to how it is mixing? Not like my sugar in 1st then coffee thing has been picked up in the rest of the world the last 15 years or more.


Maybe your mum is an alien?

Maybe or possessed by something.

@McWalsoft I'll adopt you.


I usually do not tell myself the words...’like it is supposed to!’ That locks me in and I have been known, to break free, when too much control is applied!


Just a bad idea because the cereal at first floats, so it will fall out of the bowl before you get enough in there...unless you use a Yuge bowl.......

That's part of the excitement.

@Meili maybe at your house. I have a little dog that acts like a cat, and he will eat it all unless I am quicker...I am not! Lol!

@AnneWimsey When we have cereal we have a cat that watches like it's the best show EVER! Waiting for a taste of milk. lol

Exactly the cereal floats then you don't have enough cereal and keep coming back for more. Then your milk is warm and then you have to do the process all over again.

@McWalsoft well, I think I am switching to toast...all this drama in the morning......


When you do it last, you don't have to guess how much you need.

Ah but of which? What if milk is at a premium? Then Mom is correct!



lol I don't eat cereal...

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