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If you're driving in the left-lane of the freeway, and there are no cars ahead of you, but a line of cars behind you… you're a dick.

By Benthoven8
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I think people fall into several categories here...none of which help this situation. 1) The oblivious driver 2) the driver that thinks that, because they're driving the speed limit, they really don't need to move to another lane 3) the rude driver. My pet peeve is the person that is behind the driver that falls into one of these three categories and sits on their ass. Just go around sure as hell can't go through them!


If you're driving in the left lane and see a lot of oncoming traffic, something is wrong.


These people are more oblivious than intentionally being a dick, which is worse.


NJ Driving Rules:

  • Speed Limit is the slowest you can go, NOT the fastest
  • Tailgating is required
  • Drive left and pass on the right
  • the red STOP sign does NOT mean discontinue moving! It means Slowdown To Observe Police
TheBoge Level 3 Feb 7, 2019

True. In some states it is illegal to do so.


In Texas, you will be ticketed for impeding traffic.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 6, 2019

I got traffic revenge on a left lane hog. It was between LaJunta and Pueblo Colorado on highway 50. Part of the way it's 4 lane. LH was using slower traffic to keep people from passing. He would not get out of the left lane. I've been up and down that highway since I was 8. I know where it goes back to 2 lane so I got out of town ahead of him. We hit the traffic light red and I have a fast reaction time and a zippy ' lil car and was half a block ahead of him before he was across the intersection. He still had two cars trapped behind him. I kept an eye on what was going on back there. He would speed up if there wasn't any traffic and then slow back down. So when we got to the passing lane I pulled into the right lane. I see Mr White Car pop into the right lane too. LH doesn't see MWC because of the SUV right behind him. I flipped on my blinker and hit the left lane. MWC pulled up along beside me for just a bit and I just turned and waved. Gave him a big ol grin. All of a sudden LH decides he can use the right lane and pased me on the right. He tailgated MWC all the way to the Avalon exit.


If you're driving in the left hand lane of a motorway, you're in the slow lane in the UK


In other countries it’s not issue or reason to stop. Perhaps drivers out there not as frustrated and having batter skills


But you will have lots of followers.

powder Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

I actually saw a Tn State Trooper pull someone over for this. Speed limit was 70...I was doing about 75 when I cam up on them, so I got in the right and went around. Two troopers were sitting in the media, one facing each way as we went by. The person on the left was doing 60-65, I just kept my cruise on. Saw the blue lights, and thought, "WTF - your going to ticket me b/c I was doing 3-5 over and had to pass slow ass on the right", so I slowed down to stop. Was so glad to see the other person pulled over.

jondspen Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

Yes, gives me serious road rage! Unfortunately, I have to deal with snow birds who tend to love to drive slow in the left lane.


I always think there's something kind of fun and snotty about being behind one of those assholes for long enough that they'll know it's you, passing on the right, and moving back to the far left lane in front of them. Then taking off if the coast is clear. EAT MY DUST!!!!!!

DeStijl Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

When I lived in Seattle, a saw a car pass a lane-hog on the right, then slow down so they were going slower than the lane-hog... and then when the lane-hog tried to pass, they wouldn't allow him. Part of me thought it was funny, but another part of me worried about road rage. In New York, most people treat the left lane as a passing lane. But there's always "that guy."

@Benthoven Yeah I'm in Florida right now where "that guy" is often armed.


In New Jersey you would be fined as well....

While I hate to generalize, for the most part, when I see someone in the left lane refusing to pull over... they tend to have Jersey plates. Theoretically you can get fined in New York as well, but I'm not sure they enforce that law at all.

@Benthoven lol I think we go to New York just to piss you guys off because we do get fined ...ha ha...I drive in the left a lot because I hate the buttheads that don't know how to merge properly...

@thinktwice: Mission accomplished. smile009.gif

@Benthoven I drive too fast and too aggressive...I am used to city driving and when I have to go to more rural places, it drives me crazy, too...I have PA is not me...ha ha ha


I disagree. Hogging the right lane would make you a dick...oh wait... this only applies those on this side of the pond.

AbZinthe Level 4 Feb 6, 2019

And oz, nz, Malaysia, Thailand.......


One of my few pet peeves. Your not only a dick but a traffic hazard.

jlynn37 Level 8 Feb 6, 2019
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