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Summer is coming, time to get ready for the beach. This guy blew it.

HippieChick58 9 Feb 8

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He should be removed from the beach as obscene.


Oh shit, there goes my breakfast AGAIN.


Well I know that I’m definitely not gay now and if I was then I’m definitely no longer.


That seems like a super uncomfortable power wedgie.


I don't think anyone would look good in that thing.


That is so many levels of gross.


When that thing goes twang!!!!!!!!


If he is comfortable then more power to him. I'm a fat guy and it's bullsh!t how people try to shame you into not feeling free to be comfortable. Except in court I wear whatever the hell I want and anyone else can kiss my fat patootie. Dont like it, don't look. We fat people don't dress to please you. if you're that shallow then I've got nothing to do with you anyway.

I hope he is comfortable! But you are right, fat shamming is not right.

@creative51 My comment above wasn't intended as 'fat shaming' just that the bathing suit was not one that anyone in their right frame of mind would wear publicly in my opinion.
And, btw, I am a wee bit on the excessive weight sized as well.

@Triphid Merely stating my opinion, not pointing any fingers. I have too much weight on my gut as well.

@creative51 Ditto, though I wouldn't even accept doing that even as a dare with a prize of millions.


my eyes, my eyes, why do people do this to themselves???????

because they don't care what you think maybe?

@JeffMesser they just don't care period.

Was thinking the same thing.

My guess is sugar or other addiction. For some, including me, sugar is highly addictive and makes you want to eat more, and more, and more. I was close to 300# for many years. I finally got to the root of my issues other issues and including controlling the sugar and I've been losing weight gradually over the past 10 years and more rapidly this last 6 months. It is insidious, you don't realize how much sugar is in processed foods, including foods that aren't sweet.

@HippieChick58 you are so right. I too spent many years overweight because of my sweet tooth. I also have a love of bread and pasta that I had to get under control. Since switching over to a plant-based diet and sticking with it, I am feeling much better and in two months time I have lost 10 lb by just eating that way and walking my dog twice a day. It is hard on the body to be addicted to the sugar but we have to try to get off of that crap it is nothing but poison for our bodies.


I wonder if it was a dare.


Some things can't be unseen.

I almost put a warning up, but I already saw it and wanted to share the wealth!

@HippieChick58 thank you, you are so kind ?


Damn! Got more guts than me!

Figuratively and literally.

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