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Control yourself, ladies.

Tomfoolery33 9 Feb 23

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Oh be still my heart!


I like when they advertise their misogyny! Such a time saver!


Wow! Someone hold me back from this Trumpian.


And he's single, what a suprise.


I would break him.


and forever single.


Throw in a micro dick and bad head, and I'm in.


I am a 48year old atheist Male. I grew up with three sisters who will still throw things at me if I were misogynistic in any way!🙂 I believe that we should all try and respect each other as equals.

I owe my respect for women to my 3 sisters. They demanded it growing up and still do. As they should.


I bet he got an insane amount of messages. . . .just not the kind he was hoping for. Haha

On a serious note though, christianity absolutely teaches the hierarchy that he speaks of.


Years ago, an acquaintance of mine started dating the 20 year old version of this christian guy. She owned a new corvette and had to call him to pick her up with her own car if she wanted to go somewhere. He kept it at his house. She told me that this was normal. She also thought that it was appropriate for the woman to do all the cooking and housework, even if she was working full time and was making more than him. They were both in agreement with this. I just shook my head. In my experience, this guy is some woman’s dreamboat. It is sad.

LB67 Level 7 Feb 23, 2019

Hard to believe

@tnorman1236 I thought she had lost her mind. He was also showing signs of being physically abusive. She married him and I lost contact. I hate to think of what her life has been.

I think there's probably a match of some sort for everyone.



I guarantee that, since posting this personals ad, this guy's drowning in pussy. ?


He probably hasn't had pussy since pussy had him.


If that shirt is an indicator of his important decision making skills, then he is badly in need of more than a wife!


"I enjoy the hoarder lifestyle and look forward to whatever old junk you may contribute to the pile behind me."


Sad to say, there are women out there that will go for this type of male. Then when they regret and hate being in a dominated marriage, they manipulate, control, and bully their children, friends, coworkers, and family members in order to get some of the power back.


Smells of cheap cologne, Miller beer, and thanks god for creating viagra. 😏

@Kattywampus69 Wow you really looked past him didn’t you? 😏


he has a pocket fisherman and a rocks shaped like animals collection, and an electric racecar set you can play but it just has one car. the red one got melted in a GI joe accident.

If he had a lionel train set I would meet up just to steal an engine

@btroje im guessing h scale.

@hankster I just remember them when I was a kid. THey seemed pretty big, like weighed a pound. I wasnt into specs back then

@btroje they were chunks. I don't remember much about them either I just remember a H was the little ones.....i think


I’m sorry sir, you sound like a real catch. How on Earth have you found yourself single?


Blahh ha ha

And he has a small Winky too


Closet submissive. Loves floral shirts

@Stevil []

my biggest peeve is he can't point the camera centered on his nose, its centered on his chest, or the top of his chest omg so creepy. ive seen way too many shirtless profile pics, there is only one way and that's down


A job interview for couples and they ask who makes all the decisions in the relationship. The husband pipes up "I make all the important ones and she makes all the little ones."
"How so?"
"Well I decide if we should build the wall, legalise pot in our state and whether the UK should leave the EU and she makes all the small stuff like what we eat, where we live and what schools the kids should go to"

Sounds like my arrangement. ?


Guess that's how the saying "different strokes for different folks" came to be - there are probably some devout christian women out there who would be just fine with him and his "in charge" attitude - especially if he is a good "provider". 😉😉
Never did find that type of personality appealing though..... 😉

I run into these women in th sometimes it's mind blowing how brainwashed they are


And is this man single? I sure would not put up with that attitude! I'm sure there are women who would be fine with that, but ....yikes....


I have that same Hawaiian shirt!
(but I'm pretty sure that's all he and I have in common)

I do like the shirt


How has he gone this long being single? Oh thats it; he's an asshat


Also frequently bitches about how women won't date him because of his looks, money or whatever never realizing it is his hideous beliefs and personality that women run screaming from.

@OpposingOpposum You hit the nail on the head there.

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