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So yesterday I woke late scrambled to get ready for work and grabbed my t-shirt without thinking about it.
Later at work, in front of like 5 coworkers my boss asked me about my shirt. I let him and everyone in earshot know that when I became a Christian I resolved to be the best Christian I could be, and as it turned out the best I could arrive at was atheism.
How did you get the t-shirt though?
I got if for being a dick on the Internet.

By Novelty8
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Unfortunately I find people that advertise their religious beliefs on tee shirts or on bumper stickers etc a turn off ,so in turn I refuse to advertise my non belief on a tee shirt or any place else .But to each his own .Thats your prerogative and nothing wrong with it if you choose to do so

richiegtt Level 7 Mar 2, 2019

@Mortal like he stated ,he has nothing against it .Aren’t comments a way to express a members point of view? .Must we always agree with each other ?

@Mortal and never mind it is a side effect of being on the site

@Mortal a friend of mine stole a t-shirt from a merch table at a Christan magician's show. I wore the shit out of that shirt. Why? It was free!

@Mortal "cool the fuck out. "

??? You posted in a site that literally invites comments and opinions..
You recieved one (which seemed pretty chill to me) and your pissed?
Ok.. ??


The only time I would sport a tee shirt such as this is by wearing it by mistake like you .I am a non-confrontational person in my private life so I would be adverse to owning this type of item. But good luck in attempting to explain yourself to believers which is a time wasting endeavor.

granny Level 5 Mar 2, 2019

I have worn mine a few times here in Bloomington Indiana where I figure it is a safe island of possible like thinkers. In my town in NM I don't think they would get it at all


I wear mine to my gym, and I've had two questions about it. I decided that I can't tell if my shirt is getting frowns, or if people are just deeply concentrating on their workout. I prefer to think they're concentrating on their workout. I usually go to the gym mid morning when it is not busy. That will change next week when I rejoin the working world, M-F 8:30 to 5. My gym hours will likely be after work, or peak time for the gym. Yes, I will still wear the shirts, and yes, it is time to think about getting a smaller size.

Congratulations on the need for a smaller shirt size!

@Sandman07 Thank you!!


Your boss needs a refresher lesson from HR


Even though I am an agnostic ,I would never be caught dead In one of these shirts .I am never in a mood to start explaining my ideology to a bunch of brainwashed individuals and be the talk of the work place or any place else for that matter.


If the t-shirt!


Funny thing is I got my shirt when I reached level 8 and I have never worn it. Not sure why, maybe because it is at the bottom of the t-shirt drawer? smile001.gif


I plan on wearing my t-shirt to church and on the back I'll have the word "Confused".


You are far from being a dick.

@Mortal Not in my opinion, which is the only one I subscribe to. ?


I bet you that there were people who did not have a clue what you meant.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

I am very careful to keep Atheism and Religious discussions outside of the work place.
On more than 1 occasion , I have had to remark:
" I'd love to talk about this more, but I don't think the workplace is appropriate "

FableAce Level 3 Mar 3, 2019

Smart man . It’s no place for this type of discussion.


What's this about a shirt? I went on this ride and didn't even get a t-shirt lol


i don't work but i do leave home on occasion, mostly to adult daycare, because my alzheimer's-stricken guy would quit going if i didn't go with him, and to clinics, or food-shopping. in the house i wear my birthday suit. once in a while i wear my ag dot com shirt to adult daycare, which is attached to a jewish senior facility (not all the clients are jewish -- we went to a buffet lately and our irish catholic client was beside herself that there was ham in plain view!) none of the staff there happens to be jewish either. the only one who comments at all on my shirt, apart from my guy, who doesn't like my wearing it, is the one staff member who has told me he is an atheist as well, and his comment consists of a broad smile. no one else seems to notice, or mind, or anything. my guy... well, it bothers him that i am an atheist, but i am not sure why, since he knows so little about judaism (i know a hell of a lot more) and, while he won't eat pork, does not by ANY means keep kosher. he doesn't even know what is or isn't kosher! yet it bothers him. well, toooo bad. if he gets too vocal about it i just turn to him and say "talking snake." that seems to end the conversation (not that he's read the bible or anything; i've read good sections of it!) hey, he has alzheimer's. he probably doesn't remember why he doesn't like my being an atheist. we love each other nonetheless, and i don't serve him pork (i do love ham and i keep it in the house, and when i am too sick or tired to cook, he is willing to make me a nice ham and cheese on rye), and i DO serve him cheeseburgers because he likes them, and we muddle on through like everyone else.


genessa Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Sounds like lovesmile001.gif)

@GreatNani 'tis love indeed! i don't know if you witnessed this but there was, now long ago (in the relative timespan of this site and my presence on it) a legitimate post asking (as so many here do) about the potential relationship between a believer and a nonbeliever. i answered describing my relationship with my guy (not mentioning the alzheimer's, not hiding it, just not feeling it relevant at the moment) and got attacked as a hypocrite (i'd still be trying to figure out the basis for that description if i gave half a shit), told i had better dump my guy immediately, he was going to turn mean and delusional and, i forget what all else but it was pretty dreadful. i can't look it up because i quickly blocked the asshole who attacked me that way. love is love -- and religion or lack thereof is not the main substance of our being or our relationship, so it does not affect our love.


@genessa love is love. As long as it is working for you. I just don't get the mean spirited nonsense. Why attack you? Glad you are happy with your man!!

@GreatNani thanks! (as for why attack -- some people are only happy when attacking. sad but true!)



It sounds like you were explaining the tee shirt when your boss was probably saying, "cool top". ???


If I am asked, I reply that I am someone seeking knowledge.

jlynn37 Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Lol...If that's the case, I should be getting my shirt very soon!

You get one when you reach Level 8. Or you can go to the site store and buy one, if you can't wait.

@KKGator Oh Damn. I guess I'm gonna have to make a shit load of posts!

I wouldn't wear one.




I still smile at the Darwin fish. every time. the smile is not that it is still funny to me... although it is. it's all time funny. i smile because i imagine that person feeling the need to piss into the wind and doing so.

if i can stick it out until level 8, i might keep it in my car and hand it to the first person i see with a Darwin fish.

larsatrg Level 6 Mar 4, 2019

What tshirt? Nobody sent me a tshirt.


You are not a dick Mr. Mortal. I would wear it with pride. I wore mine to the local supermarket. Lots of thumbs up in there.

Amisja Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

...oh for a recording of thier faces :::smile007.gifriceless

BBJong Level 7 Mar 2, 2019
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