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Wow! Deep. People fined and jailed for dissing their gov't? What should be done if the gov't disrespects it's citizens? []

By IAJO1637
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I was in jail 103 days once because this here government didn't like me "dissin" ir speaking and acting out against their racist devil worship. They tried to get other inmates to beat me up.

Antifred Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

Saudi Arabia isn't any better. And Turkey has warned that they will arrest tourist that criticize it. But, yes, Russia is going the wrong way.

thexter Level 4 Mar 9, 2019

" When any political power goes out of its way to block its people from expressing their OWN opinions freely, that political power most definitely has some skeletons it wants to keep hidden." - William Anthony.

Triphid Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

Old school justice needs to be handed out sometimes.


Look for Trump to try and get that going over here. He has already wanted names of Facebook activists and those who write things about him. Well, why not? The UK has "hate speech" laws and we are fast going there. Facebook says it will not comply but they recently went in with a GOP right wing fact checking organization. Since when did the GOP fact check anything? Currently Facebook has two faces about American politics and it depends on which side you are on as to which face you see. I suppose that is considered normal when you are selling information. I was censored in FB once along these lines for "bullying" a man who came out of thin air to post on my page.

In free speech you have a right to diss your government and that includes those who run it. More today than ever they appear to not care at all for the citizens.

The NSA could supply Trump with a long list of haters. They seek only those who promote serious action.


I don't care if the wall fell or not. Russia is turning back into the USSR rapidly under Putin.

Im really hoping you mean curtain... The wall was in germany mate...

@dellik facepalm the wall was a symbol of Soviet Russia. When it fell was when communism supposedly started to fall apart. Please learn history.

@motrubl4u No. but your facepalm is appropriate. way to be a dick and be wrong simultaneously. The Iron curtain was the symbol you are looking for. sigh arrogance plus ignorance is a terrible combo friend. learn humility.

@dellik ah a troll how adorable


Gee. That sounds familiar....


Don't think it won't happen here eventually.
Especially if 45 were to get his way.
He'd do away with the First Amendment (as well as the rest of the Constitution)
in a heartbeat if he could.
He's already got people working on changing the libel laws.
Yet another reason why he must be removed.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 7, 2019

I have serious doubts that the first amendment will be repealed in our lifetimes, if ever.

@indirect76 I do not share your confidence in that.

@indirect76 why bother repealing when it is functionally useless? I have a lot of evidence that proves the right to express yourself has taken a backseat to people's feelings.

@Deanervin I think I’m on your side with this one, but I would not go as far as saying it’s functionally useless.

@indirect76 it has been and continues to be useless in my life. I took my one example to the state supreme court twice and to the 9th circuit appeals court and was denied any hearing whatsoever in a clear case of mean words written down on paper. Apparently any 1st amendment rights do not apply to me, hence useless!

@Deanervin What did you write, and what was your charge?

@indirect76 the First Amendment Saturday the federal government cannot restrict your speech. That's it. It doesn't protect you from the consequences of whatever stupid, hateful, or false thing that came out of your mouth.

@indirect76 I wrote about a woman who was emotionally abusive and lied in court to get a protection order on me. Posted flyers about what she did. She even admitted the content was true to convince police it had to be me that posted them. Courts extended the order 2.5 years after doing it just because they didn't like the flyers. I am not kind with my words but no threats or violence ever happened, just mean words.

@Deanervin So, you were charged with libel?


What to do? How about setting up a constitutional government, then put a free speech right in that constitution. It’s worked well for the U.S.


we can't do anything for russia right now; we have a president who admires this sort of behavior and would like to try it on us too. let's use the ballot box to elect a president (and a senate) who will bring america back to being a democracy and put sanctions on countries like russia who jail dissidents.


genessa Level 8 Mar 7, 2019
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