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What is your favorite word or phrase quirk? Something not in the general population lexicon?

For example, I like using the word human as a pronoun. I use people as a verb. I've been known to use food as 'man i'm hungry, i should food'.
I enjoy the phrase raging brain bunnies to describe that feeling of way to many fast moving competing thoughts all at once.

I love language and the expressive evolving nature of it. What are some favorites unique to you?

CommonHuman 7 Mar 7

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i had a friend in college who said "that just drives me up a bat!" this probably influenced me to say things like "it's not rocket surgery."



Helpy - A person that is trying to help but only gets in the way or makes things worse is being helpy.

I'm stealing that. Love it. Reminds me of another word I use. Trippy. I also use the term "dippy eggs".


Fuck....fuck is my favorite word. And what the fuck is my favorite phrase! Truly. I use these words a million times a day for many reasons....good and bad. They seem to fit every situation. ❤️

I like it, though I don't use it regularly in conversation. One of my favorite words is "bullshit". There's so much of it all around us! 🙂

@MST3K I will use it in conversation but mainly with people I know well and who know me ? I like bullshit also. It has a rich oomph factor to it. ?

I use WTF frequently rather than saying "what the fuck". Usually slowly. W.T.F.

Somebody agrees with you. The word has a tremendous versatility to it. It isn't popular for no reason.

fuck is the only fucking word

@Tiramisu See........what he said.!

@Tiramisu Exactly....the word for every occasion. ?


I made up the term, "intertwingle".
I said it once, accidentally, while attempting to say either, "intermingle" or "intertwine".

I'm going to slip in intertwingle into a conversation and see if anyone calls me on it. Love it.

@CommonHuman Please let me know how that goes.


I do not have any personal ones, but I love some of our local dialect words. Such as "clarty", which means half way between firm and softly sticky, like cake mix. And also "nesh" which means over sensitive to the cold, as in. "My illness has left me feeling a bit nesh."

Thank you. Haven't heard those before!


"Wingbat" is a term I use to describe Trump and his fan club. I took the 'wing' from wingnut, and the 'bat' from dingbat, and put the two together.


I have a few odd phrases. Usually it's something that one of my kids mispronounced or said.
My longstanding favorite is, "yellow bellied, lying sack of pus."
I don't use it as often as I should, but it's really fun to say and stops people in their tracks.

That's interesting, because a Yellow Belly, is the term used in England for peolpe from the county of Lincolnshire. It is very old and no one knows quite why we are called that, though there are several theories.


My favourite, self expanitory

Ya Can’t Make Honey,
out of Dog Shit.


"Let's not pick fly shit out of pepper." (Pay too much attention to unimportant details)


I use solid to describe a good situation, or something good. I also use "fuck me jesus" a lot.

Sometimes I use the phrase, "help me baby Jesus!"


I use "human" as a verb. I use lots of nouns as verbs... I say "true story" or "facts don't lie" when I agree with something. Instead of "is that ok?" or something similar I like to say "how's that tickle your pickle?" Movie quotes are a solid 1/4 of the words that come out of my face. Like when I arrive at a destination that took way too long of a journey I'll say "dry land does exist!" or if one of my kids is getting excessive with the cursing I might say "why did you say those things? Poop mouth. You got poop in your mouth." Whenever I feel like I'm blabbering on and whoever is supposed to be listening to me isn't I'll launch into "what is a horseshoe? What does a horseshoe do? Are there any horse socks?" I say face in place of mouth "I wanna kiss your face" "watch your face, friend" "what just came out of your face." I call everyone friend or sir. Writing this, I'm realizing my speech is super quirky.

i feel this in the hole where I should have a soul lol. Miss your face,(I miss you. (Duh)) Man down! (for pretty much every time anything goes wrong) "Solid," "Rock and roll." 'nothing 2 gallons of gas and a book of matches won't fix' (trying to comfort someone dealing with a shitty circumstance) I greet all moy closest people with a grinning 'hey! fuck you' about 90% of the time... 'I am jacks complete lack of surprise' and / or 'this is my shocked face.' when someone says something painfully obvious.

@dellik "why am I not surprised? I could have a heart attack and die of not surprise."

But, yes "I am Jack's..." is another big one.


I like Hobson's choice, mainly because I like the origin:

According to Merriam-Webster's Word of the day:
"In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Thomas Hobson worked as a licensed carrier of passengers, letters, and parcels between Cambridge and London, England. He kept horses for this purpose and rented them to university students when he wasn't using them. Of course, the students always wanted their favorite mounts, and consequently a few of Hobson's horses became overworked. To correct the situation, Hobson began a strict rotation system, giving each customer the choice of taking the horse nearest the stable door or none at all. This rule became known as Hobson's choice, and soon people were using that term to mean "no choice at all" in all kinds of situations."

I think that may be the most researched and obscure answer. Delightful!

It is also a splendid old B/W film. With Charles Laughton, John Mills and directed by David Lean


The extra 'x' people add to 'especially' and 'espresso' are particularly grating to me, right up there with 'irregardless' and "I could care less".
Careless, indeed?


I can't brain today. I have the dumb.


Because you enjoy being misunderstood and/or explaining yourself ( thus derailing any interesting conversation back to "you", or being annoying? WTH?

hence why I use amazballs.


I don't understand the difference between amazing and awesome; they seem to be used interchangeably. So I've invented a new word, awesomazing. It covers the bases nicely and is more efficient.

Isn't this post awesomazing? ?


I like "Actually" to start a sentence. It gets a lot of attention. Actulally...i would like an English muffin and over easy egg..but actually that is not happening.

My 4-yr-old grandson often starts his sentences with "actually." It's funny and I wonder where he picked it up.

careful, you'll may become as hated as Adam from
adam ruins everything.


There's a variety that I use but they all seem normal to me. Regular words are: Fuck, bollocks, wanker, arse-wipe, shite, arse......twat......knob-end....I suppose I'm fairly abusive really?

'Fuck-a-doodle-do' comes out a lot in exasperation and 'huge melons' I use as a phrase of surprise,


One of my favs is to tell to someone who just scewed up in some way, "You know, that's why people don't like you".

OCJoe Level 6 Mar 8, 2019

I say "awe... Your mom was right... You are special, pigeon..."


I heard a lady poet use the word "bunt" in regards to female anatomy. (A bunt is a fish trap). So now I can say "There goes a bint with a bunt" ( "bint" is an often contemptuous word of Indian origin for a woman or girl. Part of scouse slang)

@Antifred There was a girls comic in my youth called "the Bunty" it was a sister publication to "the Buster"
"Bunt" can also mean a head butt from a ram. So Bunty is a derivative meaning lamb.



Thought it was one T on the end but not worth debate. It’s like “cunt” for MENSA folk.

@Unimatrix907 Extra t is for being extra twatty.

@Jolanta Can I get that extra twatty with a side of ranch? And a milkshake. Strawberry. Supersize it.

@Unimatrix907 But I thought you were on a diet.


I use the word people in that way as well. I like the use of "non fiction" instead of the word true. My grown children use that phrase and also. "The cute" when seeing something adorable

That is fantastic! I often have need of the phrase the cute.


Also find of 'what's his bucket', instead of what's his name.


Out here in the Aussie Outback we have ones like,
a) "Who stepped on the Vicar?" -meaning that someone has trod in some kind of excrement,
b) "Drier than a dead Nun's teat," - meaning, "I'm bloody thirsty" or "it hasn't rained around here for years,"
c) " Flat out like a lizard drinking," - working very very hard,
d) " He's just a wombat," - i.e. he just eats shoots and leaves,
e) "thick as 2 short Tasmanians," - dumb and stupid,
f) " he/she just had a brain-fart," - expressed a really stupid idea or thought,
g) " spat up against a fence and hatched by the sun," - couldn't have been conceived naturally, etc,
and heaps more as well.


That's swifty!

I also use old terms even my grandma wouldn't use. Like hey that's nifty, woot, and (gasp)

I address everyone with, Sir and Miss.
Doesn't matter if they are older than me. Everyone's Sir or Miss... and if they are younger I like add "little" as a prefix.

Sorry, little miss no I don't want buy $5.00 box of cookies...

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