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Ilhan Omar is not deserving of her seat in The House. She is openly and unapologetically anti-Jew in her rhetoric and ideology.

No Jew should support this bigoted Democrat Party in the US.
It's enough that religion has destroyed the fabric of the US; introducing Islam into the House of Congress is a mistake that all US citizens will rue for many years to come.

The rumor going around is that Ilhan Omar married her brother in order for him to obtain his Green Card. This needs to be investigated at the highest level of government.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the right of all free citizens.

Islam is poison to a freedom loving society.

SidneyWinston 6 Mar 19

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this is total bullshit. she is not anti-jew. she is anti-aipac, which is a REPUBLICAN-oriented pro-likud lobby group. and the democratic party is not the bigoted party. this is total lie. the rumor is also untrue and beneath any nonliar to repeat. islam is a religion, and as such is no more or less poisonous than any other religion. what a horribly bigoted, untrue post! you should be ashamed of yourself.


Ilhan Omar is anti-Jew, anti-democracy, and anti-freedom. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so blinded by liberalism that you can't see what is happening to 'the land of the free'.

Now go and stand in the corner and reflect on what you said. Naughty little girl that you are.

@SidneyWinston more lies. blinded by liberalism, hahaha you're an idiot and you're about to be blocked. you have no idea what a fool you're making of yourself and you probably never will, but at least others will be able to see it.



Omar was elected by the people of her Congressional district. Her election was legitimate.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", are not "rights" under the US Constitution.
Those words appear in the Declaration of Independence.

Islam is no different than all other religions. NONE of them have any place in government, nor should they have ANY influence on the formation of public policy.

Being anti-Islamic is no different than being anti-semitic.

If you're going to condemn one, you must condemn them ALL.


Spreading unsubstantiated rumors and making blatantly false accusations is the best you can do???

I'm no expert on Canadian law, but here in the U.S. if someone wins a fair election to a seat in the House they are deserving of that seat.

The fact that you disagree with the words that you put in Ilhan Omar's mouth does not change that.

She is not ant-Jew. She is anti-AIPAC. I have a number of Jewish friends who disagree with AIPAC. An even larger number of them strongly disagree with the policies of the criminal currently serving as Prime Minister of Israel. That does not make any of them anti-Jew.

BTW, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is something that Muslims are just as entitled to as you are. Deal with it.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: with what's just happened in New Zealand, this is exactly the sort of islamophobic bullshit that needs to be called out.

You might be an Islamophobe, I am not afraid of Islam. I simply hate that ideology.

@SidneyWinston Yeah? Try replacing 'muslim' with 'jew' in all the bullshit you spout. Sound like a fucking Nazi much?

@MrBeelzeebubbles fact is I hate Islam more than I hate Judaism. Islam is a poison on society in general.

@SidneyWinston And that's the sort of reaction the fuckhead Islamist extremists want. Well done for playing right into the hands of some the most evil arseholes in the world.


To my knowledge Omar has only voiced opposition to Israeli government policies. This does not make her anti-Semitic. There is plenty in Israeli policy to criticize.


Might I suggest a Gouda to go with your whine.


Questioning the influence a foreign nation has on Congress is not antisemitic.
What is racist is identifying yourself as belonging to a "race" and attacking people purely for exercising their freedom to believe what they will. Her actions thus far have initiated long overdue debate on important issues. Good for democracy is debate.

powder Level 8 Mar 19, 2019

Have another drink of Kool-Aid and adjust your foil hat.


That's the great thing about being an atheist. I often refer to the Christians, Muslims and jews as the three headed beast. I don't put any of them on a pedestal. I have no problem with her criticizing the policies of Israel.

Me either, my Jewish friends criticize Iseral, and so do I!

@Freedompath exactly!

I use the three stooges


Bullshit. Not appreciating the Isreali State’s open racism, bigotry, genocide and theft is no anti- semitism. She, as I, wouldnt care if martians live in Isreal. Get off your tripe.


Too much Kool-Aid man. Try some Kombucha for a change. ??✌


Wow! I'm no fan of any organized religion, but I also detest discrimination in any form. It's not anti-semitic to criticize Isreal. What they've done, and are systematically doing to the Palestinian people is horrifying. I have nothing but disgust for Isreal, not because it's a Jewish nation, but due to their actions and policies.

Dew25 Level 7 Mar 19, 2019

Calling out the influence of AIPAC and holding the government of Israel accountable for violations of international law, ongoing crimes against humanity, and when it suits them mass murder, is something we should applaud. The government of Israel is not "Jews", it is some of the people in Israel. Just as I am not a Trumpie.


Calling out a group that buys congress and senate critters and makes sure we funnel 82 million a day to Isreal is not being anti jew but being accurate. I'll stand with her on about 90 percent of what she says, which is 89.5 of my so-called representation!

BillF Level 7 Mar 19, 2019

All religion is a poison, Judaism gets no special reprieve. And the U.S preferential treatment of Israel needs to end. Im all for the devote going after each other. Good times all around. =/


My only comment...


you've been standing too close to the microwave getting your news.


She is not 'anti-jew'. She is anti-zionist. As am I, as is my Jewish ex husband and most of the Jewish people I know.

She is most decidedly anti-Jew.

@SidneyWinston so let me get this straight, if anyone criticizes Israel for any reason that makes them anti-jew? To be honest, i only hear Evangelical Christians spew that type of nonsense.


Democracy grants folks like you a vote but there's an argument that this is a flaw in the system

Here’s an option: you can choose to believe things that are true not just those that you want to be true. Distinguishing between them is what makes us adult.



If you're truly freedom-loving, why not move to Israel, where there is no Constitution, no civil marriage, no civil divorce, and orthodox Jewish religious law is the basis for almost everything?

You are obviously pretty thick, ignorant, and uneducated. Read a book.

@SidneyWinston, this is really choice coming from someone who opened the entire conversation with blatant lies and unsubstantiated rumors.

@SidneyWinston I'm not sure what my weight has to do with anything, but my Master's in History begs to differ with the rest of your reply. And it's easy to check, Israel has no formal written Constitution.

@Paul4747, are you saying that @SidneyWinston is going off half cocked again?

Imagine that.

@mcgeo52 ......maybe


Amazing how so few actually have listened to what Omar actually said. Omar is a patriot.

Yet: look how many are attempting to silence her by misrepresenting her words. Just becuase this "trope" has been around for years does not mean it is wrong.

Her remarks are shared by millions of people who are informed, not just reactionary.

The jewish lobby DOES have disproportionate influence on US foreign policy. Just witness how this group is now being defended by hundreds in congress resulting in a significant waste of time, because they turned this into a racial issue.

This is not racial. This is not about Islam. This is about reality of the 70 year ongoing invasion, using my tax dollars to further the aims of a religious ideology.. That is unconstitutional.

Aniti-zionist is not anti-jewish.

Anti-israel is not anti-jewish.

To conflate these concepts is concede special privileges to the group who is yelling the loudest about how they are being repressed.

Just ask some of the orthodox jews who continue to oppose and protest the invasion.

The israeli government is in non-compliance with international law. Hence, they are criminals. They use my tax dollars to continue their religionist invasion. Those who have agreed to take my tax dollars to provide these enemies of western principles are traitors to the constitution. The israelis exist by invasion. They destroy historic properties. Evict on the basis believing an invisible supreme critter gave them the right to kill and maim and destroy. These people are one of the most egregious in attacking western values of freedom and equality.

Elevating the interests of a foreign power (e.g., israeli government) above the constitutional rights of the Citizens of the United States is treason.

Omar is a US patriot.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 19, 2019

For once we can agree. Nice to do so

@OwlInASack You must be learning. 🙂

@Jacar that’s funny!

For once we agree.

@t1nick, I think all of us except the Canadian troll agree.


"Jews" is not the State of Israel as it is today! And WTH are we giving them obscene amounts of money? Their kids get Free yours?

Their kids get free college because they serve in the Israel Defense Force.
Those that serve in the US military also get free tuition.

Why don't you read a book every now and again?

@SidneyWinston ummm, no, all of them get free tuition on Our dime.....

@AnneWimsey not true. Only those who have completed military service, which is mandatory.


Ridiculous accusations. Another unsubstantiated rant..

As a women of Palestinian heritage, you can't blame for being a little biased. Just like you can't blame blacks for being a little jaded. She is a freshman congress women, she apologized (more than Steven King or Trump ever did). Let's see how she comports herself going forward before we make final judgement.

The rabid right spent two years crying, "Give Trump a second chance, afterall he's not a politician!" Look to your house as Trump's sins are much more aggregious before casting stones (pun intended). Im truth, Trumpism is the poison to our freedom loving society.

Isn't she Somali? Its a Somali name

Ilhan Omar is a Jew-hating Congresswoman from Somalia, I mean, um, Minnesota.

"Palestinian heritage"? Do you have a clue what you are talking about? You are just as ignorant as the rest of the liberal snowflakes who know nothing about world history or cultures.

@SidneyWinston She is American and does not hate Jewish people. What are you on about?

@Amisja she is Somali. That's what I am on about.


He's on about a dozen or more crazy, echo chamber, limited "information" websites that spew nonsense.

@Bierbasstard haha that's funny. Can you name even one?

@SidneyWinston She is American. You are NOT. In fact as a Brit I have closer connections to USA than you.

My mistake. Omar is Somali-American. I was thinking Tlaib who is of Palestinian heritage. And no I'm not stupid. At least i take the time todiscuss issues rather just name calling. I glad to see that I was able to get the alt-right to come out again. I haven't seen them for a mo th or so. Good to know they are still out there.


Religion is retarded nobody here will argue that. However what Illan Omar has been saying has little to do with religion but with abuse and progress.

Ilhan Omar is a myopic and ignorant individual. She is racist, anti-Jew, anti-freedom and pro-Sharia. Good luck with her America.

@SidneyWinston If you want to see a myopic and ignorant individual, look in the fucking mirror.

@Redheadedgammy you are easily triggered. Must be that low IQ of yours.

@SidneyWinston you are easy to disparage since your IQ is so low......


I see you have no problem exercising your right to an opinion but the people she represents do not quite amazing how that works.

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