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This is to inform as many members of Agnostic that if points are mysteriously removed from your account Admin will do nothing and they will ignore you. They won't even respond to you. no one is at the helm. For this reason Sunday will be my last day here and I will do my best to inform all members current and future the realities of this site.

steve148 7 Mar 27

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If that's your biggest problem in this world, then you're one very lucky SOB.

@steve148 Well I for one will miss your witty repartee.

@jerry99 isn't repartee a French dessert?

I dunno, is that like a frappe?

If you have to talk like that to someone who has engaged you in a civil manner then A) you have a lot of growing up to do, and B) we will not miss you when you are gone.

@Flyingsaucesir I've been on this site nearly fr4om the beginning. You don't know about the censorship or the motivation of the people running this site so learn before you speak

True, I don't know the motivations of the host of this site, but I do know pathetic whining when I hear it.


You can leave without making a speech. Also, who gives a fuck about points? You are here for the wrong reasons if that is your focus.

That's what we call a flounce

  1. there is ONE admin overseeing the entire site, that they run, for free, and all hundreds of thousands of members.

  2. it is ridiculous to expect that ONE admin to address everything immediately when they are trying to admin an ENTIRE site, FOR FREE, as well as live their daily life.

  3. everyone here knows the good and bad of this site and we all are working to make it as good as it can be, you know, there are bugs and glitches and we try to fix what we can, and help ease new members through it while it gets patched, but like I said, FOR FREE, it is difficult to address everything immediately

  4. if you have problems with how the site is ran, you can address those problems to your senior members, site support, or the admin themself, and if your issue has not been addressed within a few weeks, not days, weeks, then someone is still probably trying to figure it out FOR FREE ON THEIR OWN TIME

  5. if you still have a distaste for the site, leave. Don't be petulant and threatening and stamp your feet hoping everyone rushes to say "oh nooooo I'm sorry please staaaay" because we won't. This is a site for adults not children.

It's been 7 weeks and 12 request for a fix. I didn't even get an acknowledgement

@steve148 did you ever think maybe admin is dealing with more pressing matters than your pride?

@LadyAlyxandrea I think Admin is full of crap and is incompetent. I don't think they care about any members. I think they do nothing and busy is not what they do.

@steve148 as she said, you get what you pay for. I'm still curious what drives this site, seeing as extracting value fom members, somehow, seems to be how America works, and even more so, how the internet works. I don't know if it's data we create, or if someones practicing for a college project, or what, but it sounds like you (all of us) aren't very valuable. So here we are. For whatever reason, there are a few people who just stay here.

@steve148 then leave. Admin runs this page by themself free of charge on their own time and you are acting like a toddler. Admin is not God and cannot fix everything with a snap of their fingers. Admin cannot drop everything to cater to you. Admin has their own life. Grow up or move on. Leave.

@MarkiusMahamius Your right, but I have seen Admin censer several post with no logic behind it. I think its about ego and power

@steve148 so leave. Quit bitching and go.

@steve148 yet you're still here, whining like an ignored middle child.

@LadyAlyxandrea Your really just a child so go play

@steve148 if I'm nothing and mean nothing why are you still responding? See you are just seeking attention and having a little tantrum hoping people pity you and rush to give you whatever you want.

You disrespect Admin. You are not welcome here anymore.

@steve148 I agree that ego and power are huge motivators for some people. Also remember that some of the long time users here see this site at theirs and have a great affection for admin (I think this site came to life in fall 2017 and a few of those members are still around, but anyone who's been here over a year is interested in a different level of social interaction than you or i). I think some of those members have quite a bit of clout when it comes to how topics or members that they don't like, are handled.

@steve148 btw id save this URL if i were you. Generally thinga don't get deleted, only hidden.

@steve148 wow. You cannot leave fast enough. And thats coming from a real jerk.

@steve148 Don't speak to people like that. That just makes you look like a douche. If you can't have respectful disagreements, you don't belong here anyway. And, for your information, she is far from nothing and is a far better person than you will ever be. And I am NOT the only one who feels that way about her. She's a good person, and that is not what you are, obviously. By your own words, you have made that clear. Bye Felicia.

EDIT: and she can at least use the correct YOU'RE in the correct context.


Last week. They responded to you on the 20th. And it's been pretty obvious that the site has been being worked on during that time. Don't bother waiting until Sunday.


This is a very entertaining site for agnostics, for free and without frigging commercials. I would never demand anything, why should I? There are ways to get to moderators and the system, but if I'm not happy with it, I just leave it, with no noise nor intent of affecting them. If I look to rent a house and I don't like it, I don't make demands, I just move on and look for a new one.


I think your post indicates that you are not here for the right reason. Most of us are not particularly bothered about points. We are here to make friends and have interesting conversations and discussions. Maybe a game site would suit you better? The points are not a competition but an indication of how involved we are in the site.

People that know me know I don't care about points. However I've been here since the near beginning, and this was set up where points were needed just to talk to other people

Oh, and I never play video games

@steve148 So why are you fussing about points? Plenty more interesting things to talk about!

@CeliaVL It's about admin ignoring 12 emails over 7 weeks,

@steve148 I suggest we cut their pay!

@steve148 Maybe they're busy. I agree, an acknowledgment of some kind would have been nice, but they are volunteers and they have to pick their battles. Be nice.


I stopped worrying about points long ago. In fact I don't think I've ever focused on it. I've been L7 since the last Ice Age, and L8 would be nice, but I'm not hankering. The T-shirt thing is nice, but agnostic on it is a problem for me being atheist. I agree the point system is a bit odd, but not going up and down a bit. It's people who reach L7 in a short time, and they're not that noticeable. I do wonder about that.


I've asked before why people need to collect points. I just don't understand the value of being a five or seven or nine. I am who I am with or without the points or this site. I was before and I'll be after.


@steve148 what points? You visit a great community like this, for free, and your main focus is how many points you do or don't have? With all respect you might get more out of the site by taking on board some of the replies here, they generally make a lot of sense. My advice is just pretend the points don't exist, set yourself free to indulge in all the pleasurable and sociable point(s)less site features, consider them a belief system imposed on you to enslave you. Throw off the shackles Steve!

Salo Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

@steve148 btw id loove to hear about any site with a competent admin, thats not over run with ads and with scammers, isnt heavily moderated by PC police and user lead lynch mobs, and has some semblance of privacy. I can't believe I'm basically saying good things about this site, but here I am. I don't know why admin adds features to this site that don't work, like points that change for no reason, or dating matches that don't makes sense, or agnostic/humanist log ins, or groups that spam other members... But it is what it is. There are some decent pre built social sites that are cheap/free, so the only major overhead would be hiring a good admin team, paying for server space, paying for people to hang out and start in interesting discussions, and paying for advertising. I'm not sure how this site deals with those costs, but it's be great if you find a better version of this site/concept, and let us know.


I don't look at points to me it doesn't matter I have other things to concern my self with.


Oh, and it states on the all importaint point page that points can be recalculated pretty much at their whim. So really, admin owes you nothing, not even an explanation, since they already gave you one.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

Does it matter? Really? You could pop down to the shops and just buy a new t-shirt? Think I’ve got a pen somewhere I could let you have?

It's about being ignored by Admin. I never cared about the shirt or the points. Those that know me know that's true

@steve148 well
Maybe he / she’s eating tacos or something? Does it matter?

@OwlInASack Tacos?! I'm hungry! 😉


Shit! I was told we could trade points in for bitcoins.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

Why are points rescinded? More FB/YT/Twittee/patreon censoring? Somebody's feelings were offended/insulted, so they complain and points are taken away from the bad guy?

Points earned according to the "Rules" are taken without reason or "rules."

This is the kind of shit that discourages me from continuing here as well.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 28, 2019

That plus Admin ignoring request and not replying. No one is watching the store

@steve148 Admin does have a life, so give him a few days to get back to you.


Just curious: why do you give a s**t about the points? Isn't the interaction with the people the reason for being here?

points are connected by posts::: censoring those posts removes points. We should all be concerned as to why agnostic is "free" and what they are doing with our words.


And we should care because?


Leaving over points? Bye.


you may refer at will to my comment on your other identical post, but here is another consideration: why sunday? today is wednesday. are you giving us time to beg you not to leave? s'not gonna happen.



I don't care about how many points I have.


Don't care about points that much anyway. Nice to get a pat on the back, but it does not have to last forever. And the rules do say that points can be adjusted.


My points are not registering today.


I had points mysteriously appear, so hang around maybe that will happen to you.


Wow sorry to see you leave.

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