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So this should be fun... Who would care to educate a newbie on the proper etiquette and best ways to get along on this site?

starshipcaptain 4 Mar 3

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Be kind. Join in discussions that you are interested in and have something to add to. Don't be afraid to post items that catch your interest. It's easy, it's interesting. It's a great group of people, great conversations. And welcome fellow Nebraskan!!


Before you start, you must thank for what you are about to recieve.




Be yourself. Don't be a dick. Haha

but what if ...

Good point. How about be yourself, unless your a dick?


1.). No dick pictures. 2.). No threatening to kill anyone. 3.) No killing anyone 4.). No pimping. 5.). No solicitation 6.) No spaming. 7) No sharing recipes. 8.) No loud noises before noon. 9.). Pets are fine but must of had their shots. 10.). And above all, no sarcasm of any kind

lol - now you've really confused the poor guy.

No sharing recipes? Have you busted the foodie group, yet?

@Zster ahhh. Thanks for the heads up

No Cider or Salsa recipe for joo! 🙂


creepily lurking for tips


Read, learn, agree or disagree, play nice. You're gonna love it here.

  1. All topics have been covered a dozen times at least. Go ahead and post anyways; originality is impossible and irrelevant.
  2. Forget dating while you are here. Unless you live in NYC it's not going to happen, and if you live in NYC, you shouldn't be needing a dating site (you might be desperate).
  3. Post anything you want, but never, ever ever cross silvereyes.

@silvereyes is really mean.


Did you bring brownies? No? Well then I see no hope for you here.


My best advice is just to be yourself. You'll find the community is pretty open and diverse, so you'll likely make some connections in no time once you go exploring. I only joined a few days ago and I absolutely love it here so far. If you're looking to get along on this site, you're already on the right track by stopping a moment to say hello.



Sacrifice a goat to the gods of agnosticism while facing the east. Mumble some words to Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris, then with humility sit down at your keyboard and let the words flow from within.

check that


Don't drink the purple koolaid; put on a happy face; share your dark deep twisted memes; don't bow down to the flying spaghetti monster; if you find any mushrooms, you need to share, don't hesitate to stop and say howdy on occasion. There, that should about do it.


Give respect get respect.

^^What she said. 🙂


Welcome. Just join in and post when you have a thought or opinion on a subject. Be considerate of opposing opinions and perspectives. You'll do well and have some fun. Enjoy, this is a diverse group of people with their unique experiences. You are going to learn a lot. Have fun. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

You're doing well by posting this.

You get points for writing a profile, answering all your profile questions, commenting on other posts, and doing your own posts. This also encourages people to communicate and get to know each other.

Wow, an actual helpful suggestion!


Just be polite & respectful & you'll be fine.


If you're a dick, then be a dick, but be prepared for the response or lack thereof.


Don't piss off the farmer.


Looks like we've got ourselves a n00b here... Let the hazing begin! 😛

Okay, seriously, welcome to the show! Just be generally courteous and respectful, helpful to others when you can, and enjoy the conversation.


Just be yourself is all I can advise.


Probably whoever is sufficiently bothered by their behavior first. Otherwise I assume they read here: [] and interpreted it well enough.

If I have a personal objection, I state it specifically. If I see someone else being treated badly and the other person hasn't said anything, I might say something like "I'd consider that rude if you said that to me" - possibly just a little less politely, depending on things like if I'm still experiencing nicotine withdrawal... and if the other person has said something but the objectional behavior is still going on, I'll step in with words about what is or isn't okay.

I would not dare to speak for the whole group. Admin can do that if they want, but that's not my place. Under a really rare circumstance, Imight take the furthest step of "I don't see anyone who approves of what you are saying" - which leaves open a spot for anyone to say "hey, I agree with the other person's position" - probably phrased in a less nerdy way.


Welcome, Captain ! Come on in and mingle . This site seems to be more comfortable than any other site I've tried. Take a look around and have fun ! ( BTW - I love the baby pic 🙂 )


The only hard and fast rule I know about is something to do with your pinky being.. out(?)... when you are taking a drink? Or is it NOT out? I forget! 🙂


Crucify a Christian a day and you won't go too far wrong


Play nice. Swear as much as you need to, just don't aim it at me!

JK666 Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

Ice cream, lots of ice cream, every time you go up a level you have to buy ice cream for anyone who visits you. Basically, read through the posts, answer as you feel appropriate, don't labour your points once you have made them. We all have different view points, we won't agree on much, so it is best not to try and convince others.

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