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If you knew of a way to use your estate following your death to greatly benefit humanity would you do it and leave only a minimal amount to your family??

Metaqueen70 5 Apr 6

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I've thought about that. And if I had any 'great fortune' to bequeath, I would buy up homes in posh, upscale neighborhoods, and turn them into homeless shelters, so as to drive down the neighbors' property values! I would also set up a scholarship fund exclusively for CLEP earners. CLEP stands for College Level Education Program, and was established in 1964, to reward the self-educated. You test out of standard freshman and sophomore level courses, for which the Federal government awards you college credits. I managed to earn 27 credits of my 200 total, through CLEP, and DANTES ( similar to CLEP). And I was disappointed to learn that there are no scholarships for the self-educated. I was also disappointed that many department heads and faculty members look down on CLEPpers. (They just hate it when they get students that know as much, or more than they do!).


Here's what I have.
I'll be leaving about $400k to a stranger that will pick up where I left off. Giving away houses to the houseless that are willing to work. The instructions are simple.


I would for sure!


Ain't gonna leave enough for no one to fight over. I will burn it all while I am alive and well to enjoy the benefit of my hard earned wealth. When the time comes, no doctor would want to see me because I will have no money left for them.... No one will take care of me because there will be nothing in it for them.....I decided in my youth to pursue my dreams and I've had it all. I just want peace in my last mile of the road and if I have to do it alone, well alone came to this world anyway. Don't get me wrong, it has been a hell of a ride.... Cheers


I have nothing to leave anyone...problem solved



is fairly easy give a charity. But how many places with a humanist or atheist cause could you give land or a house too in a will.?

as far as I know none


Donate it where it will do the most good. If family and friends are in real need and no help is coming from anywhere else, then I would give it to them, but since all of mine are richer than me it will go to good causes. When I get round to doing a will of course. I bet the real question should be. How many of you have bothered and taken the time to make a will ?


I'd like to start a foundation for the sorely neglected group of fat old white middle-class guys. Please keep them in your prayers -- they need all the help they can get!


Oohhhhh yeah !!!!!


I'll let you know when I've got an estate to leave.


Funny you should ask. My estate goes to 3 groups and FFRF is the main one. I offered to help my daughter financially and she turned me down (she thought it involved less than I was willing to give). I then asked her if I would leave her money in my will would she take it then (it put her in a spot). I told her I wanted to help her while alive and can determine how the money goes that will really help (my mother said not for licorice whips). I have set up a 529 plan for her son and she will get some things and everything else goes to those 3 groups.


I want the last check I write to bounce.

Exactly...I read a book called "Die Broke" when I was in my 30's...that is what I intend to do...


i'd rather benefit the SPCA.

Me, too...


Of course there is. I am leaving nothing to my siblings and everything to my longetime loyal friends, unless I find another partner. Then I'll leave most of it to her and some to those friends. I am widowed with no kids and my friends have been my family and support for most of my adult life. My siblings have not been supportive during my adult life and they also don't need the money either, like most of my friends do. Depending on how long I live, there could be a sizeable amount to leave. It all depends on how long I live and what happens with my health as I retired young and have only a small income to live on ( SS) and use my retirement money to supplement that. I live pretty frugally and inherited most of my savings and retirement money. Hate me for that if you like, but I feel I deserve most of it that I got from my late wife as I stood by her and looked after her after she got dementia several years ago. Some of it I inherited from my parents and growing up in my family and dealing with the abuse and misery, I feel I deserved a lot of that inheritance too as I continued to be as supportive as possible with my parents after they got old and sick. I sleep well with a clean conscience.


First of all , just where do we get this estate you are talking about? Get me the estate first, then I will talk about what happens to it when I die.

Right? After expenses they'll have a few trinkets. No one is getting rich off me. ?


I'm all in favor of slashing the ability to inherit wealth. Many of the taxes that are currently forced on the workers, could be paid by estates instead. Dead people don't need money, and no one is just entitled to get that money after they're gone. Enjoy what you have while you have it, and STFU with trying to run things from beyond the grave, with wills and such.

In my case, at least, I consider it a way of helping and rewarding those who have helped and been there to help and support me in my life, not as some way of controlling from the grave. The money, in my case, goes to people for what they have already done and would do anyway even if I had nothing to leave them, not for what they do after I'm dead. I respect your opinion even tho we disagree somewhat. BTW, any estate I leave will be way under the current threshold for the estate tax, which is something that I do favor, BTW.

@TomMcGiverin yeah I'm not talking "wow, I can buy a new car" stuff, im talking "wow I can buy my own gold plated jet" vs "wow, we have a new library in our neighborhood"

@MarkiusMahamius I hear you. I now have enough money to be comfortable for once in my life, especially since I live pretty frugally, tho I do plan to start taking a few nice trips each year, not super expensive, but more than I could afford in the past. Esp. if I meet someone to travel with. Let's just say I will never be a millionaire.


Given the state of my health and the size of my retirement accounts/estate, I don't think that is going to be an issue. If things work out right, I will have just enough for a simple funeral when I die, if that much.


What exactly are we talking about here?
You’d likely have to be a billionaire for something to be useful for humanity.
Do you have an example?

If we are talking about land or money I’d be running thing some type of conservatory anyways. I’d trust my children to do a better job than the government or someone else.


This is a great question.

To be fair I don't have much of an estate right now, but here are my thoughts.

Like, lets say, the average well intended person I'm hoping to give my family a leg up. Having to build the estate I have has taken years and may take more before I return to the simplest of Carbon atoms.

I would like my son to know the value of currency, have a good work ethic so that he is able earn his own way, the respect or knowledge of knowing what living without means, and to learn to make choices that won't leave him in financial ruin. However; I feel the need to also provide at least a safety net.

To date I have planned on leaving all to my family, as all are possessions my ashes won't be able to use. As my son gets older the less of a safety net is needed though. So I could foresee me minimizing my estate through charity and other means so that others will benefit. My son and I both already practice reducing by donating to cahritable sources.

So yes I could see leaving a larger chunk of my estate to more worthy causes, probably in my son's name. If I raise my son right, he'll not only be happy about this, but just glad I don't leave him any Boots to the Head.

Metaqueen70 did you have any causes in mind?

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