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I hear a lot of people on this site saying how lonely they are how they wish they could find someone, ok how about this,why can't we hook up with each other
Everyone on this site seems to be nice,polite and respectful. I s there someone here that you would like to get to know?

Millie 6 Mar 5

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Why is there so little hooking up here? Easy, there aren't enough people to choose from near enough to most people. As time goes on, and more people join the site, I expect there to be more dating going on.

d_day Level 7 Mar 5, 2018

Either that or no one kisses and tells.


The majority are too far away . The few who live close by , have traits I don't want to be around (smoking , drinking , etc.) I'm hoping , as the site expands , there may be more who live close and share interests .


I'd like to meet the admin - just to make sure that he isn't actually satan, who have managed to increase his list of souls to collect by tempting all of us to be members of this site.

Hahah, I can’t agree but I sure did chuckle.

OK, that (I think) is really funny. However, I have found including SARCASM ALERT to be occasionally necessary. As sad as it sounds, even here, I would not be surprised to find a few people to read that at face value.

@NoMagicCookie I agree. We do need a sarcasm symbol. It's something that I've always wanted. My exGF and I came up with starting sarcastic statements with an exclamation mark - eight years ago. I've not used it since our chats have stopped.

Also, I fell for a sarcastic post a few days ago. I thought the post was celebrating Trump.

@SamKerry About a year ago a sarcastic statement I posted was also taken (by a few) as literal. (Think it was also a Trump reference) I've been prefacing all my sarcastic posts with the SARCASM ALERT flag. Makes life much easier.


Geography is a cruel mistress. It just isn't practical for me to relocate for at least the next 5 years. I have a friend who moved from the UK to the US to be with his partner. Geography wasn't an issue for him. But I like it where I am, I have family commitments, and I wouldn't want to jump into an instant cohabiting situation anyway. I like someone in my life, but someone who gives me my own space on a fairly regular basis.

I don't honestly expect to find love on here. It's more of an eggs in baskets thing. If it happens, then great. If it doesn't, then at least there's some interesting discussion to be had here and friends to be made. Dating-wise, I'm a niche within a niche within a niche. Fat, gay and willfully gender non-conforming. The 'straight' guys just want to bang you, but wouldn't be seen dead in public with you. The gay guys run a mile the moment they get a whiff of the dresses. Finding one who doesn't is a rare treat indeed.

@MrLizard I have a cousin in Florida. I keep meaning to get over and see her at some point. Never say never 🙂

@MrLizard I won't ask whether you know Bob from Clearwater then 😉

Winter Park, so fairly central.


I was having some very sad feelings about all the lonely people myself! I wish I could just out stretch my wings and cover every lonely person that is on this site...and warm their heart and remind them of love, yet to be realized. I have been that lonely and I do remember how it hurts! But, I feel none of that now, myself! And, I am alone, as far as a partner goes. I think that I will make myself available, but i wonder if I can fit them in to my life. I do believe that I know what a relationship requires now! But, I wish that I had magical powers and could put all the lovely and lonely people together, to enjoy life!

Just pick up the telephone. Say Spike Milligans poem for the lonely and hopefully you are spreading your love @Freedompath.

@FrayedBear I try...kinda funny about that phone...I am an in-person, person!!

@Freedompath More in person than the modern telegram - the message!


AGNOSTIC.COM CYBERORGY!!!!...<< Funkadelic music playing >> What's your sign? I'm anti-denominational, baby...I don't believe in signs...oh chi chi bow bow...bow bow...hehe


Hello Millie, Thats a good idea. I think some of the problems are about distance. But I'd love to meet someone. 🙂


The simple answer to this question is “yes”. No matter how talented we are at keeping ourselves busy, everyone and I do mean everyone at some point along the was feels lonely. With regard to Agnostic,com , you are right, the people seems all the things you say but the one thing that can/could and would cause a problem is distance between the respective parties. To be more positive about it, is this we’re out “I Pads” come into play? James

Leon Level 5 Mar 5, 2018

Compatibility is more than about religion, or non-religion. When I reach Level 5, I'll be able to create a group that weeds out more kinds of wackos than just the religious. Except that, once I create a group that is really fine tuned to my liking, I get the feeling I'll be the only member in it.


I'm not here for the dating, but for the discussion and social interaction. I work too damn much and my hubby and I are too much of hermits to want to go out and socialize, but I still crave the conversation and the want of friends. But just like everyone else has said, distance. I would love to get a cup of coffee and have a good face to face conversation once in a while. But, alas, distance. Lol.


I've seen a couple on here that I wouldn't mind knowing better, but they are all too far away to be feasible.

marga Level 7 Mar 5, 2018

I'm in a relative minority, given that I'm under 20 and in the UK. The distance problem, only I've got a whole bloody ocean between me and most other Agnostics.


This is site seems a delightful place for minds to meet and over time, character to be assessed. That is how 'dating' is alleged to work. I think this place provides a valuable sevice in that people can get to know each other in terms of orientations on life and values; compare each other in desired directions to take life; share common interests and (non-corporeally) passions.

Physical attraction is the natural attention getter, working better in more sex positive, life affirmative social conditions, wherein both sexes share relatively social parity.

For that to happen we'd have to all pack-up and time travel (talk about distance) from our 'modern' ailing, sex-negating, female erasing, life suppressing social conditions to an ancient time before social conduct became defined and dominated by males.

Sexual attraction (tension) in our times distracts and 'derails' prematurelly from a more natural process for which there is no substitute for time. We 'cut to the chase', learning little, sometimes nothing about one another, filling in unknowns with wistful fantasies. People misrepresent themselves unintentionally by not really knowing themselves and intentionally by lying about themselves and their motives. To repeat, there is no substitute for time for communicating, observing and assessing the content of a person's character..

Distance, in that light, diminishes many types of weaknesses and vulnerabilities fostered by contemporary society. People are starved for better anchored bonds with genuine love, respect, trust and admiration.. People today routinely meet (hook-up), follow strong physical attractions to coitus, filling-in gaps with fantasies about one another. When time finally does its job all too late, surprise, disappointment, anger and bitterness set-in when 'the other' falls short; and to some degree they always do.

I like what this kind of place fosters. Talk about REAL things in life. Evaluate without distraction by physical attractios that can also be screened prelim via skype meet some friends, family etc of theirs the same way. If all looks good at that level, TRAVEL. Begin the in-person familiarity without 'hooking-up' as a prerequisite the first meeting; with if it strongly confirms expectations.

Don't know about anybody else here, but I've witnessed it in a younger couple introduced by co-workinig (cupid) family. She Filipino nurse - he American management person. They skyped for hours and better part of a year. He flew to meet her on his vacation. They continued skype another six-months and applied for her to come here. They married (not a necessary outcome) and it worked for them. Today he's a happier man, she's a delight, they have a toddler and one more on the way. They share the same religious beleifs and it works for them.

Hooking-up is easy if people's drives focus on that. For thousands of years it functioned without an Internet.


Because the women on the site are either inactive or uninterested. I would love to go date someone. Just yesterday I was catfished... time wasters.

Liviu Level 4 Mar 5, 2018

Wow . Happened upon a rather long argument you posted in response to a thoughtful posting about the differences between the way men and women are seen . I was so taken aback , that I chose to read what your bio. said . It's like they were written by two very different people . Your bio was interesting , ( though wrong age bracket for me ) . I would recommend that you view the number of likes posted at your comments vs. the opponents comments . Personally , had your mansplaining , showed up on Facebook , I would have immediately permanently blocked you . Perhaps that has something to do with why the women here are not interested in you .


Why the hell would anyone be looking for love on an internet agnostic site? This is a site for discussions and debate. Mayhap a bit of witty banter with a few jibes. Do people of faith go to their house of worship to find love? Or do they find love and go to a house or worship to marry? Chicken or the egg? In a multiverse it’s D all the above I’d wager.

On Facebook , it is advertised as a dating site . People do things they are interested in , and occasionally to meet someone sharing the same interests , including both churches , and (unfortunately) bars , although I wouldn't recommend either . ,Meeting someone in church , would suggest that you share the same religious/life style concepts . It's way past time that there was a place for non-religious people to share ideas , and had a place to meet .


Distance is the issue.

Through several dating sites (boy that sounds desperate or creepy or... well, not good) I have gotten to a point where I have met several people but they all seem to be far away and it just seems to break down trying to start a relationship when the most you can do is skype.

Right now I am just sort of holding my cards close to my chest and trying to see if I can find someone local that I can do dinner with on occasion, or something. I met my wife by doing something similar: giving up on the dating scene (sort of) and just living life.

So, sure, I am here and will gladly talk with anyone but I don't have expectations of being able to go cross country and meet someone (nor expect that they will do the same). Leastwise, not right away. For the record: I've done that. Between heading off to college, the military, and traveling the world for vacations... I am just a mobile kind of person and have no qualms about picking up and running off to see a new person, in a new place. I know this weirds some people out but it comes from living most of my young adult life as a roling stone. Name a state, odds on I have at least crossed through it... and most of Europe (not Asia, yet).

Hey... how about a convention? Maybe arrange a gathering once a year. Summer would be best (though expensive) and we could choose to attend or not and get together for a weekend to add voices and faces to the text?


I'm new here, so I haven't seen many folks' posts/replies yet. I'd have to agree that distance is a factor for me, as well, as well as the fact that I'm only looking for women if it comes to dating.


I would like to meet someone on this site, this seems like a group on good people.


My husband and I live in different countries, and we will for the next 2.5 years. We commute the 10 hours to see eachother for a week per month and even some weekends. It's worth it, and it works perfectly for now. It took us 15 years to make this decision and my only regret is that we didn't try it sooner. It may mot be possible for everyone but none of us are as limited as we think. You might surprise yourself! Don't limit yourself before you even get to know someone. I hope that everyone finds the comfort of companionship, regardless. <3

A long term relationship long distance after marriage? Thats something I could definitely get on board with. It's the starting something long-distance that seems like a chore.

@DelilahJones33 yes, it seems so, but happens without effort (if we don't limit ourselves first). I am still shocked at my own situation so I do understand Haha


That's just crazy talk! Meeting people instead of complaing? Sounds like a lot of work 😛


I'm 5500miles from you, so a social meet might be a little difficult......



Just having someone to talk could make a difference.


Always. Met a fellow site member long distance. Became friends.




I wish I shared your, "Everyone on this site seems to be nice, polite and respectful" observation for two reasons:

#1 I have encountered a few on this site that do not fall into that category
#2 When I encounter someone on this site that devalues truth (sceince) over faith, (beliefe without evidense asserted as truth) I am guilty of becoming less then respectful to such claims.

"Is there someone here that you would like to get to know?"
Yes, I have found several superior minds within these pages. I would like to establish a positive relatinship of sharing, insite, honesty, empathy. . . but proximinity (many hundreds of miles) is a severe limiting factor so I do not anticipate ever physically encountering anyone from these pages. Although I have commented back in forth with some intreaguing people and will honestly answer any given question, I limit my couriosity and generally avoid asking questions that would give me necessary insite to form a deep personal relationship.

Beause I live roughly in the middle of nowhere (a black (theistic: predomiantly Catholic)) landscale comprised almost entirelly of supersistious people producing a ratinoal thinking abyss, as my standards for intamacy demand a sound mind free from supersistion, I have accepted my later years will likely be spent alone. This is why I have devoted so much time and effort into projects like my home theatre (my profile photo).

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