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Me: Hello
Him: Well Hello Sexy.
Me: I read your profile. Well written. What did you think of mine? Do you have things in common with me?
Him: Nice pics
Me: Oh I thought maybe you read my profile.
Him: Nice tattoo
Me: It has special meaning to me.
Him: When can I see the whole thing?
Me: I see your a Christian. I’m Agnostic. I wrote it in my profile.
Him: What’s that?
Me: Google it
Him: Oh I see. I don’t think we’re a match. I’ll pray for you. God bless.

Omg!!! I get this all the time!!
Your thoughts?

LovelyLady4U 4 Apr 14

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There are many bumps on the road of life.

The biggest bump is religion lol.

@LovelyLady4U It is a big one. Although to be honest, I have at times dated Unitarians and found that workable at least on the religion angle. Many of them are in reality agnostic and if not, do accept your non religious position. You still have all the other relationship stuff to deal with. Then again, there are not a whole lot of Unitarians out there in the dating pool either, lol.


Your mistake was not ending the conversation at "Well, hello Sexy."

This is not a promising start.

Athena Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

Ya I should figure that one out by now. Ya I’m sexy but does the guy have to go right just thinking out loud? Lol.

@flithyMONKEYmen I can't tell if you're joking. If you're not, immediate red flag.

  • "Hello sexy." = Me want vagina!
  • Doesn't read your profile = Don't care who you are, just want vagina!
  • Show me the rest of your tattoo = Hope it leads to your vagina!
  • "I don't think we’re a match. I’ll pray for you. God bless." = That vagina is full of the DEVIL!

Lmao!!! So true.


You have more patience than most sane women...I would have ended the conversation after "hi sexy". Apparently his god has no problem with him being a pig.


I'm jealous. I usually get, "Fuck off, Trump Hater!"

Sometimes I get, "You're beautiful. I'm sure I can change your mind about religion." (Then the "Fuck off." happens.)

You get all kinds on dating sites

@Shouldbefishing The worst ... e.v.e.r. 😔


I'm pretty sure that "Hello Sexy" is similar to "wanna f...".

I know, right?


Calls himself a Christian, but is only interested in seeing your whole tattoo, not in reading your profile or inquiring about the tattoo's special meaning. Poser. Loser.

OHJim Level 5 Apr 14, 2019

Ya. He’s supposed to be Christian? Only on Sundays. Lol


Should have blocked him at "Hello sexy".
I've seen the crap that most(and I mean most) guys text my housemate. "You are soooo beautiful", "I love you", "I want to spend my life with you", "My love will not be denied". This all before they have even met. Holey fucking moley guys, what the fuck is the matter with you.
Guys, if you know guys like this, let them know how totally wrong they are.
I am totally embarrassed. I am sorry. I want to ask for your forgiveness, but really, do not forgive and especially, do not forget.


i am always reminded of the movie title "earth girls are easy." it's as if christians wander here in the belief that atheist/agnostic girls are easy.


Quite the opposite. We have brains!!!

@LovelyLady4U but brainless people don't recognize that about us!



One can always respond with this... 😉


Wow!!! That is way too much stupidity!!! Makes you wonder if he was raised under a rock!!! There truly are intelligent guys out there! Don't give up!!

Thank you

Yeah, I'm over here, LOL


Dafuq? Sad thing is that approach must occasionally work on someone or why else would he do it?

Ya I guess it could. Maybe for another Christian lol.

Sadder still is he thinks women are a monolith and what worked on 1 woman must work on all of us. :/


yay ! He will pray for u !!! 😂😂😂✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🙌🙌🙌 here u go , all your problems solved !!!

I know, right? He was a weirdo. Lol. I should have said “ May Satan be with you” lol.


If you see he's a Christian, or any other religion, end it right there!

Right on gf. No more Christians for me. That’s why I joined this site. I hope it works.


I'm an atheist, I met a woman a few years ago who was agnostic, at first. She found Jesus really quickly, and started trying to convert, reform, and/or save me. You're lucky these guys bailed and didn't see you as an opportunity to collect some kind of Jesus Reward Points.

Don't worry about that, "I'll pray for you." shit. He didn't mean it, and even if he does, it can't hurt you.

JimG Level 8 Apr 15, 2019

Those brownie point things really amaze me. Do they get on a faster train to heaven with them? Do they get the good clouds?

@heymoe2001 They seem to think they'll get something. Maybe they can cash them in for harp lessons or a lighter sentence in purgatory.


A big portion of people must not want to learn anything about the other person’s personality ...for friendships or even a mate! Why not just purchased a blow-up doll mate, then you could cultivate it into your own image! And life would be just as you want devine!


They can memorize a buy-bull from cover to cover but they can't read the very name of this website. That level of stupid is exactly why we have a baboon in the White House.


What an a**


So very typical. I'd go with typical to mild. He took longer to get to your looks than I would have thought, and I swear they never bother reading your profile. Didn't want to know the meaning behind the tattoo, just wanted to see it. Then found out you aren't christian and probably won't be easy to control and then bugs out.

All seems pretty typical to me. Also why I don't date often where I am.

He couldn’t handle an Agnostic or a Christian for that matter. Oh well you gotta through a lot of creeps to find a good one.


It is very annoying.

Hi there, Sexy.

@JimG Here we go again.
For the love of all that's good, did you read my profile yet? I read yours and it's horribly misspelled.

@Donotbelieve I guess I shouldn't copy and paste shit from Facebook. 😉

@JimG How unoriginal, Jim.

@Donotbelieve you can't be original if your impersonating a scammer.

@JimG Yeah. The copy paste ain't original.
Happily, you are, "The Real Deal". 😍

@Donotbelieve Ah thanks.


Sex being mentioned in the opening line is a give away.

I was introduced to my late partner by my brother-in-law. She lived in Texass and I in Seattle. We talked for hours and hours over the phone for 2 months and sex was not mentioned once but everything else was. Sex should augment a relationship not take priority.


I get that but I'm an atheist. I also get this from being a liberal. Doesn't phase me. I figured I just dodged a bullet! Ha ha! 🤪


Problematic from the start. He can't answer simple questions? And he doesn't know what agnostic means? Yikes!

Ya clueless. Please tell me there are more intelligent men out there than that

@LovelyLady4U I've heard there are. Attracting them is a whole other subject.


Yea I'd run away from religious people especially when it comes to dating..

Neenz Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

Sure that. Ty


I got told "I have a problem with your height and religion!"

I didn't know atheism was a religion!

Being a fairly tall woman, I find that pretty funny. There is a good chance I'd have a problem with someone's height and/or their religion. I'm not sure I'd just send that off as a message, though.


I love to block people like this. If you post his handle I could stop him from contacting me ever. I suggest to most people to block these idiots.

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