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🍜🍟🍔 If you had to live inside an underground bomb shelter for one year, and could only stock up on only one kind of canned food, what would you choose? This would be the only thing you will be eating everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... Water is not a consideration...

Cutiebeauty 9 Apr 15

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I'm doomed. I haven't opened a can in so long, I don't even know what I would choose. 😯

(I do know someone in Columbus, Ohio that actually has a shelter. I was invited to see it. It was ... well ... the Sarah Palin cutouts were a turning point for me. I dealt with his Tea Party-ing, his concealed weapon obsession, his wanting to be in law enforcement & hero-complex, but I'm not spending time underground with life size Palin cutouts. I've got my pride.) 😑


canned pizza.


Why Chef Boyardee Ravioli of course. I probably survived on it from age 3 to Mountain Dew

I was waiting for this choice lol

@Cutiebeauty The Ravioli or the Mountain Dew?

@RegularGuy the Chef Boyardee! You can't bring soda lol we have water...

@Cutiebeauty No Mountain Dew,eh? I reckon I’ll have to stay outside and duke it out with the zombies. No Dew, no shelter....


Dinty Moore beef stew.


Soylent Green


I'd rather choose to have a pork and beans..I can live with it😊


Chicken, leek and vegetable soup, love it


Does vacuum-packed rum cake count as a can?


I bring them back from the caymans, every time I go


Ramen or teriyaki Noodles ,some days with or with out salt lols



@StevenWilbur exactly!!!...oooooooh..I love spaaaaam!


Oh, no don't ask me. I think I rather be dead than having to eat the same thing every day.

You can have some salt and pepper with it 😊

@Cutiebeauty Not even that would help but thank you.


No . I am near 50. I am not going to spend a whole year under ground for nothing .🦇
I am going to find out y , how , and what's next possible and I ll figure out a better deal .
U know what's underground ? Spiders . Bugs . Roaches , u know ? Hell no . I ll be dead by cardiac arrest in a day or two , who is gonna eat a year supply of what when I am dead ?😂 I ll make a better deal !🙌🙌🙌


Spam. I would not want to pick something I liked because it would ruin it for me for the rest of my life.


BEANS! Providing I have access to spices. If no, than Crunchy Peanut Butter! Great question!

You want to eat beans three times a day when you are living in a small enclosed space? I think you are a glutton for punishment. Be careful with open flames. Especially after the first month or so.

No fair. Peanut butter does not come in cans or I would have picked it.

@mooredolezal I eat beans almost every day as it is... lol. The side effects aren't bad at all and I'm old, so farting is just a part of life! 😁

@mooredolezal Bean farts do not smell bad unless meat or dairy is also consumed

@Lucy_Fehr True!

@BeeHappy yes but you don't spend your life in one small room to you? I love them too and I am so old they don't even make me fart anymore.

@BeeHappy, @Lucy_Fehr just my luck to have a fart expert in our group. I will have to quit drinking milk with my beans and weenies. I literally just had them two nights ago!

@mooredolezal Lol, I live in a very small one bedroom apartment by myself so... pretty much. 😁

@BeeHappy I'm sure it is no problem. Nobody minds their own.



WTH is that? 🤣😂🤣😂

@Cutiebeauty my fav foods in 1 can..


Assuming there would be no consequences for poor nutrition
Mandarin oranges mmmmm

Of course there are consequences! Lmao

Bah not fun
Then you’d have to pick something like dinty Moore beef stew fat carbs and protein
Ranging set of scurvy incoming


Space Food Sticks with Tang to drink

That's 2..

@Charlene the space Food Sticks are in pouches

@Count_Viceroy no tang!

@Charlene I'd rather just die outside


Better remember a freaking can opener.

Most of them pull open these days.


Beans. Bush's best pinto beans more specifically.


Same as Novelty, Dinty Moore. You would get some nutritional balance.


Kraft Mac and Cheese. Yep probably not the best choice but it was the first one that came to me. lol


Vegetable noodle soup.


Beef stew meat and veggies in one thing balanced diet

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 15, 2019

"That's easy. Pez.Cherry Pez flavor. No question about it."


Low sodium canned mixed vegetables.

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