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Just random thoughts. I haven't been on here much just because too much talk about religion in general bums me out. But today was national prayer day so it was hard to escape. I respect those who believe in whatever the fuck they believe in, I'm sure i have my own far fetched beliefs at times. But I have always felt it's a private matter that should be respected and accepted and on days like this I feel very much the outsider. When you feel like everyone around you is wearing a cross or talking about god or going to church and and you feel like you need to excuse yourself to go scream. My eyes hurt from rolling them. I try to be respectful but i don't get the same respect, I am the outsider, I am the weird one. And I know I'm the most logical one in the room at times or at least it feels, not trying to sound vain. Why are we so few and far between? Am I weak for wanting support, people who are like me? For wanting to be joined by people who think the same or similarly? Idk. Just ranting and rambling. And drinking lol cheers! ๐Ÿธ

valerina 7 May 3

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I refuse to be silent about it anymore.
That's why they've gotten to where they feel completely justified in
beating everyone with their beliefs, like they were a cudgel.

Having a "National Day of Prayer" is blatantly UN-Constitutional.
It is a clear violation of the "Non-establishment Clause".
Yet, no one has brought legal action because there's not a court in this country
that would slap down the religutards.
That means it's up to the people who do not believe in that bullshit.

I get that a lot of non-believers don't think they can be bothered to deal
with this. They don't want to argue about it, and lots say they don't even want
to hear about it.
That's exactly how we got here. Too many people refusing to stand up for
themselves, and others. Just like every other damned thing that's been going
on forever that people are NOW trying to change. i.e. #metoo, trans-rights, and
a whole host of other things people are just now waking up to.
The proliferation of religion has been going on for thousands of years, and is
a large part of the reason that all that other stuff has been allowed to go on
completely unchecked. It's ALL connected.

I don't care who I piss off anymore, from either side. I'm not going to be silent
and acquiesce to being controlled by fictional bullshit I do not believe in.

If you don't like the pervasive influence religion has on EVERYTHING,
quit bitching about it, get off your asses, and start making noise.
Otherwise, shut the fuck up, and accept that they will overtake every aspect
of all our lives, and since we didn't DO anything about it, we're getting EXACTLY
what we deserve.

@Larry-new Actually, the satanists ARE beating them at their own game, and it's making the christians insane.
In truth, the satanists seem to be the only ones who are actively standing up to the christo-fascists in this country.
Too many non-believers are claiming they don't even want to hear about it, so they're useless in fighting the proliferation.

@KKGator I so agree. So much fingers in the ears and singing La la la from many apathetic non-believers. Fortunately for me Iโ€™m in Oz and The Wonderful Wizard keeps a lot of that in check. IHeโ€™d called โ€˜a fair goโ€™ mateshipโ€™ and โ€˜she be rightโ€™. But unless in other parts of the West this evangelical claptrap is not stemmed weโ€™ll have another thousands years waiting for โ€œHis returnโ€™. It would be great if the realisation hit that there ainโ€™t no saviour out there, so he ainโ€™t coming back. Look in the mirror. We are it!

@Geoffrey51 Agreed. I'm tired of hearing other non-believers WHINE about how tired they are of hearing about religion discussed in this forum.
Too fucking bad!!!
If you don't start piping up, they're going to run right over you and completely control your life.

@Geoffrey51 Hah!! le Lu ya !!!!

@Geoffrey51, @KKGator Religion and god are discussed way more than I thought they would be on this site. It seems to me that some people are out to prove just how " atheist " they are โ€ฆ. how much against religion.. I'm not sure if they are trying to prove it to themselves or people here.. but that is their affair not mine .


This meme might address your rant.

Yes!! Love this!


I don't agree with you on what 'respect' means. I would say I respect their right to believe whatever nonsense they want, but I don't respect their beliefs or the people who feel the need to hold these beliefs.

Well, obviously their beliefs may seems silly to me but I respect that they have that right to believe them as long as it's not forced on me.


There are hundreds of groups here... Join the group's you like and avoid any groups that discuss religion...


I'm very strict with religious people. On my dating profile i say absolutely no theists. Some sneak in i all questions to get the feel of their belief. No theism no chauvinism and no stupidity.
Left all my friends or kept distance with the religious ones and coveted all my family. I also have influenced my children's friends too... i have no room or respect for religion whatsoever.

Neenz Level 7 May 3, 2019

I have tried that, started unfollowing religious people on my Facebook and guess what, I ended up with like 3 people left ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Some people who are into religion are fine, just as long as they shut up about it.


i had no idea it was prayer day. i knew it was holocaust remembrance day. i think every day has a lot of stuff marked on its calendar spot. no one on msnbc mentioned prayer day though.


Just another day to me. Rainy tho. Perhaps it rained because there was not enough prayer? Just what was God's plan concerning the weather yesterday?

@twill you would have to ask a god (randomly chosen from among all the nonexistent gods, or perhaps a favorite nonexistent god) about that.



You can go to the home page and click on the settings gear next to the search icon. From there you can select which categories you want or don't want to see in your feed.


I like how you put that into words about not being on here as much because of to much religious talk. There's only so much to discuss about not being religious.

MsAl Level 8 May 3, 2019

Exactly, for a bunch of agnostics and atheists we sure talk about religion a lot ๐Ÿ˜‚

@valerina I guess because, for many of us, it still significantly impacts our lives, negatively. It's not fun or funny.


Just be content that you have not been brainwashed into believing in fairies valerina, you are the intelligent one !


You are so RIGHT! I'm hearing more than just frustration with "prayer day"......seems to me you're saying that you're having trouble being in groups of Xtians. I CERTAINLY understand that feeling! I've experienced it and it SUCKS. (She says, articulately!) Considering we're supposedly protected by the Constitution....why are we subjected to Xtian proselytizing during elections, etc?

Being accosted on the street is especially odious! My suggestion is this....look them very directly in the eye and say "I never, EVER discuss religion." Smile, so they won't think you're the devil's spawn, and then walk away.

Take note of who they were and write it down. That way, you'll remember them and never, ever, allow them to speak to you in private.


Lol, wow. I didn't even know that was today. I still get the occasional, "when are you coming to church?" I am a semi-new de-convert. Usually I let them down gently, but sometimes I just want to ask "when did you stop beating your wife?" The concept of malformed questions escapes them. Anyway, happy "thrust our religious views on you" day, lol.

It took a while for people to stop asking me to go to church. A few verbal blow outs, and a couple long one-sided debates later and they finally stopped asking. Good luck with that. ๐Ÿ˜Š


I hear you. Just this morning on local news they report a situation of 2 people in a life threatening situation and how they were praying to be rescued at sea. Finally a ship named "Amen" picked them up and they were saved. Someone fabricated this story to fit a religious belief. I have no problem with the ship's name. My problem is that the 2 people were "praying to be rescued." I'm sure that prayer must have been high in their survivalist agenda.

I really wish they had both drowned.


I am always gobsmacked by the need of religionists to have their various mythologies validated by acts of the government.

It comes across as the height of insecurity.

I became active in church/state separation because I was tired of them treating irrationalism as the default position.

As an aside, something that caught my attention after the San Diego (Poway) synagogue shooting was the rabbi of the congregation saying in a press conference the next day that taking prayer out of school was the problem and suggested that a moment of silence be reinstated.

I found it sad that in the midst of such a tragedy, the appeal to such a meaningless and unconstitutional exercise might be considered thoughtful by some.


There are more of us out there all the time. I have it easy because I enjoy feeling alone in the crowd. You arenโ€™t weak because youโ€™d like some like minded support. That is after all, a function of organized religion that appeals at a human level. You just happen to have something in you the rest of the monkeys in the troop donโ€™t. So, when they bow their heads, pick your chin up and look around. You might see another doing the same.


Children may believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy , and we don't feel the need to , "correct them ." We don't like others explaining to us why we should believe as they do , because we've come to a (we feel ) more intelligent way of looking at things . Let's try , very hard , not to spoil their mistaken beliefs . Just as we've figured out our own truths , not because someone taught us to believe as we do , but because we took the time to figure things out , they also need to work things out on their own . That doesn't mean they will come to the same conclusions we did .

I think we have a responsibility to challenge these beliefs because they infiltrate our government, the schools our kids go to. It's insidious. And how are they supposed to 'come to their own discoveries' if they are never challenged. They haven't been brought up to be critical thinkers. They're brainwashed. Flag in one hand , bible in the other and gun strapped to their back

that is a very wise statement. thanks

@MsDemeanour to paraphrase Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


>Why are we so few and far between?

<slams meaty paw on the desk> Because we're Americans!

If we'un's were French or Swedish or Satan save us all, Swedish, you'd be freaking surrounded hoards of soul less people. That's because in holy roller America we want to place our education on how to get things done. In Europe education is more centered in the arts and literature -- how to live. As a result they're exposed to more critical thinking and that leads to questioning religion rather than accepting as whole cloth. As a result, there are fewer people going to worship services.

Once you land in southern Franch, you'll be one of those friendless foreigners. You know how they get treated. You'll have strange things you do and they don't, like leaving a tip for the waitress. Once you get there, send me a post card.

Or New Zealand, which is secular. Our Prime Minister declared publicly that she was agnostic, as were our previous ones. She only just got engaged, after living with her partner and having a kid this year.
Yep, we are heathens ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

@Mofferatu NZ has the best leader in the entire world. And if that wanka MOrrison gets voted back in, I'm emigrating to NZ

@MsDemeanour Aussie has had a bit of a tough time with getting leaders. Here's hoping that changes. But, it'll be nice to have you here, either way ๐Ÿ˜Š

@Mofferatu oh mate, I am soo disillusioned by both major parties oh and also the minor ones. I've lost count how many have resigned over scandals just before the election. Almost felt sorry for Pauline Hanson in tears over one of her reps caught at a strip club making racist, sexist remarks. But then I remembered how racist she is and how they tried to get funding from the NRA. And that flag flying nationalist Clive Palmer keeps sending me sms msgs to vote for him. Glad when it's over.


It may be because I am a Pom in Australia. A match made in cynical heaven, but I donโ€™t get why anyone has to buy into any of these constructed โ€˜daysโ€™. May 4th Star Wars Day. I am not going to the shops dressed as Chewbacca. Barefoot Day or No Shoes Day or something equally as inane. If I find out what Day it is I am sure I will foot protection.

No one needs to engage in or be affected by this nonsense. Prayer Day. Great! If they are praying they are not bothering the rest of us and if anyone doesnโ€™t want to feel excluded, meditate. No one will know and you will feel the benefit.


People are welcome to their delusions on a personal bases. When Judeo/Christain
99% dominant Goverment, it is a problem.


๐Ÿท๐Ÿธ๐Ÿพ supporting each other is the basic reason most of us are here.


Pretty sure THESE are random thoughts: Do little kids still have kooties? No one ever died from dirt. Wearing sun glasses on the back of the neck of your shirt is dumb. Who decided cotton candy needed to be another color other than pink? Yet again. There must be "sudden bird death syndrome," why don't we just see birds falling out of the sky? No experience necessary to be president of the united states. War.

lerlo Level 8 May 3, 2019

@sweetcharlotte well thank you for that, I'm not completely crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ While Buckeye is a sketchy place to live ๐Ÿ™‚ Sad for the birds but it didnt make any sense that birds would only die while sitting in a tree or on the ground.

I like the way you think.


Im with you.

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