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I look forward to the day when non-believers are less preoccupied with their lack of faith than believers are with their religion.

hankster 9 June 5

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The day will come, perhaps, when religious zeal leaves the political sphere completely. Until then, I must speak out against religion.

Me too! Perhaps it's in America thing.

@Kojaksmom it is an American thing. Other than Islam I have not seen such zealous pro or anti responses to religion other than the good ‘ole US of A.

@Geoffrey51 as a non-believer it does get under your skin and slowly drives you insane. An example would be there a large number of anti-abortion laws that are passing the states and headed to the Supreme Court.


I think the ones preoccupied are those who are struggling to escape from the clutches of religion, and there seems to be many on this site. Those who are happy in their non belief are certainly not preoccupied

The clutches of religion are gone; however, I speak about religion often: religion "poisons everything" and should be ridiculed.


Preaching is done to the choir (and other churchgoers) because they find it inspirational. Why shouldn't nonbelievers seek approval and community like anyone else? Discussion with others of similar beliefs is important because it helps people think more deeply about their views and pick them apart a bit. It helps them develop confidence and vocabulary about their views so they can share with others if they want to.

I find I engage on less discussion about my religious opinions now that I've been here a while and gotten it out of my system. Not everyone is in the same part of that journey here though so I just scroll past some of those posts and let others enjoy.

Lack of belief is the single unifying factor that most of us have... Its obviously going to be an ongoing part of the conversation.

MsAl Level 7 June 5, 2019

Lots of other erudite things to discuss. Lots of science, lots of politics that are not USA-centric, lots of music, lots of art, lots of literature, lots of philosophy. It’s not ALL about religion and gods.

@Geoffrey51 Yes, and there are many people discussing things here besides that. As with any social media platform it is a public space with many discussions going on at once. Not interested? Scroll past. Make your own post. Talk about something else. This is a site that is defined by not believing in religion. Its gonna be a regular topic.

@MsAl I agree with you and I engage with and create some of those posts. I think I should have been replying to someone else and not your jolly self. Apologies.

@Geoffrey51 Lol, Jolly 😂


The vast majority of nonbelievers that I know don't give it much thought unless confronted with having to deal with the actions of believers.



I wouldn't care about religion at all if they'd stop trying to legislate it.

My thought exactly.

@JanGarber me too! Their goal is to create a Christian Nation.


I think that will happen when believers are in a small minority. A good thing to look forward to.


I think you may be suffering under a few delusions?
Why do people join and use Agnostic? Perhpas a) they feel 'threatened' or alone in a religious world, b) they feel we too should stand and be counted, c) they are attempting to find a peer group, etc. So you'd nix all that because you have to read repetitive posts? I'm alright Jack, etc.?

perhaps I've just been on this site too long.

@hankster could be. I'm a 4th or 5th generation atheist, my grown kids are 5th or 6th. None of us ever had a doubt in our lives. However we do feel we have a responsibility as humans, to stand for science, for logic, for fairness and ethics NOT derived from religion. This is one small way I can do that, for a couple hours of my life.


I was not raised an atheist. I have lived in the Bible Belt my whole life and left religion around two years ago. Most of the people I meet are religious, maybe Christian. It took me a long time to feel comfortable telling people I didn’t believe in God, to actively talk about my beliefs and why I believe them. For many, it was not an easy battle getting over the shame and boundaries that religion brought upon us. Years later, it is still difficult. I am proud of my beliefs (or lack of) and I love talking about how I got away from Christianity and why I think the way I do. I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are people from all around on this site that can’t fit in or talk about this topic in their own communities or even their own homes. This is a place designated to talk about them and I’m happy it’s here. I’m happy to show newcomers how welcoming and kind we are. How, many of us are kinder and less judge mental than most religious people are. I’m happy to show others that things are changing. Whether anyone likes it or not, religion/non-religion, is a part of us as long as society continues to run the way it does. Until that changes, we should embrace our lack of beliefs just as much a religious people embrace their beliefs.



Yes get religion out of politics


Frankly, as a nonbeliever I’m more preoccupied with believers than nonbelievers. I find their inability to grasp logic fascinating. Or more precisely, their unwillingness to grasp it.

Exactly! I just can’t comprehend it anymore

unfortunately, in u.s they do have political power.

@Kojaksmom Yes. It’s definitely something to be concerned about.


If non-believers do not express themselves and are activists, the believers most definitely do express themselves and are activists and will do everything they can to impose their beliefs on everyone, so sitting quietly by and allowing it to happen is just not tenable, in my opinion. Of course just doing it on an Agnostic/A-theist internet sites is just preaching to the choir. Make your voice known at the voting booth on election day.

there's no point in posting it here. send them to Facebook.

@jlynn37 I'll express myself wherever I damn well please.

@hankster Appears I might have touched a nerve. You do you, I do me.

@hankster Yet you want non-believers to do it elsewhere? 🤔 Nah, bro.

@hankster "There's no point in posting it here."

Just because we may not be aware of lurkers doesn't mean what's shared here is preaching to the choir or in vain. Example: []

I understand that it can be annoying but I think a little awareness and patience can be beneficial when looking at the bigger picture. There are things posted on this site that I'm not interested in reading. I just scroll past them.


When believers become less preoccupied with their beliefs then non-believers will become less preoccupied with their non-beliefs.


It takes a few of us to use our pre-occupation energy toward creating and maintaining positive awareness in our religion-oriented society, until non-religion is the norm, or at least totally accepted without critical prejudice.

This forum is a good place to learn and hone our messages to build confidence to say these things outward into our sometimes hostile environments in real life.

Hear! Hear! Well said and I agree


That's never gonna happen boss. That's the way people are. Be careful of absolutes tho. Many non believers such as myself just want to have a conversation without God being responsible for everything.

or even relevant.


The day that non-believers become "less preoccupied" with their lack of faith should come ONLY after the last religions are rightfully categorized, and accepted by all, as nothing more than ancient mythology and fairy tales. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Or at least until that is understood by the majority of the population and for sure by those controlling the laws and regulations of society.

All sounds as militant and proselytising as the religious crew. “I’m right, you’re wrong”

@Geoffrey51 God damn right I'm militant. The religious have been telling everyone else how to believe, think and act for thousands of years. I think it's long overdue for someone, anyone, EVERYONE to stand up and say, "You know what? NO! Your stories are absolute bullshit and you can go fuck yourself." 😉

@DesertInfidel Glad you and the ‘religious’ are on the same page then!

@Geoffrey51 GTFOH with that nonsense. Take the camel you rode in on with you.🖕

@DesertInfidel Nice to see the site is drawing a new breed of erudite individuals capable of making strong and robust arguments! I can't imagine what language group GTFOH comes from. Not enough vowels. Sub-Saharan possibility?

@Geoffrey51 It's an acronym. I suspect you already know what it means or, if not, that you're clever enough to Google it. I greatly prefer erudite to intentionally obtuse but different strokes for different folks, as they say.


I see faith (belief without evidence according to the book of Hebrews) as a vice rather than a virtue. I eschew faith. I demand facts and evidence.

Faith.......believing without proof.
Gullible...believing without proof.
I hate the word faith. I trusted my religion with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I hate it as much or more than i ever loved it. And i loved it alot....

@Realist9 Amen. Same here.


Wait, are you casting aspersions at those who stand up for their ideas? Why not tell people of color to stop worrying about their safety & status? Or women to stay barefoot & pregnant? Geez louise!

if they're posting that kind of stuff on this site they're preaching to the choir.

I once asked a very religious coworker why she felt the need to go to a building, church, instead of sitting quietly at home, reading her bible, and speaking directly to her god. She said it was the fellowship...being around like minded people. Well, this page is my fellowship, since I am surrounded by bible-thumpers in my area. I don't dwell on my atheism. I really don't think about it unless I'm questioned about my beliefs. But I like having discussions about it on this page. @hankster


Who says non believers are preocupied about religion or faith or lack thereof at all? I don't even dedicate a nano second of my time to think about faith or religions or gods or other fairy tales,it is just a non issue for me.

The overwhelming number of posts on this site about how the nonreligious struggle with their lack of faith does. There are about 10 posts on that subject EVERY DANG DAY.

@OpposingOpposum Hey we don't 'struggle with our lack of faith" WE embrace it and celebrate it, it IS the Faithfools who struggle with their beliefs and our complete freedoms of mind, thought and love of Reality and everything it has to offer and gives us.

@OpposingOpposum really? Don't recall ever seeing one.

@Mofo1953 then you're not paying attention.

@hankster why would I pay attention to things I don't give a flying f about?

@Mofo1953 certainly explains your lack of recall.


The only time I am aware of my “lack of faith” is when I am around self righteous (usually christian) A-holes that are trying to prove, in some shape or form, how much better they are than anyone not like them. All religions say the same thing, that every other religion is going to hell, and nonbelievers will suffer the worst.
It’s weird how that’s the bottom line for all religions.
Ah well, The only way anyone will know for sure is when they’re completely dead.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if the one true god had only been worshiped by like 100 people from some unheard of village 1000 years ago?!?! And EVERYONE else went to hell!!?!? I would laugh my ass off. Seriously.

Okay, So why are you here?

I have wondered that myself at times.


It does get a bit redundant after awhile.


after the newness of it all wears off, and it becomes a definite life choice, that dies down a lot...hang in there...

I know. is just tedious seeing the same posts over and over. there's only so many times I can read about the religion con or how God isn't real.

@hankster Join different groups or make your own posts...this site is also about sharing same values outside of our non-religion...I enjoy the World Music and the Gardening are a valued member so speak out and about...

@thinktwice that is what I'm doing. I'm just in a griping kind of mood I guess.

@hankster You are allowed...sometimes the little things get us down the most...let it out, friend, let it out! hugs...

@hankster I get what you're saying. I think maybe we all go through it after first finding this community. I know I did. At first, the topic was high on my list. I suspect most of us "get over it," but there do seem to be some who can't let it go. And of course, there are new members going through the same thing a lot of us went through.

I also think it depends upon how much and how often someone is having religion shoved in their face. If it's happening fairly constantly, it's understandable why someone would keep posting on the topic.

@bingst You are so spot on in your observations!

@bingst i can still dream i


Huh? Isn’t that a bit broad and presumptive. I never worry about or question my agnosticism. But, until I accepted agnosticism, I thought and examined my “belief” a lot.


There also seems to be a general perception here that religion is evangelical middle class Christianity, especially located in specific parts of America. Perhaps a chat with some indigenous guys, or a trip to India my resolve that dysmorphic ideological perception.

Everyone has their own unique experiences. Weird that.


Funny thing non-belief. It acknowledges something it doesn’t believe in. Am I a non-dog because I am not a dog. Does non-dog define me more than human? Maybe it does!

I am an agolfist for I do not play golf.

I know that you know the only reason "atheist" exists as word is because of theism's pervasive corruption of most cultures. Don't be obtuse.

Your focus seems to be an Americo-centric view. I am sure if you looked into Bertram Russell or even Richard Dawkins you would see they find very different reasons for espousing atheism. They are certainly not knee-jerk individuals.

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