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Body found in grocery store after 10 years. So... What kind of grocery store doesn't notice the smell or search for the source?


Jinx5555555 6 July 22

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I've been in a few grocery stores that smell like they are hiding dead bodies.


I'm told if he was behind it - which is what it sounds like - the fans that take the heat out - would have also taken any smell out with them. And the cooling might have had some effect too (or the heating from the cooling).

And frankly the guy went missing - you don't think to look for a missing person behind a cooler now do you? (Well now you will).

But they never cleaned in all that time? That's terrible.


I was wondering the same thing.


Okay. Call me morbid,. I would like to see how he decomposed. I imagine his carcass dehydrated rapidly and he slightly mummified.

Seems like a bad way to go. The coolers' AC units would have pumped out a lot of heat on him. He may have been up against coils releasing heat. Slowly cooking him and adding warm drafts of air.

To make matters worse, his parents probably lived to hear how he perished.

Imagine being there for days hearing people shopping but unable to get help.


I wonder if he had a conversation with someone. Their reaching into the frig. to get some cheese sticks, and they hear this faint cry for help.

Then they start explaining the food chain to the cheese sticks.

He is moaning, " No, no please help.".

They respond with an evil laugh and run home and microwave the cheese sticks.


ugh. Ten years without a full clean.

I have worked grocery and you are supposed to full clean everything as in move the shelves and clean under them about twice a year.

This is generally a "major deal" with loaner employees for the event.

It was actually sorta fun. You got to meet and work with people in another town and basically break down and rebuild all the shelves in one night.

I worked at a Target back in the day and we had something similar. Once a year we had to count and clean everything.


There’s this old place not too far from me I kinda feel sorry for … they’ve shut down a couple of their other grocery stores.. But one night, the ‘cleaning fluid’ smell was so intense I couldn’t even consider food.. Maybe next time, I’ll be thinking ...where’s the body..?

Varn Level 8 July 23, 2019

Found a body of a grown man behind one shelf? Mmm, yeah, okay.. lmao


In Garden Grove California there are some Asian markets that always have a hovering stench to them. I could see this happing in places like that.

azzow2 Level 9 July 23, 2019

Yup... Hell,,, any market for that matter,... lol


dry goods?

Well... after a couple of years, yeah... 😳😁👌


Skinny guy, cool dry space, intact body. Might well have mummified with minimal smell.

Cool??? Would have to be a meat locker really if you think about it.. 😳😂

@Captain_Feelgood My point is that are conditions under which a body could mummify without much odor being produced.


It was an 18 in space I read...but it was not clear if it was in the freezer or behind it? This is hard to believe if the body was not frozen? But harder to believe that the power never went out or that the freezers were not cleaned in 10yrs? Lot of questions left unanswered!


Truly creepy story.


What an upsetting story.

Athena Level 8 July 22, 2019

And the story glosses over how long he could have lived in that situation.


That must be truly one of the most horrible ways to die. His parents must be devastated.


If he was in the cooler there may have been very little to no smell.


A store selling nothing but cheeses?

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