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Tell me something that you miss about the 1970’s.

I’ll start - the color orange.

AmiSue 8 July 26

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John Lennon


The Ford Pinto.

Oh.... wait!

I was in a car accident in one of those in the early 90's - hit by a Monte Carlo - thankfully - broadsided!

Man my friend was a terrible driver.


The bookmobile - a mobile library. They came around every two weeks to my little rural town. The bookmobile ladies always had books stashed away for me because they knew I was a voracious reader. They helped open my eyes to the world. One of my most fond memories.

Ohub Level 7 July 26, 2019

we had that too. it was an event


The 70’s was the absolute last gasp for the dying medium known as commercial radio.

It was the last time you could tune in to a radio station where the programming was curated by a human being rather than programmed by charts and graphs and a computer.

It was the last time a DJ had a couple of open slots every hour where they could pick what they wanted and were allowed to spin a record just to see if it caught on with the listeners.

It was the last time a song which exceeded a four minute and twenty five second time limit could still find a home on the airwaves.

It was still a time before the sleazy likes of Rupert Murdoch and Clear Channel.

That’s what I miss about the 70’s.


Disco music! Wanna get your house cleaned in record time & have fun doing it? Blast some disco & Voila!


I didn't make noises when I moved and what-a-burger

What-a-burger is pretty crappy these days, in my opinion. I do miss what it used to be.

@bingst been a long time since i had one. 😏


Sex, drugs and rock and roll


Pants that have laces instead of zippers.


My health...and I found your color orange, it's in the white house 🙂

lerlo Level 8 July 27, 2019

youth..we all miss it.


Toddlers learning something new every minute, Cobalt XKE,explosive new lover........

Yes I learned giant leaps about life with my daughter born 1975


Being in my 20s.


I can only speak for the later half of that decade, but I miss Sesame Street with Mr. Hooper.


Some of you already stole some of my responses, like my youth, my baby shit green Vegas, but I also miss doing gymnastics in the yard with the whole neighborhood of kids.


What i miss most about the 1970's is the 1970's. People today often do not even know what a landline phone is. Do they ever watch TV? Maybe too busy texting each other nonstop.


Only seven TV channels -- three networks, three local stations, one PBS -- and yet there was still plenty of good stuff to watch.

we only had three BBC1 BBC2 and ITV


Riding my bike, wind in my hair before anybody started to fuss over helmets.

@AmiSue I was much more reckless then. Local ordinances now seem to suggest that 10mph on a 0 grade, paved path, away from cars is a death with that can only be performed when your head is encased in styrofoam. Meanwhile, in downtown Portland, there are electric scooters riding alongside buses, the riders' heads uncovered (suspect witnesses may be secretly praying for darwinian justice).


My Honda XL75....and riding in the woods with the neighborhood kids.


Good music with artsy album covers.


Hey, I have an orange shirt on now ! Lol

Buddha Level 8 July 26, 2019

Disco-music. Platform shoes. Quaaludes.

@AmiSue Don't like disco?


Everything cost less, cars, rent, food, houses...

@AmiSue that bought more than minimum wage now !


My Brother-in-law's Purple Mustang!


The decade that fashion forgot. I miss my relative youth but not much else.


..young love ~

Varn Level 8 July 26, 2019

My youth

and 1p spearmint arrowbars

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