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The Christian Right and the War on America by Chris Hedges.
Chapter 8, The Crusade, page 151
Pastor Russell Johnson stands against the backdrop of a huge American flag with the Christian cross superimposed on the Stars and Stripes. He calls his Christian warriors to battle. He invokes the legacy of the civil-rights movement, speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. He talks of embattled Christians in America. A war of values and morals, of decency and goodness pitted against forces of darkness and evil, has enveloped the country and he issues a strident call to arms. He calls Ohio "the tip of the spear to turn back the nation."
"We're on the beaches of Normandy, and we can see the pillbox entrenchments of academic and media liberalism," he says. "We'll take back our country for Christ."

Barnie2years 8 Sep 6

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FYI. Criticism is valid; however, a quick google search revealed the book was Published January 8, 2008.

Yes it was published a while back. This was a criticism thrown at it by a conservative critic. But reading the book and looking at what has happened in many states and the country over the years since, it is easy to see the work of the dominionists in action. They are organized and vote as a block. They run candidates in local elections and state elections. They have passed more anti-women, pro religion laws in recent years than any time since the Red Scare fifties. They are succeeding in turning vast areas of the country into theocratic bastions, and with the help of Trump and the GOP Senate, they are putting a justice system in that will favor religious bigotry for decades. What was true in 2008 I’d just coming into fruition now. The test will be whether the true majority, the non-Evangelicals can stop it and at what cost.

@Barnie2years I’m aware and stopping it’s progression keeps me motivated.


He's totally lost it.


what a fucking asshole this hypocrite is!


Eek. And they can claim the bible supports sounds like domestic terrorist propaganda


I recently posted my definition of the Devil; a misleader. That defines the Christian Right - using their religion to ignore and twist the truth: science, ethics, etc. It is a great rationalization to authenticate the crap they think should be. In my words, they are the real Devils- the Devils they so proudly accuse us of being.


FFS, yet ANOTHER religiotard on the eternal rampage yet again.
They SHOULD lock their kind behind bars and throw away the keys in my opinion.


If you participate or respond to this, you’re being played.


Fascism has arrived hugging flags and wanting military parades.


Me thinks it is the so called Christian Right who are the problem.


If I have anything to do with it, like hell he will!


The faith fools are against science and the media, because they prove the god did it, is really all nature. They don't like the media because it exposes them for what they are.

Which media? The MSM???? Hardly. Enablers is mostly what they are


That hits the nail on the head for what we have now!

We check too many of these boxes today! 😱

@Apunzelle All of?

@Happy_Killbot Yes. 😔


He conflates Christianity with patriotism. His opposition to media and academic liberalism is actually anti-intellectualism.

That is almost a requirement for the total acceptance of religion as practiced by the "born again" crowd isn't it? You cannot believe the book of legends at its face value and have a true thought process.

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