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Why why why do religious people think they can make a believer out of an atheist? I’m so sick of tolerating their bullshit. Be gone you religious fanatics and hypocrites!!! Yes I’m waving my magic wand.

DiThor 6 Sep 22

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When the truth will not set you free!!!

I'm all good with that, except the Muslim part


You don't have to "tolerate" their bullshit.
I just tell most of them to fuck right off.
It works like a charm, every time.

Cuts right though the crap every time!


Just use Behaviorism.
If I get unwanted religion conversation, I nod and murmur , "Um-hum..that's nice," while looking bored and distracted, then act like I remember something and leave.

I only look at them, smile, or give them positive feedback when they are kind, and discussing neutral subjects.
This technique trained my parents in TWO visits.

“Trained” your parents. 😂😂

@Apunzelle It works on anyone and anything! College students used get in cahoots to look at the teacher when he was lecturing and pay attention, take notes, only when he moved in a certain direction, such as left. The moment he moved in another direction, the students would start looking around, acting bored, and disengaged. It only took ten minutes before they'd have the teacher standing in the left corner!


Because they think we all have a "god hole" and deep down yearn for something more than what we have in our shallow, meaningless, lives 🤢🤮.


Actually there is an answer to your question. Religious people stand on shaky ground, a position that cannot be logically defended. The more people they can convince to join them, the more security and support they have for their untenable beliefs. As a psychologist I can tell you that arguing with them is futile and even counterproductive. I suggest that best reply may simply to say, "I don't agree with you". This encourages them to wonder why, and perhaps to question.


Because they belong to a sect or tradition that teaches they need to try... actually pretty much demands it. I think it's sad that these religious people don't seem to realize that most people who are atheist come from religious backgrounds.

AmyLF Level 7 Sep 23, 2019

Excellent point


They believe it’s their duty to convert unbelievers...brownie points for them with the man upstairs. Just smile and be completely relaxed about it...let them froth at the mouth and rant, passivity takes the wind out of them, it’s an argument they want..don’t give it to them. They will just deflate and go away! I now find them amusing rather than irritating.


I have a question for you. Is it possible that what you believe--your god, your holy book--is wrong?

If the answer to this question is yes, we have room for continued discussion. If it is no, any further discourse will be wasting your time and mine.

I agree. Its a total waste of time...


Maybe youre being to respectful. Which isnt usually a bad thing. At some point the respect has to be returned. If I start to feel someone is being pushy with their beliefs I take the gloves off and start to make fun of their silly beliefs. That usually puts an end to the proselytizing...


not all religious people think they can or even should convert others, be they atheist or members of other religions. judaism, for example, does not proselytize, and officiall discourages converts three times before grilling them on their reasons to want to convert and then MAYBE agreeing to let them study for about a year before converting. sikhs also do not proselytize, and are discouraged from doing so; i am not sure if they are forbidden. i am pretty sure jews are forbidden to do so.

now christians: that's a whole 'nuther ball of wax! they'll threaten you with a hell in which you don't believe, entice you with a heaven in which you do not believe and explain to you about a deity in whom it is impossible to believe, and expect you to fall on the floor and speak in tongues.



As an atheist since age 13, I have four smart-aleck replies in my back pocket that shut down Jehovah's Witnesses:

  1. "We are ALL atheists here," grandly waving my arm to include the entire neighborhood.

  2. "I stopped having imaginary friends at age four."

  3. "I don't believe in an invisible being that resides somewhere beyond the clouds."

  4. "I don't believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or invisible gods."

This shuts them up. Perfect.

While they puzzle, I smile, say goodbye and shut the door. They don't bother me anymore.


Don't tolerate it. I don't. Set them straight. From my experience there is no-one a believer will run away from faster than a commited atheist.

Most of them. There is almost always a loon the coos mind rotting non-sense in futile hopes of retaining his imagined god authorized authority over those he tries to save from his/her god.

@NoMagicCookie sometimes such people actually have the most doubts. They can't admit it so they bait atheists in a thinly disguised way to seek to resolve those doubts. Point that out to them and they are thrown off balance. Focus on their insecurity rather than how annoying they are to you.

So true

@David1955 Although you are likely correct, I have never accused a theist of having doubts about their faith as that would invite their snide "Well you actually believe!" response. If I had a dollar for every time a theist has puked up that nonsense. . .


Yes! And, if we tried to challenge them then we’re considered immoral haters. I don’t bother to challenge. I just don’t have the patience.

Cinco Level 5 Oct 3, 2019

I can just about feel the wind of one wand flapping.


I wish it was as easy as waving a wand....


I hope your wand works.


I had been told more than once by fundamentalist that everyone alive knows the Gospel is true and are either denying it or have been misled by another religious tradition. Either way they consider it to be Satan. (Can some say, "Well, isn't that special" in their best Church Lady impression). They are (in their warped belief system) only attempting to reveal what you already know to be the truth. Doesn't matter that most atheist score higher on a fundamental test about the Bible than most Christians. Jews also score higher than most Christians. We have to wonder just what Christians are being taught (next to nothing) and just where their zealous beliefs come from.

Peer pressure, fear of hell..

Fundamental test? What is that mean? Morality test?

@Vintenar - That was a confusing statement. My apologies. It was a rather basic Bible test. An example was once posted online and the questions were not obscure at all. I would have been surprised looking over the questions except that I have heard of far too many people leaving Christianity after really reading and studying the Bible.

@RussRAB Thanks for the clarification.


Why? Because they have been indoctronated into a faith based cult that does not sceptically / logically evaluate reality.

Instead of my wand I usually respond with:

I find your assertion laughable as I value demonstrable truth. Demonstrable means you can demonstrate and test a truth claim with evidence. All religions are based on faith. In this context religious faith (that serves as the foundation of religion) is belief without evidence dishonestly asserted as truth (usually with a capital "T" ). I find this level of dishonesty morally repugnant. If religions were factually supported, there would be no need for faith.

They usually respond with a "Oh you're an atheist you don't believe in anything." (I love it when they go down that path.) then you can proudly respond, "On the contrary, I believe in truth; things that can be demonstrated and tested. I value reality over fantasy. Unlike the religious, I have a high standard for truth claims. I actually value facts over fiction and genuinely feel sorry for those who can not distinguish between fables and reality.

Depending on how annoying they are if they haven't run away by now, I'll address the "moral" teachings of their bible, Slavery OK, Zephyra sacrificing his young daughter as a burnt offering to Yahweh. (because their unchanging perfect god get's off on the smell of burning flesh) Their book (and the followers who follow the faith) being the foundation for idiot like the flat-earthers, (horsemen form the "Four corners of the Earth" ) The earth as a giant snow-globe covered with a Fermament. The biblical cure for leprosy, Noah's flood (lots of examples to break that - what about fresh water fish? Salt water fish?)

I have had theists react in a variety of different ways when I question their baseless assertions: run away from me, assume the fetal position, whimper like a beaten dog, tear up when he realized (a minister) admitted (realized for the first time?) by promoting faith over facts, he was not doing society good but adversely effecting the outcome for those he was deceiving and his teaching to not think logically harms his followers and humanity, and in one occasion an idiot yelled in my face "WHAT ABOUT THE FLOWERS?" over and over until a building supervisor escorted him from the YMCA. (the YMCA is my primary theist hunting ground.) I've only de-converted a few but it was worth the time as they later thanked me for helping them no longer be afraid of hell, people that were not like them, and a list of other silly Church based phobias. and how they could find more beauty in the world, no longer under the dark cloud of faith.

Sounds like hard work but I may give it a try.

@Fernapple It really is a lot of work. Usually takes dozens of hours to de-convert a theists.

@NoMagicCookie Yes, and I actually de-converted an Anglican Minister once during one of invited to attend debates with me against 4 other members of different Clergy.
Perhaps I should add here that as the only Atheist with a ThD ( Doctorate Degree in Theology and Comparative Modern Religions) within well over 2,000+kms of where I live, as far as know at present, I often get invitations to debate Theology with members of the Clergy, mostly in public Debates and usually on a 1 versus 3 to 4 basis as well.


It's part of their "mission". They think they are "saving you". From their perspective, they are doing something admirable. From our perspective, they are trying to coerce us into a belief system that we can't subscribe to. Good people do misguided things because they don't know better.


Let me know if the magic wand approach works and I'll try it too.


And use your magic cape too!


You're a challenge and if they convert you, then they win a 1,000 points LOL


I tend to think that their whole ' convert the non-believer' thing originally arises from both the their parents and the Priest/Minister, or whatever he/she is called, indoctrinating into their early still forming brains the compulsions that a) EVERYONE, without exception, MUST be made to believe as they do, b) anyone who does NOT see things as they do MUST be wrong, therefore MUST be converted, C) they WILL have failed their god and jesus IF they don't convert the non-believers and that we, the Non-Believers, are a Sinful people who need saving.


I feel you. Why invite me to church? I mean, in the south they are every 20 feet (another big reason for me to relocate). I will go one step further. How insane is it that people will openly talk to something that does not exist (god) but people like us who do not believe are criticized????? Amazing.




Atheist want the magic wand, not the submit to Authority-666 pay taxes.

Word Level 8 Sep 22, 2019
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