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I just blocked two people which is a rarity for me. One moron talking about the 'queers' and how he keeps his sexuality at home and does not announce it to the world. The other talking about how he hates God and how is it that a lesbian can find a wife and he can not. Very disturbing and I am making an effort to not have that shit pop up when I am on here. Not what we need in this already crazy world.

GreatNani 8 Oct 6

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Block away. I am probably the king of blocking on this site. You can't fix stupid so block it. If enough people block them, eventually they will go away. These people who say they need to hear these people to know what is going on must not be paying attention to what has been going on in the world since recorded history. I don't need my alerts or the posts I see cluttered with stupid. Never feel bad about blocking. You do it in the real world, so you might as well do it here also. πŸ™‚

I don't do it in Facebook and kind of want this to be a safe space. Just tired of stupidity and don't need more of it in my life πŸ™‚

@GreatNani I don't really use facebook except to stay in touch with folks I know or to keep up with local goings on. I don't block folks just because they disagree with me. It has to be something like the folks you blocked. Female bashing, male bashing, gay bashing, trump lovers, and gun nuts will get blocked without a thought.


I saw both posts and decided to just move on instead of telling them what ignorant ass hats they were.

I think we all need to stay aware that these people are here and that they vote.

I didnt reply to them and then thought , nah, I don't need that crap in my life just don't need to see it.


I haven't blocked anyone because I want access to as much as possible. I'm too curious. I can always click to the next post. I do that with people in person too, and perhaps make some questionable decisions as a result. It's your business to decide how you want to manage your own experience here.

I often feel I'm the only contact with reality they have.

@BitFlipper Yes, there is that.


Guy #1: I take it he is something other than hetro and still in the closet. So he’s a wee bit jealous of those that have the courage to live their truth.
Guy #2; He can’t get laid because he thinks women should take care of him - cook, clean, sex, maybe even financially. He needs to look at himself and work on being a decent human being

CS60 Level 7 Oct 6, 2019

I think you pegged him.


I reported the first homophobic post but I don't see the one from the man who is jealous of lesbians.

I didn't see the homophobic post.

@Stephanie99 I wish I hadn't seen it. 😑

@KJThomas That bad, he?


i don't hesitate to block people. theres enough shit in the real world. i come on here too escape that for a little while.

Yeah, I was shamed by someone for blocking people. The ones I blocked were relentlessly sending unwanted sexual IM’s. But if I/you want to block people to avoid negativity or stupidity, that’s A-Ok in my opinion

@Marcie1974 In what universe should one be expected to tolerate sexual harassment? Tell the person that shamed you to f%ck off!

@Marcie1974 I'm sorry that you were shamed. It's your own business how you want to handle your experience here.

I hope I haven't made you feel shamed by saying that I haven't blocked anyone. It's an individual choice.

@Stephanie99 you haven’t that I recall. This was quite a while ago, well over a year. I’m all for hearing different opinions and learning from others. But there are also toxic people I just don’t want to have to see or read their comments

@Marcie1974 its clean simple and easy. i don't need anymore bullshit than life throws at me, thats not why im on here xx

@Marcie1974 fuck being shamed. block them motherfuckers too my love xx

@OwlInASack its a thought but just easier too block

@MizJ don't tolerate any shit xx

@LeighShelton Women deal with a lot more BS such as being sent unsolicited d&ck pics and very crude messages.

@MizJ i know it makes me ashamed to be a man really it does .

@OwlInASack i stand by my moral code and actually am happy to be proved wrong but i can't stand rude fuckers or people telling me what i should or shouldnt do. its my freedem of my choice.woman do get the shit end of the stick for sure and its so wrong.

@OwlInASack i block them too lol


How is it he cannot find a wife? Seems pretty obvious to me...

I know right?

So true. He reminded me of my ex.


Hugs, girl!


Ugh, just went down the rabbit hole of the lesbian hater. He’s the type of guy who gives men a bad reputation

Total ass.

That's for sure.


I saw that second one this morning.
Been here since 2017 and less than 700 points.

Looks like a troll for sure.


I saw the one about lesbians but not the first one you mentioned. I thought when I first joined this site that members here would be more enlightened but soon found out they (we) are just a mix of everything as in the rest of the world. I was annoyed or offended often but now more relaxed and just ignore. Unless it's a personal attack, then the blocking hand comes down. I chose to just ignore and walk away from the lesbian post. But, you do what you feel is best for you and blocking is a power you have been given to utilize here.

Thank you! I generally do not block. I am realizing that my capacity for idiots has been greatly reduced due to stress in my own life and so I blocked quickly today. Sigh....

@GreatNani Yes. I walked away because I have too many things to handle for the past week or so including my father's passing and my going away to attend the funeral. I don't need to deal with idiots.

@graceylou my condolences on your dads passing. I hope you are able to find some peace.


He seems clueless that his problem is not caused by too many lesbians. I think that there are just the right amount. πŸ™‚


Yup... I saw one of them and had to comment. Morons... sheesh!


Do deranged Trumplerites come on here, pretending to be agnostics, and then use the site as a way to "pick up chicks"? Why don't they just go down to the local Drunken Cracker Bar n Grill?


I don't hesitate to block anyone that irritates me..

I don't usually, as it could be a one time thing but these two posts really bothered me. So blocked! Neither seemed to have anything to offer in terms of discourse. Just obnoxious comments.


I’m bummed he never messaged me back

I am sure you aren't missing anything!


The "Bad actor" phenomena is an atrocity because prevents people with opposing viewpoints from critically examining the evidence thus making it nearly impossible for anyone to seriously consider and understand another perspective. If someone has a genuine argument or idea about anything, they can ruin the entire topic for others by saying something dumb that they most likely don't fully understand themselves. Bad actors construct their own straw men.

That's true. I can't hear your point of view if you present it offensively. But most people do not understand that.


I choose to not spend time in real life with those that spew hatred and BS, why shouldn't that also apply to time spent online?

MizJ Level 8 Oct 6, 2019

oh either the guy jealous of lesbians has blocked me or he has deleted his post. i forget his name so i can't check to see if i can still see his page (which would mean it was the post) or not (so it was me -- and probably almost everyone who commented).


p.s. i think the post got deleted. not sure, though, for the above reasons.

@OwlInASack i never saw the other one. so do you remember incel guy's name well enough to see if he blocked you, or to tell me so i can see if he blocked me? it doesn't matter, it won't change my life, but i am curious! it was redd something i think.


@OwlInASack that means it's not that he blocked me but that he actually deleted the post. that makes sense. he responded angrily at people for criticizing him, saying, wait, i copied it for a friend, so i can quote him exactly: "If you don't agree with what I vent or feel? MOVE ON!" and "I'm not gonna explain shit to anyone on here cause I don't have to. Believe what you want to believe! I don't care! But I will vent how I feel regardless of what you say or think." so if he had blocked everyone who responded negatively it wouldn't just be me, but rather a whole BUNCH of folks, and it was probably easier for him to delete the post -- which probably made him even madder, and he BEGAN mad lol


I can't find my comment either. I think the post has been deleted.

@OwlInASack do you need me to paste his original post here for all to see? i can, you know!


@OwlInASack i wanted to show it to a friend who isn't a member so i copied it, thinking, this guy is gonna block me soon, i'd better copy stuff i wanna show her NOW. and he did delete the post, so lucky me! here is his post:

"I really wish I could express how I really feel. But I will say that I hate God so much. How can a Lesbian walk around with a wife and I'm a good man and don't even have a girlfriend? A lot of fake shit going on."


@OwlInASack he deleted the post before i could copy my first response to it for my friend, but i did manage to copy my response to his whining about how people should just move on if they didn't agree with him. this is what i said to him:

"if you don't want comments, don't post! move on indeed. if you post, you can't control whether people agree with you or not. you put it out there and then people respond. if you put out shit (which you have done) then people are likely to say "hey, that's shit." too bad if you don't like it. if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! and by the way, no one REALLY wants you to explain your shit. you have made yourself perfectly clear. you think of women as "tail" and as things to own, and you're jealous of those who own us when you can't own anyone. oh boo HOO."


@OwlInASack πŸ™‚)

it's sort of like the people on your friends list who post something with which you disagree, and it shows up on your page, because, well, that's how facebook works, and you respond, politely perhaps but still in disagreement, and those people get SO mad and say "i can post whatever i want on my page, and if you don't like it, scroll past it!" like... first of nall, it's not just your page. it shows up on my page too. second of all, if you don't want comments, why are you posting publicly? and third of all, you felt free to comment on MY posts, because everything you see is on YOUR page. i didn't go to your page to see this. it came to MY page. everyone's in their own little world and everything is about them!



I saw those too, and figured that at least one of them was about to be deleted as a scammer.
Also, it's nice to see that I didn't get blocked on the first round at least.


oh i know who you mean in the latter case. i have not blocked him because i am still busy countering his ridiculous claims, not for his benefit but for the benefit of those who might even begin to give credence to his nonsense.

i have not seen the first guy you mentioned but i bet he is totally wrong about keeping his sexuality at home. guys like that hit on girls; he is displaying his heterosexuality. if he is with a girl and holding her hand, or touching her in a possessive way, he is displaying his heterosexuality. if he's holding hands with her, he is. if he whistles, he is. he is lying to himself as well as to everyone else. straight people don't even THINK about that. we just feel free to be ourselves in public.



I allow everyone to have their own opinions. If I do not like or am not interested in someone's opinion, I ignore it. I would only block someone if they threatened me, or presented a threat to me in any way.
Your mileage may vary.

Trying to remove negativity from my life. Rarely block or report but these two just hit a nerve I guess.

blocking people doesn't stop them from having their opinions. i don't see why if they are, for example, racist or homophobic, i should have to continue to see them. they do not have to have their opinions in my eyes every minute of the day. i have freedom of attention just as they have freedom of speech.


@genessa agree completely

@genessa I like to call them on their crap....educational for any readers of the thread, and someday might make one of them think!

@AnneWimsey it almost never works to make them think, but it can influence those who innocently take things at face value (for example, with this guy, thinking, oh gee, he's lonely!) and open their eyes. so yes, calling them on their crap is useful even if they never do see it themselves.



I do not understand why people feel that they need to make such commitments.

I suppose it is better than acting out their frustrations.


I saw those posts..... made me think cry babies.

I thought uneducated, entitled juveniles!

@Marionville Cry babies is right. Like I said, it reminds me of my ex.

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