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The Backfire Effect []

(Why we are resistant to new ideas)

RavenCT 9 Nov 16

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Love The Oatmeal!

Stenz Level 6 Nov 17, 2019

This is such an excellent piece.


I find it very odd that this piece ASSumes that one change in a belief makes e everything suspect...maybe it is because I have lived ,long enough to know that the entire "house" will not fall down if one or even several things are different? For example, Pete Rose was a terrific baseball player. Even though he gambled on games, he is still one of the best there ever was physically. And I'm betting plenty of people in George W's day had teeth made from slave teeth, and how in any way would that negate his acomplishments?

I agree that with age comes either an ability to not react so very strongly every time your preconceived notions are questioned (I think repetition decreases the effect this has on the brain) - or you're so fixed in place people might as well not bother trying.

I hope I always remain in that first category.
I will admit there are some things I am totally unwilling to change my world views on - but on others I remain pretty flexible.
And certainly given enough verifiable new knowledge - I could definitely learn new things.

The bit about using human teeth squicked me a bit - but it would have period no matter where they came from .
But not like they had access to the materials of today? (It also helps to know he paid for the teeth - didn't just take them or something... eww). lol


Very cool!😎


That was very cool.


Tim Urban made a blog post over on Waitbutwhy? where he goes into depth on this subject and how it relates to society and history. The relevant part is part 7, and it's a lot of reading but defiantly worth the read because all the parts build on each other.



i am glad i hold belief lightly. there are different kinds of truth, that are evaluated by different criteria

Theres one kind of truth.

@MarkiusMahamius Philosophers have been "discussing" 'truth' (at least) since Socrates :


@FearlessFly OMG have they! I remember a professor who was obsessed with Plato. (Thanks for the flashback.). 😉

Philosophy is old white guys with nothing better to do. Trying to convince everyone else that our intellecual superiors can redefine the truth at their whim, aka the backbone of politics. Yay.


People resist change.


I resist a lot of new ideas because to embrace them means it is no longer my world. An in home medical evaluation recently had the examiner telling me I am a very angry person, and she thought it was because of my ex-wife. I said, no, I am angry with those who tell me I have to be angry with my ex-wife. They do this because they are secretly racists.

Let me put this another way on my perceived anger. MeTV has a lot of older programs that interest many people. I like MeTV and I liked "Happy Days." At my age today I am aware that my happy days have come and gone. They are most likely not coming back again. I don't think a councilor or therapist can make me see this any differently. This is the "anger" that you think you see.

Interesting evaluation. Hoping there's still some "good old days" still ahead for us both.

Why have your happy days come and gone?

@Gwendolyn2018 Comparing to a candle there is not so much left today as there once was in "the good old days." This is a direction that cannot be reversed.

@DenoPenno While it cannot be reversed, it can be maintained. At 67, these are truly the best days of my life. I know myself, I live the life I like, and I am emotionally healthy for several reasons--one is because I do not feel the need (or want) of a husband or boyfriend. The things that seemed important in my youth are in perspective. I am sorry that you have not been able to experience these aspects.

@Gwendolyn2018 Thank you. I have experienced some of them but this is no longer my world today. Saturday I was shopping and music is playing with a claim of it being "the most wonderful time of the year." They did not mean November but merchants must love it how we all fall in line. Soon it will be Christmas in July again.

@DenoPenno I am sorry that your life seems to be so glum. I do not allow extraneous "things" such as music in stores affect how I feel. I do have SAD and dislike winter, but not enough to move.



Someone said they always have articles this good - I have to remember to go back and look more.


Read his Dog Paradox one. Equal parts hilarious and moving.

@WilliamCharles []

That is entirely life with a dog. ❤

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