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This super christian guy at my job asked once if I was Christian. I told him no, atheist. He seemed shocked. He said, "You? You seem to be such a nice person." He said, "It scares me that if you don't believe in God and heaven and hell, what's to stop you from just killing people?" I'm like, "It scares me, that apparently the only thing stopping you from killing is believing in heaven and hell."

URAKENT 5 Nov 22

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Happened to me before....this is their idiotic typical argument.


I have posted this before, but just in case you haven't seen it, and feel free to share,

Love it.

Very good

I like this. I photo shot it 😊

It doesn't get old.

@TimeOutForMe I have been using it since the 90s when my son came out as an atheist, I ran off 2000 copies to hand out when people asked me if I was worried about him.

were you not Atheist when your son came out as one? ..., because I'm wondering why you only ran off those copies then only? How old was your son when he came out as Atheist?

@TimeOutForMe He was 16, I was still working for the church, so I had to conceal or be fired. You can attack me all you want, but attack the reputation of my child, I'm a mother bear.
I have never felt the need to convert others, so there was really no reason to run it off earlier.

I take it being in TX you either attending church or working in or for it 😂. I admire people like Matt Dillahunty and fellow talkshow studio hosts.

Your son earned his self-respect, that's what.

@TimeOutForMe I haven't been in a church except for funerals since my divorce. It was the way I kept peace with my wife, she came closer to my way of thinking than I did to hers. Since the divorce she attends the UU church. I let my creditials expire. She had been a Missouri Synod Luthern, a very conservative church.

"she came closer to my way of thinking (I'm thinking Atheism) than I did to hers".
... but she attends a conservative Lutheran church?
... that explains why most of USA is on Prozac 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I wonder if those politicians are popping pills at that annual national prayer day 🤔

@TimeOutForMe I'm sorry you misunderstood what I wrote, she used to be Lutheran, she now goes to Unitairan service a decidedly huge difference between what she was when we met and what she was when we parted ways.

same difference? 🙄

yes I misunderstood
...but congregational service?
It's like smoker's going from benson and hedges to vogue slims 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for this explanation. We learn everyday☺️ Much appreciated!

@ToolGuy Thanks,

Im using the pic for my profile pic on our local secular telegram chat. Thank you giving us (me) permission to use this. An extended thank you to your son.


Lol. I always get a kick out of how fearful religious people are. Must suck to be scared all the time.

A lot of these people are the same ones who fall for the right wing fear mongering that "someone","some other" is coming to take your guns, take your jobs, and kill your children. And yes, I always wonder how hard it must be to feel afraid all the time.


Bcz the prisons and the courts are full of atheists u know . Right .


I was on break from work and was approached by a guy. He asked me if I was a Satanist. I asked him why he was asking, and he told me that he was curious because I was wearing black nail polish (it was the day after Halloween). I kindly replied that I didn't talk religion with strangers, he came back with I should want to shout it from the rooftops. I again told him I wasn't discussing religion with him. He then told me that was what his ex-girlfriend would tell him.

That was when I said that was probably one of the reasons why she was now his ex. He left after that.


Ken, a 66-year-old psychologist from Portland, Oregon. His first message to me:

"I really like your playful, creative, giving being. You're more "spiritual" than most religious people. I'm curious how an "atheist" can live that way."

My response after Skyping with him:


Yesterday a man I used to date, Rich, dropped by as I was kneading four loaves of bread. With a master degree, Rich is highly intelligent and an atheist. Unlike you, Rich immediately saw the insult in your message.

I told Rich you could not understand how I can have loving kindness without attending church and believing in a god. "I get asked that by Christians all the time," Rich replied.

Treating people with kindness and respect is a series of daily choices. I don't need a book or fear of an invisible deity to teach me to behave. At age four, I realized when I am nice to people, they are nice in return.

I would never corner Christians and demand that they explain themselves. Yet you and your compatriots think this is acceptable behavior.

Christians who don't know me often demand, as you did, that I explain:

  1. Why I am an atheist.
  2. How the universe began (as if being an atheist automatically makes me an astrophysicist). "Nobody knows," I reply. "Science is advancing every year."
  3. What happens when people die. "Nobody knows," I reply.
  4. What is "spirituality."

You may think your questions were unique. They were not. Rich and I both find being grilled by Christians rude and tiresome.

Girl, you should write a book: Atheism for(Xtian) Dummies!

You are too nice. When confronted with their bullshit and they always talk from their assumption that they are better than everyone else — I rip them apart until they leave in a huff. I have no patience or respect for them. Whatever they believe, if it works for them great— just don’t push that shit on others


I told the psychologist he needs counseling to get over his negative bias about atheists. Ha!



Deb57 Level 8 Nov 22, 2019

My response is, "what you believe does not make you a good person, how you act and behave determines that."


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

My favorite is, "But you're so nice!"


My favorite is: ‘but where will you spend eternity?’
My answer: ‘same place as you’.


39 years ago I thought I was gonna get burned at the stake for being a witch when a supervisor ask me if I believed in god. That somehow my wonderful work performance was related to my personal religious belief. Because the offset camera never malfunctioned and I always met deadline. The shop steward actually complained to the union rep I was making my co-workers look back and I should not work so hard. Right, I made a pact with the devil - hahahahahahaha. Oh the old old days. Now I just have them (believers) preying (NOT a typo) for my soul 🙂.


Yep... If you NEED the threat of eternal damnation to dissuade you from being a shit-heat... Maybe you're just a shit-head...

Exactly. I do right BECAUSE it’s right. No fear of punishment or promise of reward by invisible sky fairy.


I have shared this story before, but it illustrates the same point. I was pagan at the time, but a Christian in a chat room said that he "wished" he could be pagan or an atheist so that he could do "anything" he wanted. He would not say what he wanted do to, but if religion is all that is holding him back from killing and raping, then he needs religion.

I have been told that I was too "nice" to be pagan and now, too "nice and kind" to be an atheist. These people tell me that someday, I will come back to god because I am "nice."


@LeftCoastgal I think so! One man argued with me that I could not be an atheist and Jesus was "still in there somewhere."

It is so weird that "believers" believe atheists are supposed to be mean and nasty, not nice.

Fuck them! Just kidding, lol.

@AlbertSchepis after we are nice and they still continue with their tripe, it is perfectly fine to say, "Fuck you." I don't say it to their faces, though, I just walk away.

@Gwendolyn2018 Yeah, and I think it's a two-fer when they can't take a joke too. I had a girlfriend once who became exceedingly, neurotically pious and had no sense of humor... to this day when I think of her I laugh out loud.

@AlbertSchepis I had a guy scream at me in a parking lot that I was going to hell. I told him that I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven and added, "That's from Milton--you know Milton, right?" For some reason, that shut him up!

@Gwendolyn2018 I'm not a "Trekker" per se, but that's also the infamous line Richardo Montalban relayed to Shatner in the episode from the original series that was later made into the movie "The Wrath of Kahn". Good come-back to your parking lot guy, lol.


That just shows how stupid some of them are.


I'm always amazed that some people think being a nice person and being a Christian are somehow related

GwenC Level 7 Nov 22, 2019

I know, right? I was raised around Christians and there have been many liars, jerks, cheaters, abusers among them. As a matter of fact, this was one of the reasons I left organized religion. I saw that these church goers were no better than those who didn't go to church. That was my first step on my road to atheism.


I wonder what kinds of madness would be unleashed if the world was somehow stripped of all it's sky daddys. Apparently many people are an imaginary friend away from murder. (Thick irony there considering all the murder that has and will happen BECAUSE of imaginary friends.)


That’s such a an awesome retort.


I was once told that I can't possibly be a good person because anything good I did was motivated by my own self, not god, and therefore selfish. That seemed backwards to me of course -- having natural inclinations to do good is bad and doing it because you were told to is good?



Love the witty comeback!

The assumption that atheism and morality are incompatible, or that religion is somehow required to maintain order is just wrong.

How often do we see criminals who will say to others and themselves that their killing was divinely mandated?


An ex of mine who was a devout evangelical Christian told me that no matter what 'good' a person does in their life, without taking Jesus into their heart, they and all their acts are evil and will go to hell. Same applies to Jews, Muslims and Catholics.
She was well horny though... ah, depressing times.
So I asked her what about all those who could never have heard of Jesus - like Adam & Eve or ancient Egyptians - answer all gone to hell. Such a bright girl, yet so dumb.

@Donotbelieve On most Saturday morning in Peterhead town centre - Scotlands largest fishing port (and hive of Lovecraftian creatures) a small congregation of Christains gather to berate passers by with drery songs sung a bit out of tune and harangings of how we are all filthy sinners destined for hell because of the sinning of our parents (ie they had sex to make us) and only by taking gods words can we be saved - except we are damned to hell regardless because we all sin - sexy dreams sent by the devil, who is real and physical of course!
At times I'll quietly hit back with some sense - Why should I repent, if even as a repenter I will still go to hell... But god will forgive - but you said he won't just now...
Its a shame to see human effort go to waste.
Around twice a month I take a service user to a different church, and although it's all loonacy to me, at least they have fun!

How was she able to apply that dumbfckery to catholics?? Or to Muslims? Both groups accept Jesus into their hearts; to the former Jesus is part of a holy trinity and is the son of god to the latter Jesus is considered a great prophet.... wtf was she babbling about? -_-

@demifeministgal According to the Kings Church, the pope is the devil's bodily incarnation on earth. And they can give/ask for absolution. Only god can give absolution.
The Jews didn't protect Jesus and take him as god's son, not do they accept heaven.
Muslims do not accept Jesus as the son of god, just a prophet like Mohummed.
It's all wobbly nonscense. Amazing how all this indoctrination happens. The last time I encountered her she was still doing the Christian thing organising camps in America for European kids. Shame, not only was she very intelligent but damn horny too! She looked like the character T'Pol from Star Trek Enterprise but without the pointy ears.

@Sofabeast So the only way one could take Jesus into their hearts is if they believed him to be the son of god?? That is some loophole specific dumbfuckery if I ever heard it. I am doubting her intelligence and thinking you may have succumb to a bit of the halo effect in which an attractive person is deemed to have positive traits, like intelligence, they may not actually possess. XD

@demifeministgal You may well be correct. Thinking with my balls at the time! I did quiz her about what about those people whom god made but due to geography and/or time period could never have heard of Jesus. They all went to hell. God is therefore, very wasteful, but that's all part of HIS plan...


Ethics tempered by Empathy.
It scares me that a lot of believers do not use this, but instead determine good and evil by what others tell them.

And then there's the dumb fcks (sadly I know some personally) that refuse to believe a non-believer can have any morals without religion.... to them non-believers are unethical and immoral by default..... ughhh


That’s awesome 😊 Great guy.

Thanks for sharing I been searching for this guy but I couldnt remember his name.

I strongly relate to that. When, 36 years ago, a man tried to kill me, a man who in fact had already put a bullet into me, I managed to tackle him and wrest control of the gun.
I did not pull the trigger, I used my control of the gun to control my would-be murderer until help arrived. I then drove myself to hospital, a mile away, bleeding profusely, but managed to avoid fainting until I had reached the emergency entrance. I didn't need any religion to "guide" me.

@Petter Glad you survived. Only gun i ever faced was from a cop, for having an illegal fire on a beach, 100 yards from where legal. I did get a knife pulled on me. I do not remember about one minute of time. I came back into focus and the guy was on the pavement, I was sitting in my friend's car holding his leg, and yelling for my friend to "drive." I am very thankful that the guy got out of my grasp.

@Beowulfsfriend This guy was a cop. I later successfully sued the government and won compensation. (around $1,000, which didn't even compensate for being unable to work for 3 months, let alone hospital fees. As for pain and suffering ..... )


I know absolutely nothing about the bible but iIm sure someone can pull up contradictions you can serve him for lunch.
I have a major issue with date sites and men saying they are god-fearing. That's a little scary, what if they didn't have the bejesus sucked out of them by being god fearing?....what possibilities would occur?

Yes !!! As soon as I see God Fearing on a guy's profile, he goes on the no way pile. I have a friend who will occasionally tell me that he's a god-fearing man, and I always say to him, god-fearing? Why would you be afraid and fear your loving God.? If you want to be God loving oh, I can understand that, but God fearing? That just seems sick. He is always amazed that I am an atheist because he says I have the biggest heart of anyone he has ever met. Well, duh.

Tell the "god fearing men" good, I like being feared.


Happen all time here in Kentucky, everyone tell me they serve God by going to church. Like many conservative Christians, Bishop Edir Macedo argues that daughters should remain uneducated and skip college so that they’re not smarter than their future husbands.

Giess Level 4 Nov 22, 2019

Religious people are brainwashed and thus not the brightest lightbulbs in the lot.


That’s pretty fucked thinking! By that token 30% of Australians are ‘on the verge’ killers.

Must go and sharpen my bayonet in case the whim takes me!


Also, reminds me if this famous magician’s comment that he kills and rapes as much as he wants, the amount being... not at all.

A very, very good statement. I'll remember that one. Thanks. Btw I have got to get me a mask like yours'.

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