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This week brought us some interesting new reporting on the whole "people be stupid" front.

Mainly the dude who slapped a reporter on the tuckus while that reporter was covering a marathon live (on camera).
She's now prosecuting him for the assault.

It also brought the dick pic fairy into our lives.
My roomie got her first dick pic.
Just chatting away with someone in Messanger and all of a sudden "Boom boom boom" naked pics!
(The FB account is now gone btw).

5:30 am and we're huddled in the living room perplexed by this behavior and pondering what makes anyone do that?
Also are there things I should now warn her about other than mansplaining? And yes that's already happening - thanks for asking.

In this case it was a Trans Female who sent the pics. (So yes - gender things are complex these days and dick pics don't just come from Men y'all).
But she'd gotten preferences entirely wrong in this case.

And I'm told this happens to lesbians ALL THE TIME.
Like if the right pic shows up it's gonna change things?!

Of course this week I also read there are Christian men who think they have 'Miracle Dicks' that will make atheist women "convert"!

So what are your thoughts folks?

And apologies for using "dick" so often in one post...

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RavenCT 9 Dec 14

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I gotta up my gameπŸ˜‚


I usually send a pic of me licking my,

Neanderthal brows?


Here's my dick pic.

Don't you guys still have the death penalty? I mean why take chances? πŸ˜‰

Your dick pic, my wet dream...


Never sent one and never received one - unsolicited genitalia pics that is. I did however see a porn clip with an ex-girlfriend in it once, that was a surprise, well maybe not a huge surprise but still it was nice to see her enjoying herself.

Good attitude! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

@RavenCT I wasn't completely sure it was her as it had been more than a decade since we had been together but then it got to the point where she was climaxing and it was definitely her.


Yes, I have sent a dick pic but only when asked to do so.

And that is utterly okay!


Just more ignorant people doing ignorant things.


I did have a friend here who used to badger women for boob shots - this was my response to that behavior:

Those are my knees - someday I'm gonna do them up right in a bra! (Salacious right?).

Your knees are HOT!

I thought those were two goose eggs!


People with very little brain activity do those things.

@Seeker3CO What, you send pictures of yourself to know this?

@Seeker3CO Do you send pictures of yourself to others, naked ones?

@Seeker3CO Just a question,you would not have anything I haven’t seen before.


I can hear the catholic chant already. "The power of my penis compels you!"


Not a xtion example, but Earnest Hemingway said one night with him would end lesbian desires - he was offering to a writer friend.

I'm sure there were a lot of straight women who weren't interested in him.


On the Voyager plaque: Why did they depict the man with short hair and no beard? And the woman is almost anorexic. Women in most cultures are significantly thicker. Apparently a consensus of cultural bias prevailed.

You are absolutely right! That's sort of hilarious.


kind of weird phrasing because i wouldn’t say i ever knew the people who sent them to me. but i have received... just so many dick pics. starting when i was a teen on the internet back when i still identified as a girl, i received them randomly and frequently. now that i’m out here as a gay man, i’d say i get an equal amount lol.

gender is certainly complex, but i’ve only ever received them from cis men. if i respond, it’s to tell them they’re no better than a man wearing a trench coat, flashing people in a parking lot.

Oh I meant do you know folks who say 'Yes I send dick pics all the time! " - I had at least one guy friend who probably sent them but he would have given a warning first... lol

Also I learned this week it's not just cis-men.... (Sigh).

To me it's even closer as trench coat guy wouldn't have his junk at my eye level.


Stupid cannot be fixed


The one (and, thankfully only) dick pic that I ever got was followed by a text message saying...."so what do you think? Not big enough?" ??????????? I'll never understand this obsession with the "show me yours and I'll show you mine" set. Especially since we now know that absolutely NOTHING you send over an electronic device is guaranteed to stay private. phfffffft

Absolutely a digital photo is forever!


I had a friend who thought his dick was a work of art, and he sent pictures frequently. He was just so proud of it. I tolerated it because I liked chatting with him, he was funny. We had good chemistry. We never met in person because he lived somewhere southern East Coast. But he was a hound dog, and he cheated in every relationship he was in. He just bounced from woman to woman. Something I said pissed him off and he cut off all contact. His loss. I think I told him his dick didn't cut it for me, it wasn't anything special. Men just don't get it.

I knew a woman in college who made bookends from her boyfriend's penis - it was a live cast. She showed them to everyone and they were not impressive.

@RavenCT hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

When something is special about a man, it's generally not his dick. When you hear the penis described as a "sperm delivery organ" it kind of drives home the idea that it's just a means to an end.

@alliwant Wow! I hope I can remember that when I need it. Awesome!


Very cute punctuation cat !

An unsolicited dick pic portends insincere sexual interest, maybe even a stalker mentality.

That's sort of what it boils down to... It creates unwilling participation in something and that's creeper behavior.

@RavenCT Exactly! It IS about consent, or more accurately the lack of consent.

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