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I hear from my brother frequently about how concerned he is I'm going to hell. He means it in a nice way, but it gets old. I finally got him to stop by Saying this

  1. You believe your god is all powerful : yes
  2. You believe your god created everything we know : yes
  3. You believe your god created Angels : Yes

Your God created Lucifer the fallen Angel otherwise known as the Devil and blames everything evil on him. Your all powerful god created the 2nd biggest Ahole ever and does nothing to stop him Making your God a liar or the #1 biggest ahole ever. Stop talking to me about your pathetic god.

I wish I could at will create my own scapegoat hahaha. How can people fall for this?

SilentRage 4 Dec 27

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From George Carlin:

"In any decently run universe, God would have been thrown out on his ass for incompetence."

Thats a really nice way of putting my thoughts. Christianity which I know the most about is a joke.


ask him if he thinks you're a good person. then ask him why a good god would send a good person to hell.


I'd be afraid to ask a "god" who dropped the human population to a boat for advice. That same same invincible super guy in the stars forgot to give us genes resilient to that. Lets all be cousins.

@SilentRage I was not suggesting you ask anything of a fictional character. I was suggesting you ask your brother those things.



Good points !

I like to use a FB meme I saw a while back, saying : Since humans began , they have created over 4000 gods. And for each one, there were/are people who believed in them absolutely, without any doubt.

That alone proves to me that man created god(s), not the other way around !

I don't mean to be pedantic here my friend BUT your total of Gods/Deities created by humans since they first evolved and became somewhat aware is missing at least 2 zeros given that the Hindu Religion alone contains approx. 30,000 Gods/Goddesses both major and minor ones.
And if one were to include, logically, the Saints that Catholics have then their 'pantheon' would not contain merely the 3 of the 'Trinity' but a sum of approx. 2,000+ Demi-gods at least.
It would not stretching it to say that Homo Sapiens have created/invented at least 2.5 million gods/deities approx. in the years that we have been around.

@Triphid That's all? We need to get on the ball and think up a few more. After all, times are a changin and the gods need to be kept up with.

Love this!

@starwatcher-al No way Jose, we need more Gods/Deities like we need more holes in our head.

@Triphid Not my total ... whoever created the meme. But most folks get the point .

@Triphid I was being a bit sarcastic, ya know.


Even an average person could think of ways to create a better world than their so-called all-powerful god . . . . . . one would have to conclude that their god was a complete idiot after looking at the evidence . . . .

What god would create sentient beings that, in order to survive, must kill and eat other sentient beings? Only an idiot god would think of such stupidity.

What god would do something parents would never do? Namely, condemning their children to eternal suffering . . . . .

Their god takes the grand prize for his consistent stupidity . . . .

Exactly how would you design the world such that it would be better than what we have right now? The key to this answer is keeping in mind that every cause has an effect and thus something as seemingly Noble as preventing all wars, for example, could have unintended consequences of overpopulation.

To be clear, this is not an endorsement for intelligent design at all but rather a reflection of the hubris of thinking that we can design the universe better than what it is now..

Given that you are thinking within the realm of what has already been created, the argument is moot. When creation is done in a responsible way, overpopulation could not occur. Saying that it is "pride" to believe that we could create a better world originates from the christian point of view, not the scientific point of view. The scientific point of view understands that it is possible for mistakes to be made, it does not think of itself as all-powerful, and is open to feedback, whereas the all-powerful god, in his extreme arrogance and stupidity, never learns anything new, because he is always right!

@TheMiddleWay How would an all-powerful and merciful god make a world better than the one we already have? He could have made it more heavenly and less Hellish.

@Archeus_Lore "....the argument is mute."

An argument that is mute is by definition unheard. I think you meant "moot."

That is correct . . . . I guess I had better edit it.

What does that mean practically speaking? How would YOU make the world more heavenly?

See, I bet you that for every attempt at making the world "heavenly", I can find a problem with it which will make it seem "hellish"

To me, it's a fallacy to pretend that any creation should be one way or another. It just is. to me the argument that if there are gods and they create our universe they could have done a better job is like a person critiquing a work of art and saying they should have used blue instead of red or chosen a different subject matter. As we are not the creators, we really have no right to judge how a creation should be.instead, we should focus on our own creations and our own merits and our own place in the world and make that as good as it can be instead of shaking your fist at the skies and cursing a real or imaginary God for not making it the way that personally suits us

We have every right to judge the universe, given that we find ourselves subject to it! If suddenly your government passed a law that you must sacrifice your first born to it, you would not judge the government, you'd just go ahead and do it?


I would ask him how can he believe in a god that is so cruel it would create a place of eternal punishment for tiny, finite, imperfect beings that it supposedly loves. And, let him know that the Jews of the OT, and those of today, did not, and do not believe in Hell. If this god created such a place, why did it wait until the Christians came along to start threatening people with it?

Really why does any god need worship? As a human with children my only goal is their best welfare, not them sucking on my toes daily or at command.

@SilentRage Correct. Why would a perfect being need or want anything--ever? It seems it would be perfectly content just basking in its own perfectness. This god only makes sense when put in the context of the time and place of the people who created it.


Oh I would have such fun with this. Here is my advice:

1.) Get some of those all black contact lenses that cover your eyes.

2.) Choose a death metal group of your choice. I'd choose the Jesus and Mary Chain. Even though they are really old school alternative white boys, the name is intimidating.

3.) Get a pet goat. Bring it around with you everywhere you go.

4.) Get some friends to dress like witches and say they are your cult followers.

5.) Let your brother know that he will be your first human sacrifice. Or you will transfer his soul into the goat . Either works.

That should get him to stop talking to you for a little bit.

This is funny but I don't think he wants his brother to stop talking to him; he just wants him to stop talking to him about religion.


You did a splendid job there my friend.

Sad to say it took me a few years to come up with that.

I'll be going to hell.

@SilentRage Not to worry there. None of us have the ability to do and know everything in the moment.


"...means it in a nice way." No. No, he doesn't. Without a shred of evidence, he believes in, and even worships, a being so elusive that its existence can't be proven, while also believing that this being consigns good people to eternal torture for the "crime" of not believing it exists. How can anybody do that "in a nice way?" That's just plain assholery.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 27, 2019

An alternative view: the brother is less concerned about the tortures of hell and is more concerned about not seeing him in the after life given that he believes he's going to heaven and won't see his brother for eternity.

An alternative alternative view: wouldn't not being allowed to see your loved ones in heaven, because they didn't make the cut, and knowing that they were "eternally suffering" contradict the entire concept of heaven? 🤔

@DesertInfidel Bingo! Any decent person who truly loves his/her fellow beings would be in hell purely in the knowledge that any people, especially close family members, were suffering.

@DesertInfidel Ah, most evans say you won't remember the dead who go to hell. Hmm, "hi son, gee isnt it odd you don't have a mother, god is so great."

@Beowulfsfriend they seem to have a convenient (bullshit) explanation for just about everything, don't they?

@Beowulfsfriend That's a mixed bag, isn't it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds comfort and pleasure from memories that include my heretical relatives. Those get taken away from me when I die? If a god is going to go to all that trouble of erasing memories and altering minds, why doesn't it just erase one's capacity for free thought and will and make believers out of all of us?

I just talked to my brother yesterday. He truley is a believer. I did finally convince that a bidet is good, took a few years.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

Nice comeback.
Well done.


Most such people don't really care about your immortal soul.

My brother turned a conversation with my wife into an opportunity to witness to her. Without missing a beat, she said, "you know, that makes perfect sense" and changed the subject. He was completely satisfied.

Your mileage may vary of course, but you would be surprised how little genuine care is behind witnessing, which is really more of an obligation, particularly to those you think you have significant influence over. The less impertinent ones are actually relieved if you just acknowledge them and let them off the hook for awhile.

I have to admit I stopped reading at "Most such people don't really care about your immortal soul."


begin sending weekly printouts from the Satanic Temple....may as well have fun with it

He is my brother that I love very much.


Sometimes I like to tell folks who say I will go to Hell that I'm looking forward to getting to greet all the hypocritical, self righteous evangelicals with their look of shock and dismay for not having acted in a christian manner.

The most fun girls will meet me there😀


A deity that tolerates a hell in its "perfect" creation and sends people there to be tortured in fire for eternity for not believing in that deity is not a God, but a Devil. Your brother's understanding of God is faulty if he attributes that viciousness to it. God would not send anyone to hell.

Universalists belief.


Just ignore him and walk away. Pointless wasting energy on idiots. Why they say you should never argue with stupid people, as you will never win.


They're idiots.
Not born stupid or slow, they simply choose not to think.

Personally I would have hit him with the passages that where god says"I create good and evil." Good luck saying I "took that out of context".

Honestly, I don't believe that they 'choose not to think'. Indoctrination and brainwashing is a tricky thing. I don't blame them and neither do I blame the brainwashers because they too were brainwashed.

can't you quote me the bible.. I'd love to have that in my arsenal.


I got the beating of my budding growth into Agnosticism from getting kicked out of Confirmation class. I said to the instructor " Lets see if I have it straight. I do all these things I don't want to do, and don't do things I would like to do, and in return the exact same awful shit happens to me that happens to other people." If there is a god, why would I try to attract the attention of a cruel madman in the sky? I don't see god saving people from natural disasters. I don't see god in babies with cancer. My father saw differently, provoking his rage. That's when I quit crying, I'd grit my teeth and cook some rage.


I would simply thank him for his concern on your behalf, but tell him to an unbeliever like you there is no heaven or hell, so it’s all nonsensical.


Thank him for concern but tell him it's your problem. Simple and should be effective.

I tried the nice approach at first, then resorted to how gullible can you be?


Hell wouldn't be so bad, from all accounts. For one thing, the Devil's supposedly got all the best musicians.

I think Trump is a great inspiration for everyone. He shows just how crap you can be at something and still keep your job. If he worked at my place he probably would have had at least one written warning by now and maybe been sent on a course?

@273kelvin O-kay.... I think you meant to reply to someone else with this, since I didn't mention him at all?

@Paul4747 Sorry

@273kelvin No worries


if heaven were all its cracked up to be wouldn't every day need to be better than the last? every hamburger better then the last, every joke, every orgasm, every sunset or whatever. otherwise forever would be miserably perfect.

reminded of samuel clemons: "you go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company."

Me, I'd go to hell for the climate and the company. . . .


Ask him why he has no personal things to worry about?


Christianity is a bad joke. Yhwh isn't available for comment.


Glad you found something that works 👍


Likely we all deal with someone like that in the family....... I have always tried to avoid any discussion, I do not engage. Yes, I dodge the bullet every time and it does work. It's just the easier way out for everyone's sanity and peace of mind. Anyhow, works for me. IamNot confrontational for those type of things.

The problem is my well meaning brother doesn dodge me 😀

@SilentRage Well in that case, there are many things you can change but one....he will always be your brother.


Stop deflecting and just admit you’re going to hell you heathen.

I hope I am going to tell hell. The other option seems filled with boring people.

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