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SPICY!!?....yes or no? Where do you stand?
I LOVE very spicy food!

*That pic is a few peppers from my own garden,
Carolina Reapers are my favorite!

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DrewShourd 7 Mar 28

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Spicy food rules! I love trying something new spicy all the time. The hottest so far has been some northern Chinese food and some Indian dishes.

Roman Level 5 Mar 28, 2018

I was in Mongolia for three months in 2014, the land of the mongols, Genghis Khan, nomadic tribesman...real tough men!!!...BUT, no one liked spicy food there, I found there food quite bland. I was also married to a Mongolian woman in L.A. for 14 years...more bland than Korean!


I love spicy that enhances food but still allows me to taste the flavors of the ingredients.


THAT is the key to great food, great answer!!


Very much spice! It must flow. Nice crop by the way.


I take several types, super hots to the not so hots, dehydrate them, put them in my 'bullet', make a powder and put dat shit on everything it seems, peanuts, granola, popcorn, pizza...list goes on and on. *actual pic

Talk about, ' a dab will do ya'....

@Agr8m8 the shaker of doom!

bad scenario: been smokin', drinkin', get the muchies, crack the jar of spicy trail mix, fill the palm, tip it back unconsciously, while watching a video...then your instantly reminded why you should close your eyes!!


I used to like really spicy foods (a memorable example being a phal which was so hot it gave me a nosebleed and, from the days when I was vegan, a horseradish vindaloo made for friends who insisted "vegan food has no flavour" - they certainly detected the flavour in that). Since I gave up smoking, I haven't been able to tolerate the heat; however, I can now appreciate more subtle flavous for the first time in 30 years and so I've been rediscovering the delights of mild curries such as korma.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

Horseradish vindaloo sounds interesting -- I'll have to look for it. One of the joys of my life has always been curry of just about any variety.

@RichCC I'm not sure it was ever made before nor since - i invented it to prove the point!

@Jnei Ha, ha. Both horseradish and curry come in such wide ranges I figured it might be possible. If I hurt myself trying I'll blame you -- ha, ha again.

@RichCC The most useful thing I learned in three years at university: it's possible make a passable curry out of absolutely anything at all.

As a chef I will say that curry spice is a blend of many and not all curries dishes are spicy, but many are. I love horseradish!...especially blends of pure or mixed wasabi root. The difference is horseradish is water based and burns straight up your nose and out, without a dramatic effect the next day, peppers (capsicum) is oil based and burns from top to bottom...not always cool.


I used to but they gave me some medicine for the lung problem the World Trade Center dust gave me and since then its all heartburn!

BillF Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

The only seasonings my mom used were salt and pepper. And she used those very sparingly. I can’t tolerate spicy, wish I could. I had a friend joke that I thought ketchup was too spicy, lol.

my dad, 78, says that cumin is spicy, which it is not, but it reminds him of 'spicy' food....


I have an unnaturally sensitive palate and sometimes I can't even eat pepper 😟


@Agr8m8 and I want so desperately to be able to tolerate spicy lol allergic reaction to chocolate would be worse though, I know a girl like that.

@Agr8m8 I'd just die


Depends on the "spicy": Oriental - yes; Mexican - yes; Cajun - no.

good point, it is a 'relative' thing, some Thai food can be very spicy though, hotter than some Cajon, I grow red Thai chills and also the MUCH hotter Carolina Reaper and the Thai is a very hot and beautiful flavor.


I miss the Galvanized Gullet Society. Their motto was 'No food is properly spiced unless it is painful to eat'.

To be honest, I do like to taste my food. But my favorite pizza topping is a few drizzles of Sriracha sauce even if I usually end up with hiccups.


For me, there is a vast difference between spice and heat.
I like spices, and cook with them all the time.
I do not, however, like heat. If my mouth is on fire, it's a waste of food.
What's the point of eating something I can't taste because the capsaicin
is causing me pain?
More for those who like it, I guess.

...true and that is where we all differ, I feel the same as you but my tolerance is different, I need more to feel what you described.


Once had Morrocan stew in Israel. So hot - drank three bottles of orange soda and still was in agony. No jalapenos for me.

hahaha...jalapenos are junior high school in the academia of spicy though, I love post graduate heat!!


The spicier the better.


I really love spicy food, but not so spicy that all I taste is the heat, and not the flavor of the food. My mom used to REALLY love spicy food; the joke about her was that she could eat fire!


I love spicy food, as long as it tastes good, too. I also love hot peppers and Mexican food.

It was a running joke/contest in our household while the kids were growing up that there wasn't any pepper, salsa, or food too hot for me. They used to try, but it was never too hot.

I don't like some spices, though, like curry and ginger. I'm also not crazy about cilantro.

marga Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

I like spicy heat in my food, but I don't really know how to judge how hot I like it compared to other people. Some people I know think incredibly mild spices (according to my tastes) have a real kick, while others I know are all about the nose-dripping heat that's way too much for me. So, I guess I'd say I'm somewhere near the middle? I just don't want so much heat that it covers up the flavor of the food.


Have eaten Bhut Jolokia and crimson habaneros working my way to reapers.

those are all F'n hot for sure!


Hatch green chili, Thai hot, jalapeno chips, pepperoni pizza with pepperocini, etc. I like spice. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM where chili is one of the basic food groups.
I also like fettuccine Alfredo, potatoes, and just a good rare steak so hot is not a must.

ya, great balance.


I like mild spice. I won't eat most food with spice though. I used to go to Quiznos and get sandwiches and put those little peppercinis on them. Sometimes I'll put something like Texas Pete on some foods like those mini pizzas for snacks also with some ranch dressing or blue cheese sauce.


There is a difference between "hot" and "spicy". My vote was for "Can't get enough", but that vote wasn't based on the Scoville Scale. Now, to clarify, I can work my way well up the scale but the line is drawn at just above the Red Sabina Habanero group or approximately 450,000 Scoville Units. I get a severe case of screaming and writhing if a Carolina Reaper comes within a Parsec.


@Agr8m8 -- I have a question for you. You say the photograph is of some of your peppers from your own garden and I agree, they are beautiful. Being up there MI way, you're using a greenhouse, right?

nope, just planted them outside in the dirt from about May- Oct


Doctors have told me often of GERD and they give me meds for it, and I say I don't have it. Now they are convincing me of how I should take the meds anyway. OK. On to spicy food. I have liked spicy food most of my life and still eat spicy food without any problems.


Too much spice will land me in a world of hurt and a trip to the doctor.


I like it so hot that I regret it for an hour, I want the endorphin rush, a bit adicted to hot peppers.


I hate how everything has to be spicy these days! I like to taste my food ?

Remi Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

It depends on the particular dish, or the type of spice used. For instance, I like Indian food but not a fan of curry.

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