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Hi. Apologies in advance for this rather abrupt question:

Is this site an echo chamber? Can it be?
Are you here because this is a "comfort zone" in which you encounter only beliefs or opinions that coincide with your own, so that your views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered?

Apart from the obvious, i.e., this site attracts agnostics and atheists, hence the name of the site, plus the "birds of a feather" part of human nature, how accommodating is this site towards people with alternative views?

Note: When I say "alternative views", I don't necessarily mean "alternative views to atheism". I mean more like "vegans vs non-vegans", "science vs non-science", socialism vs capitalism", that sort of things, assuming that this site consists of people who have opposite views on such topics..

I only joined about a month ago, so I'm testing the water.

Thanks ever so much for your advice/view on this.

Jetty 7 Mar 2

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If you want to engage in debate and discussion where decorum is maintained and there is no name calling and you stick to facts and not conjecture most people here are willing to debate. If you throw bombs, stoop to name calling, say things not that you believe, but what you think will get a reaction, then there are a lot of people on this site that will call you out on that.


Hardly. People disagree about just about everything, including definitions of agnosticism and atheism. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind having a comfort zone of atheists who are on the same page with me, but this surely isn't it. There are some, but hardly the site in general. Having said that, I like it the way it is. .. apart from some Right Wing trolls, but what are you going to do?


I think it’s more of an echo chamber. Perhaps with some exceptions, I don’t see people here seriously open to the Idea god is real and religion is a positive aspiration. That’s what the rest of the world shoves down our throat ... we come here to escape that, and to poke fun at that nonsense.


As far as I am concerned be who you are. Make a statement or argument and back it up, then we can get stuck in. I personally don’t care what you believe.

Please don’t be another of those with a Trump/anti-Trump fixation. It is the dullest discussion for an international site


Living in the Bible Belt, I find it refreshing to rub shoulders with people who do not condemn me for my atheism. That's why I enjoy this site. 🙂


No, it’s not an echo chamber for me, although it may be used as such for a few others. On the whole there is quite a spectrum of views on display across a wide variety of different topics, some can get quite heated at times. As long as the debate doesn’t descend into personal attacks or abusive language I’m happy with the general discourse on site.


When I first came on the site I got into a "conversation" about men's responsibility towards the offspring they father. It was heated. It was amazing. It was civilized, and I learned who my peeps were. And I learned. I've even had my mind changed on a couple of topics, but not that one.

I was banned from for calling someone a "abusive father".
These insecure Conservatives can not handle facts.


For the most part you can agree/disagree with impunity. There are groups, however, (ex: Trump Pinata, Leftists) that do not encourage disputation. I wondered about this myself at first, but as long as it's stated up front, it's OK with me. Hope you feel the same.


I don’t understand .
How a web site “ accommodates “ ? We are this web site .
Anyone has the ability and the freedom to create a group or to post whatever they want .
And anyone has the ability and the right to disagree or comment with whatever they read and don’t like it .
What accommodating means ? So if u post an article or an opinion that I find ridiculous , should I zip my fingers to “ accommodate “ it ? Will that make me a “ good person , open mind person “, etc ? M I aloud to confront and discuss ?

What “ alternative “ views means ? U listing science , food options and politics as examples .
There is no room for alternative when u talk vegans vs meat eating . Some people don’t eat animals some do . Don’t join the vegans group if u don’t like them , and most of them have the good taste to laugh w vegan memes at meme group . U won’t change their mind and they won’t change yours , and I don’t see what’s the alternative view need about it or y .

Science alternative ?😂 ok . Let me see how u think I should be more “ accommodating “ here . So , if u make a post that a bp of 180/110 that comes w a headache is not a good reason to take a trip to ER but u should first try to rub some coconut oil of your temporal areas and your wrists , and breathe some essential oil , what do u want me to say ?
I have two options : scroll to next post , or tell u that alternative treatment of a potential stroke can kill u .
The first option sounds very accommodating 😂 and I am such a nice person for accepting your alternative view of science .

Politics ? What is the use of alternative views there , as it is we struggle to get facts and information .
Plenty of groups on this site that good discussions happen .
I am sorry to see that most people who are on this site , are liberals and Democrats , but not surprised .. If u don’t understand y , ain’t their fault or the job to educate the rest . The right side supports religion and all the crimes against humanity that comes with it . U are on a web site that religion is not the favorite dish . Do the math ?
What is exactly that u wish or u ask for ?
Btw , religious folks can access this site and be members . The same way u can be a member on any of their forums .
R u a part on any of these forums ? Y not ? Yeah I know , birds and feathers .
If u want a cup of coffee , u look for the coffee shop . If u want a drink , u go to the bar . If u want to research and educate self about either beverage , u go to the library .
U can sit at coffee shop and discuss about alcohol thou . And that is happening here . Some are able to do more classy than others . Some are not .

That first part reminded of a Tim Minchin joke I heard recently.

Q: What do you call alternative medicine that works?

A: Medicine.


It is somewhat of an echo chamber in that a high proportion of the posts are made by people who 1) angrily attack religion in any form using mockery and derision. 2) angrily attack political conservatives using mockery and derision 3) angrily attack any metaphysical idea that they deem to be “unscientific”, ie not in alignment with their personal materialistic/physicalistic world views. It is apparent that these posters consider themselves to be intellectually and morally superior, and they can not tolerate alternate opinions.

Those who have the most negative outlooks and are stewing in hatred and grievances are the ones who make many repeated posts in attempts to bolster their angry, untrue states of mind. Those repeated posts might give the impression that everyone here is like that, but actually there is a bulwark of reasonable, loving participants. There is also a cadre of those who habitually make beautiful, substantive posts that are provocative but open-minded and respectful of all. Examples are Skado, Matias, Middleway, and there are others. I would like to be that way but I sometimes lapse. 😟


There are interminable discussions on such topics! Enjoy the buffet!


The people o this site are self selecting. However, outside of religious beliefs, people here seem to have differing views. Generally people on this site are (mostly) critical thinkers, so it may seem like an echo chamber sometimes.


There's a wide variety of views. I guess the "safe space" is that no one argues from sacred texts, so you have to make your own case for whatever view you might promote. I got kicked out of a Republican atheist group for calling them out too often on their BS (in my opinion). They do in fact seem to want to make it an echo chamber.


No.Because we have groups for everyone liberal to ultra-conservative. If you want an echo chamber you stay in your group. If you enjoy debate you venture to the main page. I run 6 groups of different interests - Singles/Mingles/Chat. Leftists, Me Too, Cancer Sucks, Hippie Land and Jewish by Culture. Welcome to the Community.


Using right wing red pill terminology to ask the question leads me to believe you might not get along with some folks. It would depend on your "alternative views" there does seem to be a low level of tolerance for science denial and "woo".

I'm here in search of like minded people. I don't have any in real life. Secular is only part of that but is does weed out some of the people I wish to have conversations without sometimes.

MsAl Level 8 Mar 2, 2020

Theres various beliefs systems in this issue. Some users really like an echo chamber, they block anyone who had opinions they don't want to hear, and they also sign up for groups that focus on topics and opinions they like. There are also users who value diverse opinions, even though they will try to argue with anyone and anything- that's just how they relate to the world. Then theres thebpeople who read everything, but never comment. And a whole bunch in between. You have to find your comfort zone, knowing that there always will be some people who are trying to "police" the words and opinions of others, to suit themselves.


I didn't join too learn.l joined to associate.


There are atheists that make a religion out of non-relgion. Some people only want to hear views thatsupport their view. I would argue that a true atheist is open to all views and will judge them based on the merits.


Just replace you "versus" with a comma, and you have the spirit of this site.
May I suggest thay you write a bio, as suggested when signing on.

@Jetty I'll look for it. Enjoy the site and take a look at the groups as well.


Not in my experience.



This site is not only an echo chamber for secular individuals, it is also an echo chamber for socialists and politically left-leaning individuals. Free market/capitalist supporters don't exactly get a warm reception on here.


Even though most of us here don't believe in religion or a deity, that doesn't mean there isn't still plenty we can disagree about. I would think that most of us require evidence to be convinced of something and are a bit more open minded as a result, but it is not universal.


Alternative views to what? Is that like alternative facts? I see a lot of things discussed here and do not agree with all of them, of course. The best I can say is this is not a site for a believer and not a site for and of debates. We either have our opinions or both opinions and evidence for them. This site does offer a certain kind of therapy for many of us.


In a certain sense, it is an echo chamber. Theoretically, it is open to everybody, but practically it is for atheists and agnostics.

My experience is that every forum sooner or later turns into an echo chamber, even it is meant to be a meeting ground for people from different camps.
Example: On the German FB there is a forum that is called "Discussions between atheists and religious persons" but in fact it is a forum where atheists rule. Whenever somebody with a positive attitude towards religion or Christianity dares to post their opinions, he or she gets a severe beating, including insults, and is not to be seen anymore.
I do not know of any forum where, say, those who love and those who hate Trump can get on with each other peacefully and respectfully. The same is true about religion.

@Jetty There quite a lot of Brits and Aussies here too, very few from Europe or elsewhere, Mathias is one of the few. I’m one of the Brits.

@Jetty No...sorry I can’t answer that.


I really think, this might just be the perfect question for this site. a question I think a great many of us here keep in the back of our minds, after all, shouldn't that always be a worry when you are knowingly communicating with people for the express reason of agreeing with them on at least very basic philosophical issues. I saw your post right before I went to bed last night, and when I got up, turns I'm the 60th comment thread. Reading through them, I really don't feel like I have anything to add, but thank you for asking the question, it's always something good to be on the watch for.

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