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How are these god pumping people dealing with the current virus? Iran many cases same with Rome.I wish none any harm but this praying nonsense is not going to help.aside from self comforting it does nothing.Why do people keep doing it?They pray to their all powerful god not realizing that if this god were real then it is responsible for the virus.

KICKN 5 Mar 9

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I thought this was really funny so decided to share this with you guys. I got it from our local chat group.

@JohnnyQB I try to limit the social media sites I'm on, so not on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc. I got this off our local Atheist telegram chat and share site. This way no one knows your contact number, email address and you can remain incognito, like on here 😊.


To me it gets worse when they pray that their god will give the virus to some people while sparing others. In their biblical world there is always enemies.

Yep. Them sumbitches always wanting to ruin christmas


If it’s gods will and or plan why the hell are they praying .Do they think they are going to change gods plan . No common sense or logic as usual .


To much religious indoctrination.


People do what they were raised to do...


External locus of control, low IQ, not enough book-learnin', fear


They pray, then go to the doctor and take the medicines prescribed, feel better/recover and attribute their recovery to prayer. If it's dramatic enough, some promenant preacher features them as proof that prayer is effective and lots and lots of people hear about it. They never hear of those who rely on prayer alone and die, or those who die after treatment even if that scenario is the most common outcome.

I will never forget the reaction of Iraqis from Bush II's invasion of that country. Regardless of our opinions of this invasion, the reaction of Iraqis being liberated from the oppression of Saddam Hussien was to attribute their liberation to Allah. Never mind the invasion force (of infidels) who toppled the regime, it was Allah who gets all the credit.


Probably makes them feel more secure. Nothing wrong with that.


Maybe they should cancel all church services to help stop the spread of the virus.....


Religion is a crutch for the weak minded, if prayer makes them feel good, let them have it! I have no time for either, bless them! πŸ™‚


because all religious people are brainwashed into doing just that


Delusions from religion


Praying is what they do, it’s not fact pretty predictable. It seems to bring them some kind of be it, if it does!


Common Sense is uncommon in the religious types but the threat of contagion is great.


They left out Epicurus' last line:

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then from whence comes evil?"

And that last line, "Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

@RussRAB The typical response is "Free Will" which has been philosophically argued since the ancients -- and still. What is usually left-out of those arguments is the persistence/prevalence of pathogens -- affecting humans and all creatures. Is it really necessary for "God" to have so many of them in this world ? I would think that constitutes evil of some sort.


This is one of those wrongly attributed internet memes that spreads misinformation and so corruptionnof knowledge

Wronhly attributed to Epicurus the earliest paraphrasing is by Sextus Empiricus, late C2nd, in Outlines of Pyrrhonism, 175

: "those who firmly maintain that god exists will be forced into impiety; for if they say that he [god] takes care of everything, they will be saying that god is the cause of evils, while if they say that he takes care of some things only or even nothing, they will be forced to say that he is either malevolent or weak"

It is also an anti-Epicurean statement as gods were totally indifferent to humans and wouldn’t be bother with them for one minute let alone punishment.

@FearlessFly If god knows all that would negate free will i think.

@KICKN . . . read the philosophers and neuroscientists. There are powerful arguments against free will.


@Geoffrey51 - You may be correct, and I have always read it as attributed to Epicurus. I am more intersted in the message, however, than the attribution.

@FearlessFly - The Hebrew/Christian God wasn't completely keen on the idea of free will as demonstrated in the storey of Jonah. The whole reason Jonah ended up in the whale was that he was trying to escape a task God assigned to him. The whale prevented him from running until he agreed to go to Nineveh to preach as God wanted him to do. My understanding of the development of the Hebrew religion is that Satan was a relative late arrival in the religion. Until that time, God's adversary was willful mankind who was essentially the evil character in the stories.

@RussRAB Why talk about mythology (especially to non-believers!) ? There is plenty of neuroscience/philosophy to ruminate about. πŸ˜›

@FearlessFly - True, and the science is a good deal more interesting and challenging attempting to ferret out the facts. I do believe, though, that pointing out certain contradictions within the mythology has value especially when a majority of Americans are steeped in it.

@FearlessFly - On reflection, I think you are completely correct since we are all non-believers.


Who named it β€œcorona virus?” Not Buttweiser?


Such people cannot properly be said to think.


In an editorial by Michele Goldberg "A calamitous coronavirus response" compared how communities fared under autocratic and democratic regimes. Worth a read. []

Now we are up to about 600 cases.


Italy has one of the world's finest health care systems, and Iran's is very near the top of the undeveloped world's, ranking higher than America's in some respects. What does religion have to do with it?


What alternative can you offer them ?

The time spent praying could instead be devoted towards medical research. (But that would require them to first educate themselves.)

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