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You're watching a YouTube video about atheism and an ad from a religious organization pops,this is not right ,do you agree?..

TomParos 4 Mar 14

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Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

Whenever that happens, I report it as a scam. I do the same on facebook.

So, I'll confess. I allot myself an hour a day to find videos of FoxNews & Trump, posted by anyone, and I report them for "hateful content." (On YouTube). 😛

I thought I'd get tired of doing it, but now it's habit. 😁


It inspires me to find groups and pages for the organization, and bless them with lots of pictures of Jesus shaped sex toys, children dying of cancer under the visage of their "loving lord" and etc. Glory!


I just figure it's God screwing with me.


Big time religion is about marketing.


Yes, I agree.. It's harassment

@TheMiddleWay so you think it's appropriate to post ads for Omaha steaks in the vegan / vegetarian group? 😂😂

@TheMiddleWay ah.. but what if the Omaha steak ad was randomly placed in random groups on Facebook? Would it then be harassment or at least considered inappropriate? Computer algorithms are created by humans and they can be programmed to bypass certain audiences...

@TheMiddleWay yes, if random, absolutely not harassment.. I agree.. And no, I don't have evidence.. It's just an example for the sake of discussion 😊 I'm not actually bothered by ads.. I see all sorts on television 😜


No. I don't agree. It would be silly to advertise only to those already religious. Marketing. It's just business and YouTube is just making money. Standard stuff.

(Watch some progressive streams. They're filled with Trump ads. It's just business.)


If I am watching a video about atheism and a religious advertisement pops up, I find it to be hilarious. It reminds me, if I ever needed to be reminded, of the cretinism those idiots.


Sounds more like fun! I love it when the algorithm gets it wrong.


I'm a hardcore atheist, I don't want to see any religious ads when I watch YouTube.


One of these days we will be strong enough in numbers to round up all the religitards and ship them off to re-education camps.
LOL of course we wouldn't because that would be wrong but it is what they fear because it is exactly the sort of thing they would love to do to Atheists.


Algorithms are usually badly written. Few can distinguish between a text that reads "religion" and a text that reads "no religion".


Free speech. Provided equal amounts of money are spent and adverts are unbiased


Surely you can ignore a YouTube ad? The only thing "wrong" with it is it's not likely to be effective. If years of indoctrination and harassment by family members, by society, by educators, and by neighbors hasn't swayed you, I wouldn't think a YouTube ad would have much effect.


Are they forbidden from advertising on the platform?


Yes flagrant disregard

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 14, 2020

Like it or not, churches/religions have held sway over humanity since time immemorial, their filthy claws extend into almost every part of life, politics and the media.
They have huge coffers and legions of Lobbyists to push their inane rubbish onto the masses seemingly unrestricted and at will.
Here in Australia we, very sadly, are now stuck with a Free to Air Television Channel dedicated solely to broadcasting the likes of Jimmy Swaggert, etc, 24/7 plus another F.TA. Channel that starts its daily broadcasts with Money Grubbing American Mega-Church programme, even our publicly owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the A.B.C., runs religious programmes every Sunday morning and repeats one in particular at least once per week.
Social Media, so it seems in numerous cases, is fast becoming infected/infested with religious tendencies, Suckerbook, imho, is a PRIME example.
We, the Heathen (LOL) element have been outnumbered and repressed for centuries, and often living in fear ( as so many still do to this very day), and it WILL remain that way UNTIL we stand together as one and demand in ONE unified voice that WE want equality and the FREEDOMS that the religiotards take for granted.


I have an atheist YouTube channel and think it would be great if that happened on my channel! The Irony!


It's an example of christians need to basically attack, mock, harass, etc, other beliefs and views while, of course, claiming any criticism of "Muh bleefs!" is persecution.


I think of it as comic relief.

Amen! Lol


Fuck them. Don't mind that crap. Welcome!!!


I think it's funny that they're giving money to the channel so they can be heard by people who have no interest in what they have to say.


Well, not ads will reach a receptive audience. If churches want ot waste money advertising to atheists, I see no reason why they shouldn't. It is annoying, but generally harmless.

Youtube has to pay the bills, and ads is how they do it. I think they have a poremium service where you can pay then to avoid ads. IUf tha tad bothers you that much, you can pay to not have to see ads. Nothign is free. You either have to pay by beign subjected to ads or pay not to see ads.


This used to happen to me all the time on Patheo's secular platforms. One of the ad's made me so irritated that I decided to look into it's claims.


I haven't seen it trending in my stats for awhile, so I don't think the proprietors are pushing this crap anymore. But the number of hits I used to get was bothersome. Since you can assume that for every 1 person with the sense to scrutinize search engines, 5 are likely to just buy in. Particularly when dealing with such a sensitive area as old age dementia.

These are the only types of religious oriented advertising that gets on my nerves. Using someones faith to sell snakeoil because few of faith can comprehend someone else as using religion in such a fashion.

Needless to say, I don't see any advertising in browsers or apps anymore, having blocked it with either extensions or Blokada. That is, with the exception of Youtube, which I assume by-passes the filter by passing ads though the same TLS tunnel as the videos (when it comes to the app, anyway).

On Youtube, I hardly ever see religously themed ads. And I can't read any Patheos material because of the ad block banner. So, not really a problem I deal with.


Certainly I agree but on my machines I see no ads in You Tube. Learn how to block them and your problems are solved. Use the Internet to find out how.

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