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When you finally realize that your imaginary friend is going to let you down because they are imaginary but the virus is real.

Surfpirate 9 Mar 18

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Some mindless aholes are dying that this is the earth of God that we are suffering πŸ˜’


And what about our supposed real friend, our national defense - the federal government and biodefense. I don't know if I believe in this sky fairy either anymore. They have to step it up. Right now. Yesterday. 2 mos ago.


Love this!


I posted this somewhere on here but cannot find it.

Let them have their Rapture!!!

Why are they so blind not to see this is their god(s) have planned this for them to have their magical mystical Rapture the have been waiting for over the last two thousand years!!!


That is how it should be for rational thinking people but I have a friend in the Jesus line. Good person, good heart but for some reason is in the superstition line.


Everyone who gets sick and/or dies was supposed go this way because this was His plan.

What's going to irritate me is how they'll all give God credit once this is all over

Shouldn't they give god credit for killing the rest of them?

@Surfpirate Oh they can't blame God for anything. He only gets the credit. It's a super healthy relationship.

Funny how, their god(s) kills the whole family but saves one, they called it god(s) will for saving them!!!

Was it not god(s) will that killed their family based on their beliefs?

That is like praising the murderer for killing your family, thus thanking god(s) for not killing you!!

What a joke!!!


No, no, he works in mysterious ways! He has a plan for you! This is a test of your faith, that's all!


Currently the Iranians and the Pakistanis are proving their worth. Imammys calling everyone to come to meeting at all the mosks. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


Does not work that way.

In human psychology, for a great many people, it is easier to imagine humanity punished by a God for some unknown transgression, than it is to accept its just a random event.
In the first Model, for believers, the world still has an order to it, even if horrific.
In the second Model it is simply a random event, one we both predicted and were cautioned to prepare for, but which we ignored because the reality, like climate change, is actually unimaginable to many people.

They cannot envision it enough to be cautiously afraid, until it becomes real by touching people they know in trw.

And that is the definition of Bat Shit Crazy. These delusional types are completely out of touch with basic physical reality.

@Surfpirate I empathize with that feeling.
We evolved that way, so it is hard for many to overcome. Once upon a time you and I would have been removed from the Gene pool because we did not assume the noise in the bush was a lion, we investigated carefully, and got eaten enough so the tribe evolved to belive its a lion and then take some action, like set the bushes on fire. Type 1 vs type 2 error, type one you die sometimes, type two you look foolish and live.
In more recent times folks like you and I have become more common, but not the majority.

Go read your history, its likely to be a rough road ahead.

@Davesnothere I agree that it is going to be a rough road but not because of the one who question with logic but because of those who believe blindly in whatever they are told. Not a lot of lions in the bush around my neck of the woods but lots of delusional people and most of them are fascinated with guns.

@Surfpirate Well not a lot of lions here, but somewhere a human still has to cope with that.

The weapons are a truism, having lots of armed people under duress can become explosive very quickly. At least the sick have poor aim.



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 18, 2020

I’ve just watched an item on the news about the Covid 19 pandemic in different countries. In Iran a certain cleric who ranted and raved about the restrictions on prayers and assembly at the mosques and who preached that the faithful should put their faith in god and ignore any instructions about hygiene and staying at home......has just died of the virus! Sweet!!

Call it Karma or consequence it's a bitch

@LenHazell53 Definitely raised a smile on my face whatever you call it! 😁

Oops, better luck next time.😣

@Marionville - I normally try to resist revelling in someone else's misfortune even when the behaved in a dispicable manner. In this case, however, it is more difficult.

@Marionville - OK, after trying to resist enjoying the karma of the the Muslim cleric (and failing), wouldn't it still be OK to perhaps wish for some karma for a couple of our own people here in the US? Nunez is not the only one, the governor of Oklahoma took his kids out with the same message as Nunez.

@RussRAB Incredible amount of sheer wilful ignorance by elected representatives in the USA, who seem to actually revel in trying to put themselves and their families in harms way!
Just as bad as the Iranian clerics, all of them obviously science deniers.

@Capitalist - I wonder, would your attitude change if or when the big orange circles appear and grow around Fresno, CA or various cities in Oklahoma? Successful containment does appear to be linked to social distancing and the quarantine of those infected. Those who have refused to comply have added to the problem immensely. The example is the of the cleric Marionville reports on, and rest asured, more than justthis cleric was infected because he thumbed his nose at tbe direction to protect Iranians. In South Korea, one Christian cult which told their followers that their faith protected them from infection now represents over half the cases of coronavirus infections in that nation. Now, here is Nunes and OK Gov. Stitt encouraging Americans to go out and have a good time in public gathering places - restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. - in defiance of the protective directives. And then you being snarky when we criticize them for it.

@Capitalist I’m not American and have no idea what political party this idiot Nunes belongs to, nor do I care. I recognise behaviour that is contrary to the public good, and when any elected official, regardless of political leaning, acts irresponsibly it should be pointed out and condemned. This Pandemic that we are experiencing throughout the world should make any thinking person realise that we need to act in the best interests of everyone and pull together accordingly, forgetting political and personal differences for once!

@Capitalist I’m not talking about faith, I’m talking about stupidity. There is nothing fearless in encouraging people to act against their own interests.

@Capitalist Fear is not what should keep any rational person keep their distance from crowded places at present, but common sense. I’m not staying cooped up all day at home, but neither am I going out of my way to be in close proximity to lots of people. Sensible distancing is all any person in good health is recommended to observe, that advice is good in my opinion. Young fit people will probably hardly even know they have this illness, however they can carry and spread it to others who are older and perhaps more susceptible to fall seriously ill, therefore social distancing for all is what the health experts recommend, and is why public restaurants, theatres and bars are closing. Schools would be better kept open in my opinion because children will be carrying the virus to grandparents who will be the most likely childminders when parents need to go to work. A calm head and common sense will be what serves us best during these coming weeks and months, praying for those with faith, if it helps them too is fine, even though I think it’s futile I don’t tell others what to believe.

@Capitalist - Sorry, that's not the way you come across. I did notice afterall that you had nothing to say about Nunes pushing his right wing agenda and encouraging the spread of COVID-19 harming the population's health - or even taking some lives - in the process.

@Capitalist Yes...I believe that you are getting completely carried is just so typically American to think that this pandemic must be all about you and your election! I didn’t realise when I started to engage with you that you held a conspiracy theorist ideology. This Covid19 virus was manufactured deliberately is that what you think? By whom exactly ...? Was it the Chinese, or was it designed just to look that way? I’m afraid the idea that this pandemic is all some diabolical mechanism to keep us all indoors, worldwide, in order to cover up a financial disaster and stop the US presidential elections, is just too fanciful a notion to consider for serious discussion.

@Capitalist Glad to hear you were not entirely serious...that is a relief to hear!

@Capitalist - I agreement with Marionville concerning the conspiracy theory thinking. Imo, such thinking appears to be more common on the right in America and this particular conspiracy theory has been promoted by right wing media personalities as well as some within the administration (including to some extent the president himself) and the administration's supporters in congress. I think any discussion of any timing issue of the disease should be included in the category of conspiracy theorizing because it implies an intent for a particular result. Calling this disease a flu - especially a common flu - is also conspiracy theory thinking. The pathogen has been identified and it is not the flu, it is a coronavirus (of which there are a other strains just as the flu has many strains).

Currently the Iranians and the Pakistanis are proving their worth. Imammys calling everyone to come to meeting at all the mosks. God does work in mysteriously wonderful ways.


Maybe if they paid taxes to support society's infrastructure/ health & wellness, they wouldn't be dumping the Holy Water out now

twill Level 7 Mar 18, 2020

Maybe, if they paid taxes like the rest of us (are supposed to do), there'd be more money for research. Maybe, if they did not harbor "He must be god sent" idiocy, we'd never have had Dumpy in a position to gut the CDC.


Now we know it is a virus. When most religions formed, they didn't have this fact and disease was something God did because humans did something bad or evil (even though those who were evil were as likely to survive as anyone else - go figure).

If you read any internet posts at all you must be aware that they still believe it is punishment from god.

Sounds legit to me, there have always been people doing bad shit that they felt guilty about, why not blame it on the angry old man in the sky?

@jlynn37 - Yes, that thought did cross my mind while writing the comment. The facts, however, only illustrate what a callous broadcast killer their God is since an omnipotent being would certainly have the means for better aim and not kill innocents. But, Indonesian tsunami killed hundreds of thousands and left many more thousands upon thousands vulnerable to all sorts of exploitation for becoming orphans or destitute or who knows what. All because, according to one Christian pastor, a few thousand gays were vacationing there. I doubt the pastor ever had any idea how many gay people perished in that disaster. It would have depended on what they were doing that day and where they were. If the whole group had travelled inland on a tour, then very few if any of these gay people would have been harmed. Is their God really that haphazard when with a single thought God could easily ersase all the gay individuals from earth as well everyone else's memory of them? Their scenarios of God's punishment through disease does not let God off the hook any differently. Their own scenario and explanation of the events reveals what a real vile monster their God is, and what vile crazies their God causes them to be to call this malevolent creature "loving" and to worship it.

@Surfpirate - Why not? Except we now know it is a virus and we can do some things to combat it both from spreading and from it full destructive potential on the infected (neither of which will guarantee that only the wicked and evil humans will be targetted). If disease is God's punishment, wouldn't measures to protect humans from infection be fighting against the will of God? Again, is this kind of monster deserving of being considered 'loving' much less of being worshipped?


i guess the virus is maybe going to let you down too then, 80% of those infected show no symptoms?

A big chunk of the 20% who do show symptoms will be dead or very ill for a considerable time, the economy will be in the shit and the ensuing turmoil will claim many more by attrition. I would love to be disappointed, I would love to wake up tomorrow and discover this was all just a dream but that isn't going to happen now, is it?

Perhaps, but they are still infected and can infect others.

@Surfpirate my response there is that that mostly derives from sequestering 100% rather than the <20% who are considered "at risk," like any sane society would do?

@jlynn37 80% of whom will not care, and prolly 90% of the rest will not die, hmm.

@Surfpirate The cure will definitely be worse than the disease. And it will not stop. Just like the common cold, the China-19 virus is here to stay. We are in deep shit for the rest of our lives.
Millions will die from other diseases and injuries because of the focus on this disease.
The earth has too many humans on it. GAIA is spring cleaning.
Major wars are coming, internal and external. Time to get a bazooka or two.

@Jacar well i guess that would be one response, ya. No offense but your outlook reminds me of most believer's? With the Tribulation stuff?

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