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"God don't like ugly!"
So my coworker told me a story about how she was laid off from her previous job. Even though the layoff was department-wide, my coworker felt that she was unfairly targeted to be let go. Anyway, her two supervisors at the time sat her down and gave her the pink slip, with a 6-month severance package with health benefits. Recently, she learned that her former supervisors are both battling breast cancer. She was almost giddy when she said, "See, God don't like ugly!"

Would you even bother responding to such nonsense or do you think such ideas are fair game for ridicule?

I must admit I had nothing. Just...stunned!

TMA2NC 6 Mar 20

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I probably would have came back with "God doesn't like gloating either".

Ooh, wicked burn. I like this one.


A good response might be: "Well, if your 'god don't like ugly' and would do something like that, perhaps you should go have a mammogram because what you just said was all kinds of ugly."


To my mind, IF she felt somewhat overjoyed when hearing that her Supervisors were both battling Breast Cancer, then, imo, she is a prime example of a down-right, arrogant, self-righteous, unsympathetic, inhumane piece of low-life, bottom feeding Pond Scum of the first Order.


If she’s right that “god don’t like ugly” then she is in big trouble.


Let me rephrase...

She got a 6-month paid vacation, with benefits, to spend full time looking for a new job. If she finds a job before that, whatever is left can go right in the bank and counts as a bonus.

And that was an "ugly" way to be let go?

I'm sorry, words just now failed me.

I was just as speechless.


I will never forget when my now deceased mother had a feud with some cousins (decades ago). The feud was started by my mother who was a devoted Southern Baptist. We were having dinner with another cousin and she remarked about some bad luck one of the feuding cousins was having. When my mother heard the news, she turned to me, laughing and with obvious and undeniable delight in her eyes. She was giddy.

It was one of the few times I have seen pure "evil" in person.

I said nothing as it would have been to no avail.

Wow! That's pretty creepy. But I find it especially revolting when one delights in someone else's misfortune AND give their deity credit for exacting such vengeance on their behalf. That's just wrong on so many levels.

@TMA2NC My mother didn't state as much, but I KNOW that she thought god's hand was in the situation. She was bipolar and clinically depressed and alienated herself from other family members, too, including me. I won't go into relationships neighbors. However, that does not allow for her delight when god felled one of her "enemies." She used god like a weapon.

@Gwendolyn2018 so sorry to hear. She sounds a lot like my mother-in-law. My husband has a lot of buried trauma from being raised (and then abandoned) by her. He’s finally now going to therapy in his mid-30s. I wish you the best. ❤️

@kdmom Thanks! I learned long ago to deal with the issues my mother presented when she was alive. My sister and I discuss them from time to time, and though they have made lasting impacts on us, we do not dwell on them. It is much worse from someone like your husband; we were not abandoned.


This sounds typical to me. It is also this same type of continued "ugly" that keeps me away from believers.


The times I've been laid off I would have killed for that much severance. Regardless, I might have said something along the lines of, "oh did those people personally make the decision to close an entire department?" Or, if you really want to send her spinning into paranoia-ville, something like, "TWO people in the same company got breast cancer at EXACTLY the same time? Makes you wonder if there was something causing it at that facility." Then watch her freak out and go run for a mammogram. But I'm diabolical, so don't take my advice.

Good come-back!


She proved that she deserved to be fired..

As usual, you missed the joke. The others are the believers. She is not. She was being ironic/sarcastic.

@Jacar nothing in this post indicates that this a joke or that anyone but her is religious... Stop being ridiculous 😂😱😂😱


I agree completely with @Mofo1953, No and Yes to your questions are the appropriate answers. And finally, a key to understanding irrational beliefs (and those who adopt them) is to anticipate almost anything so that you won't be stunned, but simply revolted. Cheers!


12 yrs ago I was let go from a job I'd had for 24 years with a severance check for $2500.00. Talk about ugly... I still wished no harm to those bosses. This woman sounds like a sociopath.


I immediately thought what a horrible person she was then I remembered how many times I had wished that ugly things would happen to trump and his minions.

There is a small difference and that is the fact that it seems obvious her former supervisor was a messenger not an instigator.

I need to clean up my act.

I appreciate your healthy introspection and self-awareness.


It makes you wonder how heart was someone can be, How selfish and self centered at person can be to believe something is directed at them even though it effects many people, If God truly didn't like ugly then I think she would have been struck by Lightning. Thank God there is no God


I mentioned the O.P. above to a very good Atheist friend of mine yesterday whose wife passed away from battling Breast Cancer and resulting secondaries for over 20 years just a short 3 years ago.
His response/suggestion was, " If this God of yours 'don't like ugly' then he's laying down on the job because you're still here, alive and kicking."

My coworker's insensitivity really hits home when you personally know someone who suffered with breast cancer and ultimately succumbed to it. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.Your friend's response is understandable.

@TMA2NC I know full well the effects, etc, cancer has on those battling it.
I was at my 15 year old daughter's side 24/7 for the almost 10 months of Chemotherapy, the short time of her remission and the last weeks of her short life.


That's one of those times you just have to walk away from them. Don't bother with trying to show them reason or they will resent you for pointing out how they were wrong. Worst case, they may try to do things to help god "not like your ugly" or some other such non-sense. If you just walk away and never look back, they eventually forget you exist.

Good advice!


It's sort of a natural reaction that she has to know is not good. Although her wishing bad on people she thinks wronged her shouldn't have an affect on their fate one way or the other. I can see where she's coming from. She probably feel like it's karma in action. Such things can work both ways. Things tend to come back and bite us, but not always. She should hope there's no workplace cancer causing carcinogen.


It would be wrong to accuse her of using her brains.


I wouldnt say anything . There are so many "small" people in the world. Just self centered and mean. I just move that person into that box in my mind that's labeled ignore as much as possible. I am so good at doing that!

Yes, I definitely view my coworker differently now.

To my mind such low-life Pond Scum sorely need and richly deserve to be cut down a rung or three.


It's so easy to knot events together and explain it in your way. That's what everybody tends to do, isn't it.

Gert Level 7 Mar 21, 2020

No and yes.


She was a asshole

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 20, 2020

Apparently, ‘god’ has the same thoughts as it’s followers.. Stupid is as stupid ..thinks? They are some vindictive people, too.

(I’ve some time) It’s like, they’re dumb. OK, they probably can’t help that. They’re susceptible to all kinds of scams … religion being the most persistent.. They’re envious of ..anyone who sounds or appears smarter than them. They’re angry, but not at ‘their god.’ They’re resentful, spiteful, thus enjoy the suffering of those viewed as ‘above them.’ And, they’re dangerous, because they work behind one's back, afraid to confront a superior face to face.

With low to no self worth, life doesn't mean that much, so if they can take someone of power down with them - amen! They’re the filth of the planet, appreciate little, and understand less. The bane of humanity’s past, present ..and apparent future. And we get to wade through em...

Varn Level 8 Mar 20, 2020

Currently the Iranians and the Pakistanis are proving their worth. Imammys calling everyone to come to meeting at all the mosks. God works in mysterious ways.

@Jacar In my mind, I just described ‘a follower.’ Those Imammys are ‘the leaders,’ those who cultivate what I described above. Those are the truly evil; those intelligent enough to know better..

So it’s more than trump’s sanctions causing this to run rampant in Iran..?

@Varn To suggest that "leaders" are any different than their "followers," is wishful thinking.
Stupid is as stupid is.


God, to most people, is a personal thing that they ask for money from, ask for better health from, ask to win the lottery from. And when things don't go their way, ask that bad things happen to the recipient of their requests for godly vengeance. And since god is responsible for all, then god sends the coronavirus but no one will blame god. In short, your friend is bat shit crazy and logic is on the planet Mars.

Hey now, I never said she was my 'friend'. She's my coworker. Otherwise, I agree with you.


Woooow....I would watch my back around her

kdmom Level 6 Sep 7, 2020

I would tell her that her attitude sucks and walk away after that I would try to have nothing to do with her.

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