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How does someone create an atheist wedding. I was raised baptist but I am now atheist so I only know what a religious wedding is like. My husband and I are legally married only because he was getting deployed. But we want to have a real wedding ceremony but don’t want religion in it at all.

Chesnutt56 3 Mar 31

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I was married in a garden by a civil celebrant. Many people here are married on the beach. Church weddings are becoming the rare around here.


You can easily create any kind of wedding that you want. My daughter who is pagan and my so in law, who is Jewish, had a beautiful wedding at an inn built in the late 1700's in October. They wrote thier own vows, had a female, lesbian rabbi, and a pagan priestess. I cast a circle and they had a handfasting. My son in law smashed a glass, and they jumped a broom. They had a huppah of apple and pear tree branches, with the fruit hanging down, grapes, corn, and a huge sun symbol. It was incredibly beautiful. You could write your own vows, have a non religious person to officiate, and decorate it seasonallyIt could be inside or outside. Make it any way that you want.

What SHE said..


Write your own vows.


Put a broom on the floor,jump over it together,and give her a awesome kiss! And call it good...


Since you're already legally married, you can have anyone officiate the ceremony. My ex and I did that and it was nice. We did it on our first anniversary. We asked my Aunt do it since she knew us both the best, and no fee was involved plus we could tell her what we did want and didn't want. It was held at a hotel since most guests were from out of town. It really worked out well

LizL Level 5 Mar 31, 2018
My 2nd wedding at 42 we got married under a big tree in my front yard by a jp. I walked out of house and down ramp. After the 5 minute ceremony we partied in my backyard with a stage with my husband on his drums and some musician friends.  We had a barbecue for about 70 for friends and family  You probably want something more formal. I walked out to "Desperado" by the Eagles and was very informal. Save money that way.

A judge, notary public, justice of the peace, and certain other public servants often solemnize marriages as part of their job responsibilities. "How to have an Atheist Wedding Ceremony"



You go somewhere where you both feel special. The beach, a mountain... heck, a racetrack. It is you and him. This is your time.


Don’t worry at all. A wedding is a way for a couple to exchabe their vows in the presence of their loved ones and their community of friends. Is a way to let them all now of your commitment to each other. So you see, it does not have to follow a specific pattern or script, and it certainly has nothing to do with a belief in a god. Weddings were hi-jacked by religions. So, sit down with your guy and plan on what would you want that ceremony to be, so that it is meaningful to you, and to you only.


Since you're already legally married, you can hire anyone to read a beautiful uplifting script with vows you request or write your own. There are several samples online.

However, I suggest hiring a professional celebrant or officiant so your event will go more smoothly. A good percentage of officiants offer non-religious scripts and vows. (It's basically like any other, but with all religious references removed.

A professional officiant will have contacts in the business as far as working with a venue you choose, photographers, musicians, etc. Officiants/Celebrants are trained to handle odd things that may come up tactfully and gracefully. There are sometimes issues such as park or beach permits, venue rental agreements needing proof of vendor insurance and such that a professional can help you with.

Search for a secular or humanistic minister, officiant, celebrant or whatever your local term is where you live or where you are planning this vow renewal, as they are called when you have a wedding after being legally married.

I'm a licened wedding officiant in Hawaii, and I perform lots of destination weddings and vow renewals, also known as a "celebration of marriage" for folks eloping privately or sharing the experience with family and friends. Hopefully there is a good match for you in your location.

It's a wonderful idea to celebrate your marriage with the romantic or social wedding you didn't get to have before your husband was deployed. Best wishes to you!


I am actually a minister in the First Church of Atheism so I could help some friends.


With the Justice of Peace marrying the couple right before the party starts.


Weddings are religious though. why don't you save your money and have an awesome party or a great holiday?


I went to a non-religious wedding not too long ago. They had a friend, who obtained his license online officiate the ceremony. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.


You can choose to have someone deputized to perform the marriage. I'm not sure what the process is but a lot of people do that. when I got married, I looked up various weddings on the internet and wrote what I wanted to include.


You can create your own ceremony! A 'justice of the peace,' can speak the words. The Unitaterian Universalist Church has special weddings, all the time.


Wait just a pea pickin' minute here. What's this business of "...we want to have a real wedding..." doing in there? What is a "real" wedding? Who says that one thing is a "real wedding" and that the other is not?

Because you already got married legally, you can have any sort of ceremony-after-the-fact that you want and you make up the spoken part to suit you, then have one of your trusted friends speak the words you made up. Hold it in a park with a gazebo. Remember, the legal part has already been taken care of, this one is just for the fun of it so you can invite lots of people and have a big party.


The way I see it, many religions, but especially Christianity, stole stuff from others beliefs, so do whatever feels right 2 u, like if u like white, then wear white, it doesn't have 2 be because ur a virgin or some junk, its just that u happen 2 like white. If u like black, wear black! Who cares! Its ur darn wedding! If people don't like it, tell them not 2 do it at their wedding.

Byrd Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

So long as it is legally done at the courthouse.

The ceremony can be whatever you want it to be.

It is really unecessary.

The wedding itself does not need to be at a courthouse. I think you are saying that there needs to be a license which is usually obtained or submitted to the courthouse or whatever authority the state requires. The license is signed by the marriage partners, officiating party and a witness at the time of the wedding to make it a legal marriage.


A civil ceremony would work. No mention of religion at all.
Look up the vows online. You can have a Notary Public perform it.
Sometimes, mayors will do it.


My son had a non-religious wedding, and his half-sister officated, after getting a license from the state. Everything was the same as a regular wedding, except it was not in a church, and nothing religious was brought into it. I think some of the family were offended. Too bad.


An atheist wedding can be similar to the civil wedding ceremony they do at the court house. you can include your own vows. Perhaps have a song or two that is special to you. Having it at a unique location. Perhaps have others participate in the ceremony by sharing the reading that would normally be done by the minister (just take out the religious jargon).


My daughter was married in a courthouse and the justice's "script" was lovely... we asked her to email it to us, but I don't know where it is, now.


I had my wedding at an aquarium. I had someone who was not a religious person do the ceremony and went over it with him beforehand and told him we did not want any religious stuff in it. He had basically scripts we could choose from, some were religous and some not and then he altered them to fit the couple he was serving. It was quick and nice. Divorced now though...

Remi Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

When I married my first husband, we read from our favorite poetry, song lyrics, and books, and wrote something private from each of us to the other. My husband's friend was a Justice of the Peace, and performed the ceremony.

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