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Why We Should Not Fear Death

Dhiltong 8 July 31

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It's a completely normal thing and very instinctual to fear death and final moments. Things like this just end up discounting that.


No need for a video, death will be an experience just exactly like all of history before I was born, which didn’t hurt a bit.


on a 2000 yr old Roman gravestone:
i never existed.
i existed.
i no longer exist.
i do not care.

Wow, that’s good.


I don't.


Because I'm almost finished with my first Margarita here in 94 degree Florida, I have two quotes. The first is by Yours Truly, "What you were before you became, you become again when you cease to be!" The other quote is by Woody Allen, "I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens!"


I do not fear death. I fear a long painful decease leading to death and the sadness of leaving my loved ones in pain.


Death is just non-existence. We were all "dead" for billions of years before we were born and I've never heard of anyone having any complaints from all that time so how difficult can it be?

How you die is another matter.


As was once positted by a learned Scientist, " Nothing in this Universe/Nature is EVER Lost or Destroyed it IS merely transformed into something different over time."
We are merely the atoms and molecules that came from the Universe/ Nature, combined to form chemical compounds then into Amino Acids which then became R.N.A. and D.N.A. to later evolve into living creatures, when our corporeal carasses die and rot away those same atoms, etc, etc, will return into the surrounds of the planet and the Universe and continue on and on.
Fear not Death for Death is just another phase in the natural recycling of the Universe.


Everyone who is sane fears the unknown. But I will venture to say, I have much less fear of death than I do a long, drawn out, painful death. Fuck that.

Post script:
Who the fuck can afford a vacation?

As an old saying goes, " A change is as good as a Holiday, so IF you can't afford a Holiday then opt for a change instead."


Damned well stated.


The Scene: A Summer Writers Group
The Assignment: An Event I Missed. Use all five senses—see, hear, smell, taste, touch—and tell what I feel.
It’ll have to be a personal event. What really interests me? Me.

Not At All Inconvenienced

What was it Mark Twain said? “I do not fear death.”

Well, at 89 I had better not fear it.

Twain added that he’d been dead for billions and billions of years before he was born, and hadn’t suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

He was born in 1835. I came along in 1930 so add my 95 years to the billions and billions of years he’d been dead. I don’t feel inconvenienced. Not at all.

The event I missed was in March of 1930. If I’d been there Alice and John, who became my parents, would have known I was angry. I would have bullied them into taking a shower. A long, very cold shower.

“Why was I angry?” you ask?

“They shouldn’t have had any children. The violence alone is too long a story to tell here. It’s in my memoir.”

“But think of all you’ve enjoyed,” some say. “If you hadn’t been born....”

“Don’t be dumb!” I interrupt. “Of course I like pizza. Especially Hawaiian pizza, with pineapple. The sounds of Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto persuaded me that life might be worth living. I have no words to describe the sunset I saw over Austin between two layers of clouds. Like Alice, I can no longer smell but I remember the smell after a rain. The touch of a good backrub. And of course, the feel of orgasms.”

People are now looking at me strangely. I’m looking at them strangely. They’re not thinking. If I hadn’t been born I wouldn’t have heard, seen, tasted, smelled, touched or felt any of that. I also wouldn’t have taken until I was sixty to recover from what Alice and John did before I was fifteen. Like Twain before he was born, my not having been born wouldn’t have caused me the slightest inconvenience.


I've died twice...not anything I worry about anymore at all.


I don't fear death, I fear leaving the one's I love behind.


I don't fear death, but I do fear dying.

SCal Level 7 July 31, 2020

As in the means of doing so? Yes, quick and easy is always preferred.


Absolutely. In that moment, if you see or feel it coming. It's got to be terrifying.

Me and you both. I think being dead is nothing. But the act of dying, and I've seen several die, is horrible.

I've thought about it a bit more during this damn pandemic. Seeing people mostly unclothed lying on their bellies with breathing tubes down their throats would not be a good way to go. Let me just die in my sleep.

@gearl Ive been intubated. They put you to sleep. Had I died, it would have been peaceful.


. . . 'not born' is not the same as dead

I would personally use the phrase "not exist" before or after.


While I personally accept this idea, what happened before one is born or after one has died is unknown and completely unknowable. Anything and everything anyone says about the subject is just using some form of reason, logic, mysticism, religion, philosophy or other kinds of woo to give their personal beliefs about the subject.


The title would be better off it said. "Why I Should Not Fear Death" . I try not to get inside people's head and say what YOU should fear.

barjoe Level 9 July 31, 2020

Thankyu, thankyuvurrymuch

@AnneWimsey Okay Miss Elvis

@barjoe I can sing like him should hear me do "Love Me Tender" at karaoke!

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