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What is the value of your beauty, or all this beauty around us in this terrible harmonious universe if there were no one to evaluate it .... do you really believe can something be for another thing like that by acocidance !!!!?

belfodil 6 Oct 12

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Not by coincidence, but by evolution.


Yep, just like snowflakes are all unique crystals, there’s no celestial art department designing them or anything else in this universe unless it’s something WE made.


We no doubt equate beauty to the fact we can safely experience it. If we materialized on any of our neighboring planets, however ‘beautiful,’ we’d expire within seconds..

Varn Level 8 Oct 12, 2020

The Mandelbrot set and its relatives, are beautiful and infinitely complex. They exist due to mathematical concepts independent on human existence because 1+1 doesn't need a human to be true, it just is. As for their subjective beauty relative to other things... that is in the eye of the human beholder. But it certainly doesn't require the existence of "God" in any shape or form.

The Mandelbot set: []
Video showing it:


The fallen tree in the forest does make noise...

If it happened and then it happened again, what happened to the car?

@LovinLarge message received

@Cutiebeauty Why do people post nonsensical shit? I get that English is not his first language but this appears to be a thought problem not a language problem.

@LovinLarge he's religious and pretty much saying that the existence of beauty is no coincidence., that god created it...

@Cutiebeauty I ruled that stretch of an explanation out because his profile identifies him as an atheist. So he not only believes in things that don't exist, he's a liar. We already have to deal with religious kooks in the community, I have zero tolerance for them here.

@LovinLarge His profile lists "Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic, Freethinker, Religious". So it's hard to say how much of it is accurate.

@Omnedon correct.. He selected everything...

@Omnedon Hard to say how much is accurate but easy to say that not all of it is. He is therefore a liar without credibility.

@LovinLarge Or perhaps he doesn't fully understand.

@Omnedon that's what I think. His English isn't very good so chances are he doesn't understand atheist or agnostic...

@Omnedon I would agree if the selections were pre-selected for him, but in selecting each himself he has taken affirmative action to accept as appropriate each identifier. I don't recall if we were actually required to select any boxes but I know that we were not required to select all of them.

Regardless of what language you communicate in, you have a duty not to misrepresent yourself.

No, but the person under it does.

@Cutiebeauty You think he doesn't understand "agnostic" on a website called while making an argument against agnosticism?

@LovinLarge it's a possibility... I haven't read any of his other posts or comments..

@Cutiebeauty By the way -- I agree: when a tree falls, it makes noise.


I hate spiders.

Water can exist in three forms.

@LovinLarge When its running down my leg, it doesn't matter.


Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. 😛😮🙂

Especially if wearing beer goggles.


Yes, I do think it is probably coincidental. Beauty is subjective, and also there are things in the universe that are not, by and large, regarded as beautiful.

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