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For those worried that America is no longer #1.

Dick_Martin 7 Apr 10

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We are fading fast with Trump at the helm. We certaily are not furst in education.

I see what you did there ?

First....can't spell

IMO it is sad that American policy the last 100 years has been to steal the best brains from other countries in order to advance it's technology.

@FrayedBear It's sad, this President Trump is destroying our country. He doesnt even beluwve in science.

@vnufall My understanding which is very uneducated, is that he only believes in "money talks, bullshit walks." And that if anything is "not guaranteed by the Federal Reserve it is bullshit"


We are #1 in a lot of categories, but most are nothing to brag about. As Jim Jefferies stated, we're breeding stupid, confident people.

Law #1 -
Perhaps lessons in humility will improve?


You shouldn't be pointing fingers or saying it wasn't me as that's what getting the planet overpopulated. it doesn't even matter if the statistics are wrong. humans are destroying nature at an alarming rate just to help themselves. most don't help nature in any way in fact far from it. is everyone around you helping cut down population? I bet not. you don't see cities and towns, roads getting smaller and less used. most woman I see have more than one child easily. everywhere I go there are more houses and roads and less nature. machines are getting bigger and more efficient because they have to to keep up with demand from humans. oil palms aren't planting themselves. ferrel animals didn't just fancy a swim to another country to decimate wildlife. personally, I have no blood children and I'm older so it won't matter to me. it does bother me that we will take so many amazing living things with us.

That's why we need regulation.

Agreed, with a tear escaping my eyes .. I was a child in WWII and have still a small bomb fragment in my foot ..but the one in my heart, metaphorically, is still bothering me the most.
God was never around in these days and has totally vanished for me ..I love animals and the human, hypocrites, for the most part destroying our beautiful earth. Does it really matter who is #1 in anything ? .. .

no, but it would be good if humans could dump all the crap and come together as one @gemini31. we are on the cusp of greatness yet we are going to flush it down the toilet with ourselves and much of life on earth. even ants do a better job than humans.


I'm not sure if I buy this. Some parts are true, but China has higher CO2 emissions. They have less per capita. Heart attacks maybe in first world countries, but a lot of the old Russian states are much higher. We do definitely have the highest incarceration rates though as well as the largest military.

1,000,000 African American men in jail. So much for the 13th ammendment.

How much of China's CO2 emissions are to benefit American consumption? Is America compensating China properly for it or as usual failing to reasonably make retribution as occurred post Vietnam and Cambodia?

@FrayedBear I'm sure there is a level of American consumption, but it could also be a result of 1.3 billion people. Why should we be compensate them? I'm not sure where your going.


Loudon is catching up in the murder rates. The government say it does not need more police.

it's not a race but it is because of a race.

I presume @Alynscott that is a typo for London? Of course government will deny need when they know full well that societal breakdown is due to government previous failures to implement societal homogeneity, equitability, progression and health.


And I suppose that people in possession of critical thinking capacities that enabled them to reject notions about the existence of gods are supposed to accept that absurd meme representation at face value as accurate?

Why not give each set of 'statistics' a nice page, bind them all in a book and distribute them to hotel rooms? That statistics is the art of lying with numbers is common knowledge. Pollsters do it all the time.

you mean...gasp....that memes AREN'T TRUE??!!! Say it isn't so,'s this type of underachieving that is gonna keep us from achieving...(I can hear the 'Eye Of The Tiger' music now...)


#1 at pissing other countries off?

Or does Israel hold that title.

@FrayedBear grow up. are you at all concerned about what's happening in Syria at the moment?

@crazycurlz You are taking this very personally and becoming irrationally aggressive. Am I getting through your cognitive barriers? What has and continues to happen in Syria is a disgrace. Much of this has been due to American interference. As always looking to steal the oil to help support your lifestyle. But question the continuation of lifestyle given the rate of homelessness. Many countries consider not having homeless is a number one priority to enable a strong nation.

@FrayedBear YOU bring up Israel in unrelated posts but I'm the one who's irrational? I'M aggressive? Well, on that, we agree. My great grandparents were killed in the shoah. I have Jewish family living now and my plan is to speak out against statements like yours whenever and wherever. When I see one-sided statements like yours, that means only one thing: ignorance and hatred which turns into abuse and violence against the Jews who make up only 1-2% of the world population. Focus on Israel is so disproportionate when assad is killing his own people. I know the arguments on both sides of this conflict. Israelis were given the land. The Palestinians chose to go to war instead of working out a two state solution at that time. And they lost. There were missed opportunities on both sides then and to this day BUT on both sides there are serious, dedicated Palestinians and Israelis trying to work this out peaceably and on both sides there are extremists. Arab countries, often in conflict against one another, have used the Palestinian crisis to unify themselves...has it helped the Palestinians? No and the Arabs don't care. As long as the Palestinians are kept down, they are a pawn for the Arabs to use to gain world sympathy. Israel, as the only democracy in the Middle East is used by the Europeans and the US.
Then there are ignorant people like you who pick sides, add to the mess. You don't help the Palestinians with your ignorance of the issues, and you hurt the Israelis.
Also, don't even try to put the world's problems on MY shoulders. They don't support MY lifestyle. I live modestly. Without air conditioning, without extras. I stay educated on issues, engage with other Americans. I'm not part of the problem in this world. I'm what's RIGHT with this world. If you care to keep arguing this out, I will, too and in the end, we may come to common ground. All I know is that I do like to go toe to toe. 😉


The U.S. is also number on in persons who believe in Angels.

This is one of my favorite clips online. It really highlights so many problems with America, and the abounding ignorance.


Oh swell!

godef Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

It is true, America would need 5 earths to survive if you average out what each one takes for themselves. england is second with 2.5 earths. it's a horrible statistic.


In BS, yes!

@gemini31 where we strive to over achieve, me thinks...haha

@JohnnyThorazine ah ha in the face of 2:1 opposition methinks you bluster if not even project.

@FrayedBear the irony of majority oppositional correctness on a website called is truly tasty. And don't tell me we're not number 1! I saw that we are making america great again on these red baseball caps. Must be true.

@JohnnyThorazine I thought that I saw it stenciled on your president's forehead and are you sure about your sight / memory that the red baseball hat was worn by the aforementioned yellow hair dyed man? ?

@FrayedBear I'm sure we can all remember when he covers up that hair-ish enigma that perches on his over ripe, yet underdeveloped yep.

@JohnnyThorazine Enigma? I name it the physical representation of the miasma known as a diarrhoetic fart that is masquerading as his hair.


Trump said he would make America great again.

A story teller of the worst kind .. #1


So sad.


Sad but true


Why is gun ownership and gun crime missing from this?


Make America Great Again. Interesting idea. However Trump and people like him do not have the ability to make America great. The ability they do have is to make it what it is right now. They've had the power and influence and what we see is a result of what they've done. I used to claim that Trump was a psychopath. Yeah, he probably does have a great many mental pathologies. But I've come to view him differently. He's so profoundly common and that's his appeal and it's his capability. Just look around. There's the common evidence.


WOW! Did Trump achieve this?


Haha wow thank you for such an insight No bad for UK 4 out 9

Rosh Level 7 Apr 10, 2018



Just wonder do not know the answer. How is common core affecting this score?


Some of these are to say the least questionable. Perhaps I could agree on 4, 6, 7 and 9 (if the number is per capita). The others cast some serious doubt.
I think this "data" mostly aims to shock, rather than to show an accurate picture.

What is actually required to break through your disbelief? Animal Farm? Lord of the Flies? Chinese invasion? I can agree that the above representation is deliberately provocative however isn't it interesting that money is spent in researching the average time that it takes mammals to defecate but not to interview people from around the world to ask them what they think of American foreign policies, greed, and disregard for individual country and people's sovereignty? I suspect that even a poll of Americans will identify that many disagree with American policy over the last 200 years.


Suggestions to solve it?


I think god's pissed too.


I would question some of these statistics as they are not cited, but would agree with many. Hey! #1 in # of Mc'D franchises! We got that goin' for us. LOL!

And the relationship between the number of McDonald's and heart attacks is because....?

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