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So I had my account on another website 'permanately suspended' because I had the audacity to post something about Jesus not doing shit. I was notified that the post was "judgemental" and that is why my account was suspended. Even though I got plenty of "we're praying for you" and "God is in charge" posted to me on a daily basis. I don't miss the website, per se, but I do miss the friends I made there.

I'm enclosing the 'offending' graphic...

BearsNPenn 6 Apr 10

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I think your little cartoon...summed up the thought...where is Jesus when you need him? I am sorry about loosing friends. (What was your friendship based on?) Aside, from that, if this was not some private religious site, that you were on, I believe your free speech was violated! That being said, that cartoon is not really offensive (maybe to Evangelicals) to me! I hope you find your bearings here, and find ideas and people you can relate, to! And, if things are intolerable with someone, we can block them (or us) and life goes on. Best of luck!

What disturbs me is that the cartoon was deemed 'judgemental' yet THEY were the 'judgemetal' ones. No biggie.

@BearsNPenn religious people would consider that...'using the Lord's name in vain,' etc.

Jesus fucking Christ. That's goddamn ridiculous.

@BearsNPenn ...well now, I wouldn't go that far...well maybe if you are drowning?


I'm stealing this and posting it in one of the groups on this site. We won't bounce you but we will steal your memes.. πŸ™‚


Knock yourself out, @Rudy1962!


I must be alone in this, but that image is blatantly disrespectful of the beliefs of others. If you are surprised at getting banned, then I don’t know what to say. I’ve no idea what site it is, but you don’t have a right to be a member there or use their platform for your speech.

I mean, honestly, what were you trying to accomplish? Was this an attempt to opening a civil dialog? No. It’s an antagonistic post meant to ruffle feathers. It does nothing good for us.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I believe people should never be offended. Sometimes the firebrand approach is an effective tool, but I’m willing to bet nobody would bat an eye at some holy roller getting banned from here for posting similarly insulting comics. That my friends is hypocracy and weak sauce. Weak sauce indeed.

You are not alone and I am in agreement with you. All except the "us" part. I STAND alone with my views and my actions.

I can agree on it being disrespectful. But ban-worthy? Certainly not as a first offence. If the OP has been warned about posting similar material in the past, then that's one thing. If this is an out of the blue ban over that cartoon alone, then I'd say a ban was a massively disproportionate reaction.

It sounds like whoever's running that website has taken exception personally. Which, assuming that they own the website, they're perfectly entitled to do. But if they've banned the OP purely for posting this cartoon, then I'm equally entitled to think they've been a bit of a dick. Which I do.

No, you're right, indirect76. We have to be consistent. Have to admit, it certainly triggered my primitive brain to jump on the bandwagon for some good ole jesus bashing. I was corrected by your comment. Man, that's why these things are so seductive yet they seem so simplistic. Thanks for being the voice of reason on this one.

And found it to be quite tiresome of being told that I was being "prayed for" and that "God would reveal himself" and that I was being "tempted by Satan." I also tired of seing Judeo-Christian quotes. However I never ONCE said a thing about that. I shrugged it off for the most part. But when I would see a meme or quote or what-have-you on another site that I found particularly amusing, why shouldn't I share it on that website? I was NOT the only "un-religious" person there. I got plenty of "likes" and comments on the various entries I made. Someone must have been having a shitty day and there you have it. It is done and in the past.

@JayJackson I usually try to pick my words wisely, but I failed on that one. I can only speak for myself. Thanks for helping me there.

Yes, you are correct. We are better than this. I don't openly antagonize my xtian pals simply due to the concept of mutual respect. But then that's why sites like this are so wonderful...I can get out all my suppressed ridicule here....


What do you think this is, the land of free speech?


You've come to the right place πŸ˜‰

Varn Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

Trust me they will never bounce you for posting shit like this here. Welcome.

Thank You, @Eirteacher!


Welcome to the community.

Thank you, @VictoriaNotes


this is a pretty grand entrance

Yes it is. Bravo


You're welcome here.


Welcome to the site of the sane. Btw what site was this? I might want to troll around there.


Oh well, such is life.


Its all good here

Bwahahaha! THAT'S fucking hilarious!

@Leigh Shelton...well, it was...


Lol! Welcome!

Thank You, @Donna_I


Haha, good one man!


So, those who "permanently suspended" your account are not judgemental?


If you did this in a specifically religious Community you knew it would have zero effect, and was a waste of your time. And they knew you were doing it just to be annoying and offensive. In these social media forums we do not really have real "friends" , as much as we have cyberspace acquaintances that we hardly know who happen to be friendly and connect with us on certain ideas and interests.

Actually, it was supposed to be a "diverse community." Except for atheists, apparently.

@BearsNPenn So if you were not alone in doing things like this, it sounds like the Theists just ganged up to get rid or you. At times perhaps the unbelievers will do the same thing against them! Still the meme is completely ineffective in changing anything, and in my experience chatting with Theists nothing meaningful can some from people just throwing insults back and forth. Still it lets some steam off maybe! Lots of places to make new friends if you have no way to contact those in that group. Thanks for you explanation.


I'll share on my FB lol


Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version (KJV)
7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

Oh the Irony πŸ˜‰


I'd say you misjudged your audience. No biggie.


Well done, sir!

Thank You!


I'm sorry you lost your real friends to their imaginary friend.

Yeah, me too. But I'm sure I will find new online friends. πŸ˜‰


Wasn't Christian Mingle by any chance was it?..I'm always tempted to banner would be "Trans for Jazus"..lololol

No, it wasn't. It wasn't a "mainstream" website.


It makes perfect sense to me today but would have given me fits while I was studying for the ministry.


Some folks are just so sensitive. LOL


@BearsNPenn This appears to be another example of political correctness run amok.


Nothing like going out with a bang.


Like I've said before, people love to be offended, it gives them the drama they need to exist! Without it, there's nothing for them to live for.

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