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Life and Death decision

This may seem silly, but trust me, I'm going somewhere with this!

If alliens came to earth and offered everyone who wants to accept, a life span of 200 years + plenty of money + a good life + healthy body and brain of a 30 year old + your friends and family could join you.

But the aliens want one thing. After 200 years of a great life, you die a peaceful and painless death. They ship your body back to their home planet where you are eaten.

This is not a deal-with-the devil with hidden consequences or anything like that. It is just what it says.

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SleepingOnABoat 7 Apr 12

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I actually voted Yes AND You Sick Bastard. LOL

I didn't know you could vote twice, I'll have to try that sometime.

@kenriley I don't think you can, actually. I clicked them both, and although the checkboxes both showed, it only counted You Sick Bastard. LOLOL

Me too. LOL


worms, aliens, alien worms ... who cares, nibble away πŸ™‚


I'm mildly disappointed. I always thought aliens would be vegan.



I hope they like bitter


I'd say yes. To me it's not much different than donating my body to science. I think my family would be horrified though.


Funny - the only aspect I have issue with is having the brain of a 30yr old. I'd want to be wiser than that - so many lessons I've learned since being 30 !
As for eating me ? Have at it aliens - it seems you prefer aged meat !

Good answer, aged meat, I love it.


The life span isn't much of an incentive by itself but it comes with "a good life', don't really care what happens to my body anyway.

Kimba Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

200 more years of video games. Easy decision


Yes, I'd be happy to forfeit my corpse in exchange for the much longer life span and knowing I would not have to worry about financial concerns, etc. However, your question does not address certain contingencies and other aspects of this "deal". For example, it's quite possible to have a fatal accident long before you reach 200 years of age. Are the aliens going to resurrect you from the dead? Repair your body and mind? And you mention the good life promised to your friends and family. One could conceivably claim hundreds if not thousands of friends. Do they all get that "good life" as well? Lastly, if aliens were advanced enough to endow us with the gifts that you are outlining, it's highly unlikely they would have any interest in consuming us once we expire.


Bon appΓ©tite!


Make a box that says β€œyes, but without the family part.” And sign me up for that one.

@MrLizard Doesn’t hurt to make sure. You know how aliens are with there contract fine print. Shifty bastards.


Worm food, alien food, 6 of one, 1/2 dozen oth the other.


Since I wouldn't be there, it wouldn't bother me.

Live another 100 years ? No thanks. They can eat my body anyway, if they don't the worms will.


With humor Twas me voted sick Bastage! Yes!


i don't mind the rest of it but i don't want to live for that long

Byrd Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

Well, were I buried on Earth, I'd just be feeding the worms. Won't really matter to me, I'll be dead.


Why not? By that time, I'm meat anyway..


I voted yes cause what the hell. When I'm dead, I no longer exist anyway. I don't fear death. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, I don't fear dying. I was dead for billions of years before I was born and didn't suffer any ill consequences because of it nor will I afterwards.
Secondly, I LOVE the insinuated parallels of this scenario with the present day beef cattle and other animals with humans controversy. Of course, unfortunately, they don't get to vote Yes or No.


I'd do it.


Sure why not..though I'd prefer the brain of a 60 year old..


No - I am not sure given my political realities at the moment that anyone could give me this assurance in this life now -I am pretty scared stiff now of what my politicians are doing - I don't care what happens to my body after i die, eaten by aliens is ok by me , save my family paying for a funeral but I am 70 y.o. now and beginning to be very afraid of the world situation.

It is getting bad. I think it's time that someone else was in power. Just not Pence.

@AncientNight I'm in the UK and we have a lot of goons in the Tory party at the moment -we have a reputation for going gung-ho to war just to make the politicians look good and Theresa May is a sad sorry leader and floundering so a lot to worry about


I can play. so sure why not.


In a heart beat. It would be nice to know l would be the main item on the menu and not just a side dish.


Seems like a life of control they would not want all the cattle poisoned with twinkie goo.

@BeerAndWine Not to burst the bubble. This can only exist as an imagination. There are too many variable that would happen. Just to add to the fantasy. One would have to speculate the aliens would have enemies.

@BeerAndWine Have you ever heard of making a deal with a gin or genie. if you as for something it will be granted literally. For instance say you ask for a buck meaning a dollar bill in your mind. The gin/genie would give you a kick or a male ungulate. So speculating just on hypothetical terms say the energy that you expel in some sense has value to them and the can somehow harness it and keep it indifferently, and you did somehow keep a record of your life thoughts. You would be trapped in some device forever.

@BeerAndWine I see the morbid curiosity factor.

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