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Whats your dream date

Redcupcoffee 7 Apr 12

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Lately all I get is dream dates, or dates in dreams... It is late. So, dream date. Sharing dreams, sharing food, good conversation. Doesn't matter where or what kind of food. Just enjoying each other's company and some kind of fun activity.


February 30.


Lol! Great scene!


You and me sitting on the couch ignoring each other while we read this site on our phones. 😀

JeffB Level 6 Apr 12, 2018



If you are really connecting with the person, I think what you're doing is completely secondary. If you are connecting, clicking, whatever you want to call it, those moments are your dream date.

the company you keep but not where you keep it


Excellent conversation ?


A great date would be to click with the person, laugh, share thoughts and want to see her again.


With a nyphomanic who owns a brewery !

dude, if she has a sister...

Whats could be good about a drunk nymphomaniac?

Sorry, I don't share.

If you joined her you wouldn't know anyway.

@VAL3941 lol


Outside picnic, river running nearby, sun shining and peace and quiet getting to know each other.


Going on a road trip with your best friend.


"That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." I couldn't resist.

But seriously, for ME, a dream date would be staying in, having a homemade dinner, some wine, and good conversation.

That was the first thing I thought when I read the question!!


The one I had the other night was pretty good, picked up and taken to a great concert for the night. Half an hour in the car each way, so time to chat and dropped off tired and happy.


On a date and wanting to have a second one with the same person!!!!

Kissing a lot of frogs are we? 🙂

@Silver1wun lol yes you could say that


Museum date with coffee after

With a relic ???


Long walk in beautiful natural surroundings in the morning, lunch in a nice cafe, art galleries in the afternoon, quick drink somewhere quiet, theatre in the evening followed by dinner in a good restaurant. Might as well make a day of it!

Jnei Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

Hmmm positive chemistry, good food and good music


where time flies and it feels like it just started...


I have been on dates that went exactly as planned and were great. I have been on dates that went exactly as planned and were complete failures.

I have been on dates that went sideways almost from the get go and we had a blast! I have been on dates that went sideways almost from the get go and it was a painful evening.

I have been on formal dates, informal dates, and just 'off the cuff' dates.

My dream date these days? Someone with a great attitude who will work with me to have fun on any date, at any location doing pretty much anything!

It's not the location, nor the activity that is key, it's the partnership.


Talking, communicating, connecting... actually that's not just for a date; that's for a relationship. Wait a minute wasn't this a board game? Oh no, that was 'Mystery Date' . 😉


I tend to like simple things, like small concerts, watching a move or the other person's house or even a small picnic under the stars, as long as there is thought behind it and it's not just cliche


a nice hike to a secluded swimming hole, get a fire going, catch some fish, coat in clay and burry under coals, go swimming in said swimming hole, come back, food ready, maybe find some greens to sautee real fast, pig out, kick back, watch the stars come out, and see where it goes from there, that would be sweet

Byrd Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

someday i might find someone to go do this with in a romantic way, but its also pretty nice by yourself or with friends or family. so its a win win either way!


Is it a first date? Or with someone I've spent time with before?

For a first date, I'd love to start by chatting over coffee/tea in a quiet cafe by the water. Maybe take the conversation out on a pier so we could see the beauty of nature. If things go well, go to dinner together.

Now, after a first date, I'd like to have the lady over to my home, and cook for her. Pour up a few glasses of wine, and put on some nice jazz. If we feel inclined, a little dancing would be nice - nothing extravagent - just spending time together, being ourselves.

Just dinner and a movie is nice and all, but your focus is either on the food, or the film. If it's a date, I prefer my focus to be on the woman. You don't get to know people without coversation.


A space flight would be great but more "realistic"
Hicking on the coast of washington, followed by dinner over a bonfire on the beach, after some dancing in the moonlight, and finishing with night in beach house.

more likely I just want a fun good conversation and company


Take her fishing (do not really care if the fish are biting) some rootbeer and tuna fish sandwiches in an ice chest. Talk about the past build some levity.


My dream date is an afternoon of conversation over coffee, perhaps a walk along the river then dinner at a nice sushi place. Suddenly, I look up and see an owl staring at me from a tree outside. My feet are glued to the floor and I realize that I’m only wearing underwear and I’m late for class!

This is the best one!!! Hahaha I Love It!!! I'm cracking up laughing and I Love to laugh! Haven't laughed this hard from something I've read in awhile!

You are hilarious!!! still laughing

@Sadoi Glad to please!

@indirect76 oh it was excellent!! Truly!! Haha


Right now I will take a date. Lol


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