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How many atheist/agnostic/secular/humanism sites do you visit and/or interact with regularly? Share them if you want, in the comments.

How Many Secular Web Site?

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Leelu 7 Feb 7

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“Regularity” being relative, I frequently touch base with the Center for Inquiry, American Humanist Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Satanic Temple. (I have to admit I’m drawn to the Temple folks by their guerrilla tactics in challenging christian privilege, sense of humor, and adorable baby goat memes!)


Depends on what you mean by sites, but I do not do any other social media sites, atheism or other, and you wouldn't catch me dead on anything to do with Zuckerberg and his crap. I do follow Richard Dawkins site for science and reason, a couple of atheist sites for content, follow some YouTube channels, including Kyle Ks Secular Talk, though that's mainly political but I like him, and one YT channel in particular run by a former member here who left because the site was too wishy washy for him as an atheist (I symphasize). But I look for new sites from time to time, and would like a good interactive site for atheists without equivocating agnostics, pseudo religionists and spiritual gang bangers. I guess I'm always looking about for a better forum than this one for atheists, if truth be told, but haven't yet found one.


This is it for me.


I do


I visit this site mainly and the most, but on Sunday I do watch Atheist Experience on You Tube. Lots of their people have You Tube blogs and programs so I look at some of them also. I was once a member of Atheist Nexus but it shut down. Someone told me where those people went and I went to the website but did not like it's layout. I've also forgotten it's name. I might visit it to keep up with postings of those I remember from before but I could not be a member of that site. It is not laid out right and like I said, now I have forgotten it's name. LOL


Only this one.

Same here. Atheism is really not that important to me, so I don't need to visit other sites.

@TomMcGiverin, same here. I have enjoyed a lot some interactions here. You get the good and the bad, just like anywhere else.

same here and I enjoy the music and sharing some other stuff its not about the atheist thing in fact I get kinda sick of some of the belly aching here about my mother says bless me and my uncle still tries to get me to go to church what do I do or my wife still goes to church and she wants me to go what do I do how can I stand it boo hoo hoo poor me

@whiskywoman Exactly. Live and let live, go on with your own life.


I frequent atheist groups on FB and reddit. I watch atheist content on YouTube. This is the only dedicated site I regularly visit though.


This site regularly.
A few others occasionally.



This site is it for me. To be honest, I came to this site as it was listed as a dating site on FB and stayed out of curiosity and have enjoyed it for the most part.


I don't really regularly visit any secular-focused websites, but I do sometimes watch YouTube channels with a secular focus, including Genetically Modified Skeptic, Holy Koolaid, and NonStampCollector (for the laughs). Since I don't have many non-religious friends or members of my family, I sometimes just feel the need to see or hear someone remind me that I'm not the only person who thinks the way that I do. It helps ease some tension and frustration.


I keep meaning to give atheist zone more of a try


It was recommended to me by someone here, with I think some acknowledgement that some of us are former users of
And the additional question of where does one go (for improved quality of conversation for example) in moments when this site is not all that

Before I stopped using Facebook much, there were one or two spots I tried and sometimes they seemed momentarily ok but then no.

kmaz Level 7 Feb 13, 2021

I visit [], [], [], and I receive email updates from [] Just to name a few.


I voted 4

~ Agnostic
~ American Atheists
~ Javed Akhtar -- I follow this guy everywhere, his speeches, debates, news [], (


This is the only secular site that I use on a regular basis. Really, this is the only secular site that I have ever used on a regular basis. Most of my interactions over the years were in facebook groups of many sizes.

I used to read the Friendly Atheist fairly regularly, but I quit when Patheos started disputing my use of ad blockers.

Though i've never really looked, this is the only truly secular oriented social media site that I know about. And people i've talked to still view it as primarily a dating site.


I have no clue. I don't look at the religion (or non religion) of a site before visiting it.

So you weren't attracted to this site because of "agnostic" in the name? Then what drew you here?

@Leelu I never said I have never visited a site; I SAID I have no clue how many because I don't pay attention on is it's an agnostic/atheist. When I first signed on here I signed on because it was advertised as a dating site (which it isn't). I wasn't looking for it, and with the name "" it was pretty obvious not a religious site.


I can't vote due to some error. I look at three other atheist sources besides this one, but they aren't websites. Two are facebook groups: Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense and Southern Atheist. I also see instagram posts from Atheist Republic. And, of course, is the cherry on top of that godless sundae. 🙂


I take part in one group doing Collective Presencing and another one called Sacred Ground. They explore new ways for people to interact with each other. They mostly operate on Zoom.


I tried to vote but it just says error... I vote 1 site but I am also in several Athiest pages on FB. Although FB has recently went on a campaign to shutter Athiest pages with the reason as "Harmful content or hate group for sharing ideas that are dangerous." What a crock of shit.


Secular sites? As opposed to what? Is google religious? Is msn religious? Are any of the news organizations non secular? Ig youre going to poll, then phrase ypur questions appropriately.

Awww... tough cookies.


I only visit this site for now


I visit the occasional god mobster's site when I want a good laugh.


2 regular sites and 3 pages on FB.

Leelu Level 7 Feb 7, 2021
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