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Religion kills.

UrsiMajor 8 Mar 23

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Especially Islam! I prefer no religion myself but the Christains for the most part are good people.


Wrong Religion:

BD66 Level 7 Mar 24, 2021

All anti-muslim? No burning witches? No Crusades? No nothing Xian-based? Why, exactly?

@AnneWimsey Christians were launching crusades and burning witches 400+ years ago. Some Muslims are still in that state.

@AnneWimsey The crusades happened hundreds of years ago. How is that relevant for today. Islam on the other hand has killed thousands In recent times.

@Trajan61 becuz apparently you think there is an expiration date on atrocities? Really?

@AnneWimsey There is definitely an expiration date on atrocities, otherwise we would be upset at everyone all the time because of what their ancestors or ther demographic group did hundreds of years ago. Judge people by their actions, not the actions of their ancestors. The same thing goes for organizations. If you want to criticize the Catholic Church for protecting pedophiles, I'm all with you. If you want to criticize the Catholic Church for the Spanish Inquisition, I'm not with you.

@BD66 forgetting history has NEVER been a good idea, therefore there is no cut-off for remembering atrocities. Curious as to when you think we should forget about The Holocaust....

@AnneWimsey So you still despise Democrats for their role in slavery? I'd say once the last German who was involved in the Holocaust is dead, we no longer hold living Germans responsible or guilty, but we should certainly remember what happened.


I found the best religion. It is called NONE!

That’s what kind of meat a priest eats!! NUN!


No shit, Sherlock!


Religion is a pillar of tyranny.


I think China has the right idea concerning religious infection so don't blame me. I vote blue for the lone reason that I oppose Theocracy. Payne was right about that and we're seeing what ignoring him has done. It's time to turn the table on them so they are the one's on the ground.

China has it's own religions, viz, Daoism, which, many do not consider a religion but more a way of life that follows a natural order. The Chinese have no word for 'god' and the only word they use is ziran which roughly translates as the way of heaven and earth and is more in accord with the Dao de Jing.

There is a stop on the Bijing Subway, Lama Temple (Yonghegong), Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. For those who cannot think of anything positive to say about China it is worth noting that they are not importing religions from other countries. From the little that I do know it seems that they are getting rid of imported religions.

@ASTRALMAX I'm a Zen Taoist, which is not so much a religion as a discipline, so have nothing to worry about (religiously). Their shutting down of religions, not importing them, is what I gather they are doing their Eastern region. Islam (one of the deadlier three).


No, get out of religion


I think people just hate in general and religion (and politics) is a convenient excuse.


All of us hate someone, with or without religion.

Not really about someone, in particular, so much as the group that someone is part of (if that's why you hate them).That irrational hatred for people who have done you no harm is a deadly sin. It's been historically human, as well, but we've been very primitive until very recently. As mixing has become far more privilent hatred has gone down. It's possible we just weren't advanced enough to end it but maybe that's changing.


But god forgives...

Which means that a person gets to hate over and over again in the belief that god will forgive him or her. Seems to me to be like a hamster wheel that revolves in a circle that leads nowhere beyond the realm of futile repetition.

@ASTRALMAX great job if you can get it😂


Has killed for thousands of years


If your religion makes you hate someone it is time to abandon your religion and embrace reason. 🙂


If someone hates religious people, they need a new religion of being religious so they would no longer hate religious people?

Word Level 8 Mar 23, 2021

NO shit.


Jesus said we should love our neighbors, and even our enemies. Religions that kill others are anti-Christ.

Ah, but he is also purported to have said, " Think not that I come bearing the Olive Branch of Peace, For I come bearing the Flaming Sword of War, I shall turn Father against Son, Mother against Daughter and Man against Man."

@Triphid Yeah, the Bible is full of contradictions....

@BestWithoutGods Yes, and like a Sewer it is FULL of Shit as well.


I wish the fear and hate would stop. We are all human for the most part. The religious bigots are sub-human.

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