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Now this is the kind of church I would go to!

Wakenbaker 4 Mar 29

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Looks like a fun way to spend Sunday morning.


We used to call this "the parking lot" at the Tavern. 😉


I would really love to visit this church

I'm with you, brother. I wish it actually existed. See the reply to the above comment.


This is the church of my dreams.


The Dude Abides.


Do the services start at 4:20 p.m.?


Where is this enlightened institution?


That is what NORMAL can do for you in the right state or is it the state of mind!!!


Now that's my kind of church!!!


Wherever I am, that church is also.
Doing the sacrament as I type.


Much, much better. Add some mushrooms and some real enlightenment is possible.


Don’t think I need a CHURCH for that ...

a non church church as an excuse for people to associate and find common bonds......priceless. our people need to compete as a place to find and nourish friendship. theres no better way to compete with organized religion and undermine their monopoly

@holdenc98 Maybe so. I guess most people on this site are ex-christians who may be used to weekly or regular meetings like that. If something like this existed in my area, I might drop in once in a while, but it would compete with lots of other activities that interest me, too.


Very Interesting!


LMAO Imagine that??!!

And don’t forget the Rock and Roll. As well as the Heinekens and Budweiser’s (if that’s your preference) as well as the pool table!!

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