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100 Years After First Diabetes Breakthrough, Canadian Scientists Believe They’ve Found a Cure


xenoview 8 July 4

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Being the ever hopeful Type 1 diabetic with a family full of diabetics ( 1 and 2) I posted it on my blog. Of course, I will be dead when this finally gets approved. And then we need to figure out how to make money off of it. We cannot have cured patients running around without somebody making a profit.

I've been paying doctors for , "treatment," for diabetes , for over 33 years . I keep getting sicker and sicker , and will eventually die from complications of diabetes . A couple of years ago , I went to a class about stem cells and was told stem cells would fix several of my diabetes related problems . I set up a doctor's appointment at their distant office , and a much higher copayment . . When I arrived , I was told the doctor I was meant to see had left due to an emergency , but they substituted a chiropractor , who told me they had decided the stem cells treatment wasn't for me .


I presume that they mean type 2 diabetes which can in many cases be alleviated by practicing a healthy lifestyle.


Let's hope that religi-tarded legislation which derives from "moral" concern about the "souls" of 3 day old embryos don't place more roadblocks in the way of such research, which is based on stem cells. In some states, such superstitious beliefs has seen laws enacted in which these concerns apparently trump even the promise of repairing spinal cord injury in children.

I mad reacted because there's no sad react, and besides, that type of legislation pisses me off.

Didi a little background reading. Looks like the researcher in question is investigating both human embryonic stem cells and inducible pluripotent stem cells as possible cures for diabetes. The big advantage of the research in the OP though is that it's not from embryos but from the patients own cells being converted to stem cells. Though this is apparently a more labour intensive and expensive method it does mean that we have a great deal less to worry about in terms of immune response and no worries about ensouled embryos. Fingers crossed.


That would be so wonderful if it works and was made available and affordable to all with the disease, as diabetes causes so many other health problems and has such an effect on quality and length of life.


That will be great if we are all still alive when it is approved - after all it's only been a pandemic developing for 100 years and has killed far more than C19 has.

I found this also interesting

but it may have been part of your post!

I hope they do find a cure for diabetes, I'm prediabetic.

@xenoview the longer that you can holdoff being full blown the better. Are you overweight or got a fatty liver?

@FrayedBear I'm overweight.

@xenoview the best thing that you can do for yourself is to lose weight. If not vegan try the protein diet & only eat once a day - it gives your pancreas a chance to recover if only assaulted once a day. See my pinned pandemic advice in "Food Glorious Food" or "Passions".

@xenoview exercise also helps.

@xenoview get into KetoDiet and fasting ASAP

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